Fate 2: The Witch Queen

Fate 2‘S Witch Queen extended just over a month since its official release; the culmination of Bungie’s efforts in crafting a compelling, overarching story. Savathun steals the Light work based on events that take place over the years, but it also makes her the perfect role model for Fate 2 Guardians: a death-like creature with boundless power that can reshape the course of history. The fact that an enemy of humanity is interested in stealing the Light, like Dominus Ghaul, or desperate to find an alternative to it, such as Eramis with the Shadow on Europa, is proof that the dish Visitors’ gifts should be wasted.


However, many people died in Fate 2 and its predecessor, with the exemplary Guardians of Eriana-3, Andal Brask, and Dear Cayde-6. Even prince Uldren Sov met his death, only to be resurrected as a Crow. While Cayde’s death was part of a marketing campaign for the launch Fate 2‘S Deny By extension, the fact that it happened was heralded by the introduction of another anonymous sub-alert: the Spoiler Alert. The description of the gun says that someone will die, and with the weapon returned Witch Queen, you should explore the possibilities who could be.

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Commander Zavala

zavala vanguard commander talking to the player in the tower

Kill Commander Zavala with Witch Queen would create a lot of shock value considering the Awoken leader has been a protagonist for a long time. With two attempts at his life during the events of Season of the Chosen, Zavala seems to have plot armor at the moment, which would make his premature death all the more frustrating. However, Zavala doesn’t seem to be participating Witch Queen expands as much as the others, which will make his death disconnected from the story.

Moreover, Zavala is one of the main suppliers in Fate 2and he recently went through changes along with playlist activities to make reputation increased more than the rest of the gameof suppliers. As such, Zavala’s death is probably unlikely, at least compared to the others.

Mara Sov


Mara Sov is one of the strongest character in Fate 2, as she created her own “Bomb Logic” – a means of gaining power – directly against Hive’s so-called Sword Logic. Queen Mara also seems to have a new Ahamkara egg from which a being like Riven can hatch, and she has her own Throne World, which means she cannot be killed in the physical plane. substance without killing his soul in the World of Throne known as Eleusinia. Mara seems safe from death, but she’s also a character of arrogance.

With Season of the Lost events, it became clear that Mara craved power and control, even more than her brother’s own affection. It’s not that her feud with Savathun will lead to her death, and it’s not impossible that the Witch Queen is Mara. At last, Witch QueenThe original trailer of stated Fate 2Season of the Lost is “a tale of two queens.”

Petra Venj

Another likely candidate for Spoiler Death Warning is Petra Venj, the wrathful Queen of Marath and her trusted confidant. While there is no specific reason why Petra will die in Witch Queen or in Grade 5, it is assumed that the death did not necessarily occur in Witch Queen campaign, Petra’s death may have major implications in the story. Furthermore, according to Fate 2Legend, Mara’s former Wrath known as Sjur Eido may come back to life at some point – so the void left by Petra can be filled.

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Ikora Rey

Destiny 2 Ikora Rey

Ikora is one of the main characters in the upcoming expansion, and she is seen in the trailers investigating the events that led to Savathun stealing the Light. Ikora is an important character, but she is less important than Zavala, and her capture of Savathun in the Last City while she disguised herself as Osiris still grieves Ikora. More, Ikora Rey’s voice actor recently changed, and this could be a good sign that she’s on her way out, or that there’s more to Warlock.



SavathunThe Spoiler Alert’s death may be what the Spoiler Alert is alluding to, and while it makes sense that she needs to die to be resurrected by a Ghost, this isn’t really a spoiler. Savathun is shown holding a Light and has Ghost in the ad Witch Queen matter, so it was implied that she would die in some way, acting as a catalyst for her and Lucent Brood’s resurrection. However, Bungie has said that the return of Spoiler Alert is not a coincidence, and this could suggest that the death was Savathun.

Eris Morn

fate-2-eris-morn -yond-light-intro-scenes

The most likely candidate among the main characters to encounter her death is Eris Morn, The Three-Eyed Guardian survives in contaminated tunnels on the Moon after falling to Crota. Since then, Eris has been obsessed with Hive, and she has a personal grudge against Savathun – even swearing that she will be the one to kill the Witch Queen in Beyond the light. It’s worth mentioning that according to Elsie Bray, Exo Stranger, Eris is the one who became the Witch Queen in her original timeline, corrupted by the Darkness and thirsting for power and revenge.

Another reason why Eris might be the one to die in Fate 2‘S Witch Queen or transparent Layer 5 is Hold the ball and the Moon as a likely location to be the next to be domed when Light published. Killing Eris in the epilogue of The Final Season of Year 5 would make sense leading up to Class 6, since she’s the only provider on the Moon. There are several potential candidates for this death and each of them has some reason why they might fall, but the only way to find out is to wait for the official expansion.

Fate 2 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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