‘Fault with Prejudice’: Defense Group Documenting Motion Shows Prosecutors Withholding Evidence Will Clear Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse’s defense team filed a motion of “improper prejudice” on behalf of the defendant against the Wisconsin prosecutor’s team’s withholding of high-quality video evidence that would appear to vindicate Kyle Rittenhouse.

The defense team’s motion was shared by Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec late Tuesday night. It revealed misconduct by the prosecution that had the potential to lead to “wrongful bias.”

The second page of the document recounts that the prosecution was indisputably found guilty of post-arrest silence.

The third page of the motion discusses the transition to defensive drone footage. The defense team claims that prosecutors provided them with compressed footage, while also possessing higher definition footage.

The motion’s fourth page says that “excessive” prosecution could lead to a “mistake” that would be doubly dangerous. In other words, Rittenhouse cannot be tried again for the same charges. The defense argued that the prosecutors’ actions were “clearly intentional.”

The fifth page of the petition argues that the prosecution acted in “bad faith”.

The petition’s sixth page indicates that the state has “repeatedly violated Court instructions, acted in bad faith, and knowingly provided technological evidence different from its own.”

In conclusion, the petition states that “the respondent respectfully requests the Court to find “excessive infringement as directed”, that “the excessive infringement is intentional and in bad faith.” opinion,” and thereby bring forward the defendant’s motion of a prejudicial misconduct.

As previously reported, there are many who believe that jurors are under threat. On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson argued that the juries did not come up with a “clear verdict” because they feared that “Biden voters” would riot.

“The average jury,” says Carlson, “will reach a verdict in just a few hours, so these jurors take longer than most, but perhaps not because the evidence they heard was doing. they are confused.”

Tucker argued that the ruling was so clear that “no honest person could have come to a different conclusion” as Rittenhouse did in his own defense.

“The question is why did it take so long for this jury to come up with a very clear verdict?” Carlson asked. “Want answers? Well, look outside the courtroom. There are hundreds of National Guard soldiers assembled tonight in Kenosha. Why are they there? Well, they came in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted. “

“If he is acquitted, pretty much everyone would expect the normal mob of Joe Biden voters to burn, loot and destroy,” he continued. “Why is everyone expecting this? Because the people on the left are openly calling for it.”

Reportedly, two of the jurors were scared to deliver their verdict, citing “backlash,” according to Human Events Senior Editor. Jack Posobiec, who said his source was a US Marshal in Kenosha.

They “worry about the media leaking their names, while it happens to their families, jobs, etc.,” he added. Posobiec also said concerns include “doxxing threats from ‘anarchist groups’.”

Famously, Black Lives Matter activists were caught trying to offend jurors in this case.

“There was someone in the pickup truck this morning [who] is a video of the jury. The officers approached the person and asked him… to delete the video, “Judge Bruce Schroeder told his courtroom on Tuesday. “If it happens again,” the police were “instructed to get the phone” used to record the trial, the judge added.

A senior Minneapolis BLM activist named Cortez Rice, who appeared to be close to George Floyd, said ominously that the jury was being watched.

“Cortez Rice, a BLM activist in Minnesota, said on video that jurors in the Kenosha trial Kyle Rittenhouse being photographed,” Wisconsin Right Now reported.

“The names of the jurors in the trial have been sealed by the judge making them more difficult to deceive,” the report added. : However, the public has access to court proceedings, where jurors sit in plain view. Only press photographers are allowed in the courtroom. “

However, Rice tells a different story on video.

“I won’t even name the people I know who participated in the Kenosha trial. But it’s the camera in there. It definitely has a camera there. There are definitely people taking pictures of juries and all that,” Rice said in the video.

Rice later claimed that he had no idea that people were watching Rittenhouse’s jurors.

Even the judge in the Rittenhouse case was not safe from threats in self-defense in the form of threatening emails.

“Sir, I did not know that under the black cloak of justice you wear a white robe of the klan,” one email read. “There is no way that a fair trial can be heard under your supervision. Better yet, resign.”

“Enjoy your tenure, rate it, it will be your LAST,” another read. “If I ever meet you in person, I fully intend to spit in your face, no matter the cost. You’re disgusting.”

“Be sure and tell Schroeder how useless he is,” one email said. “He’ll officially find out when his heart shrank in a few years and he’ll have to stand before a real judge.”

Schroeder said he has received “thousands of communications”. He promises that he will “deal with” those who send threatening emails. “I don’t want to be like that,” he added.

Now Judge Schroeder has decided that the case is closed with a “false with prejudice”. To prevent a mistake, a judgment is expected to be delivered today or in the near future. | ‘Fault with Prejudice’: Defense Group Documenting Motion Shows Prosecutors Withholding Evidence Will Clear Rittenhouse

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