Final Fantasy 14 director Yoshi-P urges players to abuse developers

The latest episode of Radio Mog aired on January 9, 2022 and featured a very special guest star from Final Fantasy 14 the production team. Naoki Yoshida, or Yoshi-P as he is affectionately called, stopped at Final Fantasy 14 news podcast to share some insights and make a call to players.

Despite the excellent second half of 2021, that Final Fantasy 14 enjoyed, there are many players who are not satisfied with the state of the game. Due to a number of reasons, including the substantial free trial and other games that failed to make a mark with the audience, Final Fantasy 14 saw a spike in player numbers in the months leading up to Endwalker expansion. Despite the generally positive reception from fans and critics alike, there is a very vocal community that remains unhappy with aspects of the game such as the recent class changes, the slow late in the release of the expansion and continued problem with server login queue.


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In the months leading up to debut Endwalker, many new players flocked in Final Fantasy 14 The permission of the streamers made the game available to a wider audience, and the free trial included the base game and the first expansion. They have replaced players that would otherwise be there during the lull between expansions. While the team at Square Enix have been planning to roll out new servers to handle the recent spike in players and the players expected to return, global chip shortage get in the way. Complicating matters is the announcement that Endwalker will be delayed for 2 weeks so that the teams can complete the stability testing. Since the delay and subsequent release, player numbers have spiked once again and now, weeks after launch, players are still waiting for hours to log in and play during high times. the point.

m> That’s why… well, I mean there are players that are new to this game and there are players that are coming from other games and of course, this also means that they are the ones. players experience Endwalker as their first expansion, so while there will be flaws and flaws here and there, after 11 years with players up to this point, it makes me feel that the language used has become a bit overdone there. I mean, I can accept it, even though it doesn’t make it any less bad, but the staff will feel really disappointed after receiving those words when they tried their best to create something that people can enjoy and this could end up stopping them from making fun things out of it. So I only have one request for every player – imagine that you are talking directly to a developer you may not know their name or face and imagine how they would feel before submitting your feedback, and I’d be happy if people could do so politely.

The frustration is very real and understandable. Having to work all day and just looking forward to playing a favorite game and then having to wait in line to log in for hours is a horrible feeling. This can be more complicated if DPS class players are trying to clean up their daily roulettes and have to wait even longer. So what to do when one is forced to wait? For some, Online complaints and developer harassment is the hateful answer.

m> That’s why, it will lead to employees getting hurt gradually and that is especially obvious when the employees have worked so hard and this is not helping anyone. anyone, both staff and players. This will completely destroy their motivation and worse, they will quit because of it, which is why I hope that people can understand that. Considering things are getting extremely serious lately, and the staff have gone to great lengths to make it a success… I mean, of course I don’t mean that everything should be commended. . Mistakes are of course mistakes and they need to be reported, but I would appreciate it if people could think carefully in their thoughts and feedback before sending them out.

It can be inferred that this type of “slamming” is geared towards the Japanese player base as many developers can’t speak English and therefore won’t read comments from that audience. And arguably, players provided a lot of feedback to the developers prior to the most recent class changes. However, as everyone who is remotely familiar with game development and fan base knows, when they don’t get what they want or feel that they are not being heard, Gamers can be very vocal and malicious. The internet can be a graveyard, especially when swimmers are toxic in nature and indulge in what they complain about.

m> … Really, it’s just one thing here. Of course, I’m grateful and grateful to the players who told us “we should do this, or this should do that” and that’s okay, but verbal abuse is… which we wish it could stop). Well, I like to call myself the mentally strong person in Japan, but not everyone has the same mental strength as me…

No developer is immune to this type of treatment, and unfortunately, Yoshi-P is in place. These are people who put their heart and soul into a game. For some, it’s been their passion for over a decade now. And suffer abuse on a daily basis because some players have the right to disagree with a change that may not be in their control? Cannot be excused. That’s why it’s important to speak up when you find something interesting. Those kind words can be the inspiration one needs after a long stressful day and the world would be a lot better for it.

Final Fantasy 14 Currently available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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