‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Didn’t Kill Alicia Clark

After last seen in Season 6, Episode 14 of Fear the Walking Dead, fan favorite Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) finally returned at the end of last week’s episode,”Portrait“, Almost nine full episodes later. Only when we find out on this midweek finale, “PADRE,” she may not be around much longer.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 8 “PADRE” is past this point.

During the hour, Alicia recruits Morgan (Lennie James) to help her on a special mission. Apparently it was to track a zombie who was a former US Senator named Elias Vasquez to a mysterious safe house called PADRE. Alicia doesn’t know what it is – or where, but is convinced despite all logic and reason that the dead retain some memories from their previous lives.

While tracking down the zombies, we also relive where we left Alicia at the end of Season 6, trapped in a bunker by the crazed villain Teddy (John Glover) to reboot the world. As we find out, Alicia has taken on Teddy’s followers, and befriended a man named Will (Gus Halper), who was a former aide to Senator Vasquez. Alicia discovers PADRE, and decides to release the Vasquez zombie to follow him to the location. Instead, she was trapped in a collapsed tunnel with the corpse of Vasquez, who had bitten her arm.

Now, licensed, lots of characters all over Walking corpses The show got a bite in the arm and survived – all you have to do is quickly amputate the arm to stop the infection. Alicia alone, and without the proper tools.

Back in the present, after being bitten by Vasquez – again, she reveals to Morgan that she tried to amputate her arm… That sort of thing. The bones in her forearm are still attached thanks to a metal cage, as a reminder that she is half dead. Although we find out (again, through flashbacks) that she survived the bite, and that her fever has dropped, Alicia is sure that the zombie infection is still raging in the future. she and she have only a very limited amount of time left.

Turns out that’s what she really needed from Morgan. Vasquez’s corpse is Not leads them to PADRE, he is in fact heading for a lighthouse near the territory of the Strand (Colman Domingo). And Alicia wants Morgan to take over and protect her new group after she dies, as well as take her down before she can die posthumously. That’s certainly the crux of her emotions as to why she believes the zombies retain their memories: she thinks she’s dying and wants to believe that some of her will stay, too.

But the confusing part here is that Alicia, in the continuity of the show, is likely still alive for days, if not months at this point. We don’t know the exact timeline here, but it’s been a few months since the end of Season 6 – when Teddy launched some nuclear warheads, irradiating the land – and Season 7, when everyone was fighting. fight against the double apocalypse. As for how long Alicia was in the bunker before she was bitten, and finally escaped, we don’t know either. But we do know that she was able to find Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista), set up a camp, and track down Morgan. It’s not something that happens in a 24-hour period, but the usual amount of time that people seem to turn into zombies after being bitten.

Is it possible that Alicia is so strong that she can hold off a zombie infection longer than anyone else we’ve seen in the franchise? Sure. There is also a note that everybody has been infected with a zombie plague, as established by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in an early episode of Zombie. So, technically, Alicia has no problem.

But if we believe Alicia is right, then the truth of the matter is that her time on the show is limited. Alicia is back! But the question now is: for how long?

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