Fantasy Football Salary Cap Draft results, recap: Best and worst value buys, two top-5 RBs on one roster, more

Yearly I yell from the digital rooftops for Fantasy Soccer commissioners to ditch the boring ol’ snake format and go together with a Wage Cap Draft as an alternative. And yearly, I persuade just a few commissioners to offer it a shot. They find it irresistible and refuse to return to the old-school manner.

However … it is just some commissioners. Not a ton. It is not sufficient. Everybody must get on board. That is the best way.


I might get into the problem of all of it, or the enjoyable of all of it, or the truth that there’s nothing actually prefer it (the place else are you making gives to get folks in your roster apart from Fantasy sports activities?!).

However the reality is, Wage Cap Drafts afford everybody within the Fantasy league has the identical likelihood to pick everybody within the Nationwide Soccer League.

And which means LeBron James and Kevin Durant aren’t the one guys on the market constructing so-called “Tremendous Groups”. You would put collectively a roster that includes …

Not solely are such Fantasy roster nuclei potential, they occurred in our mock draft!

How do Wage Cap Drafts work? Straightforward. Each supervisor will get a fictional price range to spend on gamers ($100 is a fairly widespread quantity). Then everybody takes turns nominating gamers. When a participant is nominated, managers bid for his companies. As soon as it is clear who will bid probably the most (this course of often includes a human or a web site saying, “Going as soon as … going twice … gone!”), the participant is awarded to the winner’s roster and the method repeats till everybody has a full roster.

Wish to see extra? In fact you do, you are studying this.

Here is your likelihood to look over the outcomes of our 12-team, $100 price range draft. Each supervisor fielded a workforce that should begin a QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, a TE, a DST and a FLEX (RB/WR/TE) together with 5 reserve spots. And it is underneath the premise of a full-PPR format the place scoring for all touchdowns is six factors together with one level for each 10 yards dashing and receiving, one level for each 25 yards passing and minus-two factors for each turnover.

Our bidders:

Adam Aizer, Fantasy Soccer As we speak Host Jacob Gibbs, 
Andrew Baumhor, CBS Sports activities HQ Producer George Maselli, Fantasy Editor
Heath Cummings, Senior Fantasy Author Chris Raybon,
Drew Davenport, Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Author
Joe Dolan, Dan Schneier, Fantasy Editor
Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Author Chris Towers, Senior Editor, Fantasy

Right here had been, I believe, the 5 finest steals

And the 5 greatest overpays

Place By Place Outcomes

Mahomes Patrick, QB, KC $11 Heath Cummings
Allen Josh, QB, BUF $8 Dave Richard
Murray Kyler, QB, ARI $5 Jacob Gibbs
Jackson Lamar, QB, BAL $5 Chris Raybon
Wilson Russell, QB, SEA $4 Drew Davenport
Herbert Justin, QB, LAC $3 Jacob Gibbs
Prescott Dak, QB, DAL $2 Dave Richard
Tannehill Ryan, QB, TEN $2 Joe Dolan
Hurts Jalen, QB, PHI $2 Adam Aizer
Brady Tom, QB, TB $2 Dan Schneier
Lance Trey, QB, SF $1 Joe Dolan
Fields Justin, QB, CHI $1 Chris Towers
Lawrence Trevor, QB, JAC $1 George Maselli
Roethlisberger Ben, QB, PIT $1 Adam Aizer
Newton Cam, QB, NE $1 Chris Towers
Tagovailoa Tua, QB, MIA $1 George Maselli
Rodgers Aaron, QB, GB $1 Andrew Baumhor
Stafford Matthew, QB, LAR $1 Jamey Eisenberg
Burrow Joe, QB, CIN $1 Andrew Baumhor
Operating backs
McCaffrey Christian, RB, CAR $35 Adam Aizer
Prepare dinner Dalvin, RB, MIN $31 Joe Dolan
Kamara Alvin, RB, NO $30 Chris Raybon
Henry Derrick, RB, TEN $29 Chris Raybon
Jones Aaron, RB, GB $26 Jacob Gibbs
Elliott Ezekiel, RB, DAL $25 Chris Towers
Ekeler Austin, RB, LAC $24 Chris Towers
Barkley Saquon, RB, NYG $21 Dan Schneier
Gibson Antonio, RB, WAS $20 Jacob Gibbs
Harris Najee, RB, PIT $20 Dave Richard
Taylor Jonathan, RB, IND $20 Adam Aizer
Mixon Joe, RB, CIN $20 Andrew Baumhor
Chubb Nick, RB, CLE $19 Heath Cummings
Swift D’Andre, RB, DET $17 Heath Cummings
Edwards-Helaire Clyde, RB, KC $16 Jamey Eisenberg
Dobbins J.Okay., RB, BAL $15 Drew Davenport
Montgomery David, RB, CHI $14 Dave Richard
Henderson Darrell, RB, LAR $12 Dan Schneier
Carson Chris, RB, SEA $11 Drew Davenport
Sermon Trey, RB, SF $9 Jamey Eisenberg
Williams Javonte, RB, DEN $8 Chris Raybon
Davis Mike, RB, ATL $8 Jacob Gibbs
Edmonds Chase, RB, ARI $7 Joe Dolan
Gaskin Myles, RB, MIA $7 Jamey Eisenberg
Sanders Miles, RB, PHI $7 Drew Davenport
Etienne Travis, RB, JAC $7 Dave Richard
Drake Kenyan, RB, LV $6 Drew Davenport
Carter Michael, RB, NYJ $6 Chris Raybon
Jacobs Josh, RB, LV $6 Heath Cummings
Dillon A.J., RB, GB $5 Joe Dolan
Hunt Kareem, RB, CLE $5 Jamey Eisenberg
Harris Damien, RB, NE $5 George Maselli
Jones Ronald, RB, TB $4 Dan Schneier
Conner James, RB, ARI $4 Drew Davenport
Mostert Raheem, RB, SF $4 Adam Aizer
Robinson James, RB, JAC $4 Dave Richard
Moss Zack, RB, BUF $4 George Maselli
Williams Jamaal, RB, DET $3 George Maselli
Murray Latavius, RB, NO $3 Dan Schneier
Hines Nyheim, RB, IND $2 George Maselli
Edwards Gus, RB, BAL $2 Joe Dolan
Johnson David, RB, HOU $2 Dave Richard
Gordon Melvin, RB, DEN $2 Drew Davenport
Lindsay Phillip, RB, HOU $1 Andrew Baumhor
Williams Darrel, RB, KC $1 Adam Aizer
Mattison Alexander, RB, MIN $1 Adam Aizer
Coleman Tevin, RB, NYJ $1 Chris Towers
Gainwell Kenneth, RB, PHI $1 George Maselli
Bernard Giovani, RB, TB $1 Andrew Baumhor
Cohen Tarik, RB, CHI $1 Dan Schneier
Pollard Tony, RB, DAL $1 Jacob Gibbs
Jones Xavier, RB, LAR $1 Jacob Gibbs
Singletary Devin, RB, BUF $1 George Maselli
Fournette Leonard, RB, TB $1 Joe Dolan
White James, RB, NE $1 Andrew Baumhor
Hubbard Chuba, RB, CAR $1 Adam Aizer
Perine Samaje, RB, CIN $1 Andrew Baumhor
Vast receivers
Adams Davante, WR, GB $27 George Maselli
Hill Tyreek, WR, KC $24 Jamey Eisenberg
Diggs Stefon, WR, BUF $22 George Maselli
Ridley Calvin, WR, ATL $21 Adam Aizer
Hopkins DeAndre, WR, ARI $21 Dan Schneier
Metcalf DK, WR, SEA $19 Joe Dolan
Allen Keenan, WR, LAC $19 Andrew Baumhor
Brown A.J., WR, TEN $19 Dan Schneier
Robinson Allen, WR, CHI $18 Drew Davenport
Jefferson Justin, WR, MIN $18 Andrew Baumhor
Woods Robert, WR, LAR $17 George Maselli
McLaurin Terry, WR, WAS $16 Joe Dolan
Johnson Diontae, WR, PIT $12 Jacob Gibbs
Lamb CeeDee, WR, DAL $12 Chris Towers
Jeudy Jerry, WR, DEN $11 Jamey Eisenberg
Lockett Tyler, WR, SEA $11 Andrew Baumhor
Chase Ja’Marr, WR, CIN $10 Jamey Eisenberg
Higgins Tee, WR, CIN $10 Jacob Gibbs
Cooper Amari, WR, DAL $10 Chris Towers
Kupp Cooper, WR, LAR $10 Chris Towers
Moore D.J., WR, CAR $9 Heath Cummings
Samuel Deebo, WR, SF $8 Drew Davenport
Godwin Chris, WR, TB $8 Chris Raybon
Evans Mike, WR, TB $8 Drew Davenport
Golladay Kenny, WR, NYG $7 Adam Aizer
Cooks Brandin, WR, HOU $7 Chris Raybon
Aiyuk Brandon, WR, SF $7 Dan Schneier
Claypool Chase, WR, PIT $7 Dave Richard
Jones Julio, WR, TEN $7 Dave Richard
Thielen Adam, WR, MIN $6 Joe Dolan
Shenault Jr. Laviska, WR, JAC $5 Jamey Eisenberg
Sutton Courtland, WR, DEN $5 Drew Davenport
Beckham Odell, WR, CLE $5 Jamey Eisenberg
Samuel Curtis, WR, WAS $4 Heath Cummings
Waddle Jaylen, WR, MIA $4 Heath Cummings
Williams Mike, WR, LAC $4 Joe Dolan
Brown Antonio, WR, TB $4 Heath Cummings
Anderson Robby, WR, CAR $4 Jacob Gibbs
Boyd Tyler, WR, CIN $4 Dave Richard
Brown Marquise, WR, BAL $3 Dave Richard
Jones Marvin, WR, JAC $3 Heath Cummings
Moore Elijah, WR, NYJ $3 Dan Schneier
Mooney Darnell, WR, CHI $3 Jamey Eisenberg
Smith DeVonta, WR, PHI $3 Joe Dolan
Fuller Will, WR, MIA $3 Adam Aizer
Chark D.J., WR, JAC $3 Dan Schneier
Smith-Schuster JuJu, WR, PIT $3 Heath Cummings
Marshall Jr. Terrace, WR, CAR $2 Heath Cummings
Ruggs III Henry, WR, LV $2 Adam Aizer
Hardman Mecole, WR, KC $2 Heath Cummings
Thomas Michael, WR, NO $2 Dan Schneier
Gallup Michael, WR, DAL $1 Chris Raybon
Pittman Michael, WR, IND $1 Chris Raybon
Beasley Cole, WR, BUF $1 Andrew Baumhor
Edwards Bryan, WR, LV $1 George Maselli
Gage Russell, WR, ATL $1 Chris Raybon
Sanders Emmanuel, WR, BUF $1 Chris Towers
Davis Gabriel, WR, BUF $1 Chris Raybon
Davis Corey, WR, NYJ $1 Jacob Gibbs
Moore Rondale, WR, ARI $1 Chris Towers
Campbell Parris, WR, IND $1 Jacob Gibbs
Callaway Marquez, WR, NO $1 Chris Towers
Landry Jarvis, WR, CLE $1 Chris Towers
Tight ends
Kelce Travis, TE, KC $23 Andrew Baumhor
Waller Darren, TE, LV $13 George Maselli
Kittle George, TE, SF $11 Chris Towers
Andrews Mark, TE, BAL $8 Heath Cummings
Pitts Kyle, TE, ATL $8 Dave Richard
Hockenson T.J., TE, DET $7 Jacob Gibbs
Thomas Logan, TE, WAS $2 Joe Dolan
Smith Irv, TE, MIN $2 Jamey Eisenberg
Fant Noah, TE, DEN $2 Drew Davenport
Trautman Adam, TE, NO $2 Dave Richard
Tonyan Robert, TE, GB $1 Chris Raybon
Ebron Eric, TE, PIT $1 Andrew Baumhor
Engram Evan, TE, NYG $1 Adam Aizer
Higbee Tyler, TE, LAR $1 Drew Davenport
Goedert Dallas, TE, PHI $1 Dan Schneier
Smith Jonnu, TE, NE $1 Jamey Eisenberg
Patriots DST, NE $1 Adam Aizer
Saints DST, NO $1 Jacob Gibbs
Browns DST, CLE $1 Chris Raybon
49ers DST, SF $1 Chris Towers
Payments DST, BUF $1 Drew Davenport
Broncos DST, DEN $1 George Maselli
Dolphins DST, MIA $1 Joe Dolan
Soccer Workforce, DST, WAS $1 Dave Richard
Steelers DST, PIT $1 Andrew Baumhor
Buccaneers DST, TB $1 Dan Schneier
Ravens DST, BAL $1 Heath Cummings
Rams DST, LAR $1 Jamey Eisenberg

Workforce By Workforce Outcomes

Adam Aizer
Hurts Jalen, QB, PHI $2
Roethlisberger Ben, QB, PIT $1
McCaffrey Christian, RB, CAR $35
Taylor Jonathan, RB, IND $20
Mostert Raheem, RB, SF $4
Williams Darrel, RB, KC $1
Mattison Alexander, RB, MIN $1
Hubbard Chuba, RB, CAR $1
Ridley Calvin, WR, ATL $21
Golladay Kenny, WR, NYG $7
Fuller Will, WR, MIA $3
Ruggs III Henry, WR, LV $2
Engram Evan, TE, NYG $1
Patriots DST, NE $1
Andrew Baumhor
Rodgers Aaron, QB, GB $1
Burrow Joe, QB, CIN $1
Mixon Joe, RB, CIN $20
Lindsay Phillip, RB, HOU $1
Bernard Giovani, RB, TB $1
White James, RB, NE $1
Perine Samaje, RB, CIN $1
Allen Keenan, WR, LAC $19
Jefferson Justin, WR, MIN $18
Lockett Tyler, WR, SEA $11
Beasley Cole, WR, BUF $1
Kelce Travis, TE, KC $23
Ebron Eric, TE, PIT $1
Steelers DST, PIT $1
Chris Raybon
Jackson Lamar, QB, BAL $5
Kamara Alvin, RB, NO $30
Henry Derrick, RB, TEN $29
Williams Javonte, RB, DEN $8
Carter Michael, RB, NYJ $6
Godwin Chris, WR, TB $8
Cooks Brandin, WR, HOU $7
Gallup Michael, WR, DAL $1
Pittman Michael, WR, IND $1
Gage Russell, WR, ATL $1
Davis Gabriel, WR, BUF $1
Tonyan Robert, TE, GB $1
Browns DST, CLE $1
Chris Towers
Fields Justin, QB, CHI $1
Newton Cam, QB, NE $1
Elliott Ezekiel, RB, DAL $25
Ekeler Austin, RB, LAC $24
Coleman Tevin, RB, NYJ $1
Lamb CeeDee, WR, DAL $12
Cooper Amari, WR, DAL $10
Kupp Cooper, WR, LAR $10
Sanders Emmanuel, WR, BUF $1
Moore Rondale, WR, ARI $1
Callaway Marquez, WR, NO $1
Landry Jarvis, WR, CLE $1
Kittle George, TE, SF $11
49ers DST, SF $1
Dan Schneier
Brady Tom, QB, TB $2
Barkley Saquon, RB, NYG $21
Henderson Darrell, RB, LAR $12
Jones Ronald, RB, TB $4
Murray Latavius, RB, NO $3
Cohen Tarik, RB, CHI $1
Hopkins DeAndre, WR, ARI $21
Brown A.J., WR, TEN $19
Aiyuk Brandon, WR, SF $7
Moore Elijah, WR, NYJ $3
Chark D.J., WR, JAC $3
Thomas Michael, WR, NO $2
Goedert Dallas, TE, PHI $1
Buccaneers DST, TB $1
Dave Richard
Allen Josh, QB, BUF $8
Prescott Dak, QB, DAL $2
Harris Najee, RB, PIT $20
Montgomery David, RB, CHI $14
Etienne Travis, RB, JAC $7
Robinson James, RB, JAC $4
Johnson David, RB, HOU $2
Claypool Chase, WR, PIT $7
Jones Julio, WR, TEN $7
Boyd Tyler, WR, CIN $4
Brown Marquise, WR, BAL $3
Pitts Kyle, TE, ATL $8
Trautman Adam, TE, NO $2
Soccer Workforce, DST, WAS $1
Drew Davenport
Wilson Russell, QB, SEA $4
Dobbins J.Okay., RB, BAL $15
Carson Chris, RB, SEA $11
Sanders Miles, RB, PHI $7
Drake Kenyan, RB, LV $6
Conner James, RB, ARI $4
Gordon Melvin, RB, DEN $2
Robinson Allen, WR, CHI $18
Samuel Deebo, WR, SF $8
Evans Mike, WR, TB $8
Sutton Courtland, WR, DEN $5
Fant Noah, TE, DEN $2
Higbee Tyler, TE, LAR $1
Payments DST, BUF $1
George Maselli
Lawrence Trevor, QB, JAC $1
Tagovailoa Tua, QB, MIA $1
Harris Damien, RB, NE $5
Moss Zack, RB, BUF $4
Williams Jamaal, RB, DET $3
Hines Nyheim, RB, IND $2
Gainwell Kenneth, RB, PHI $1
Singletary Devin, RB, BUF $1
Adams Davante, WR, GB $27
Diggs Stefon, WR, BUF $22
Woods Robert, WR, LAR $17
Edwards Bryan, WR, LV $1
Waller Darren, TE, LV $13
Broncos DST, DEN $1
Heath Cummings
Mahomes Patrick, QB, KC $11
Chubb Nick, RB, CLE $19
Swift D’Andre, RB, DET $17
Jacobs Josh, RB, LV $6
Moore D.J., WR, CAR $9
Samuel Curtis, WR, WAS $4
Waddle Jaylen, WR, MIA $4
Brown Antonio, WR, TB $4
Jones Marvin, WR, JAC $3
Smith-Schuster JuJu, WR, PIT $3
Marshall Jr. Terrace, WR, CAR $2
Hardman Mecole, WR, KC $2
Andrews Mark, TE, BAL $8
Ravens DST, BAL $1
Jacob Gibbs
Murray Kyler, QB, ARI $5
Herbert Justin, QB, LAC $3
Jones Aaron, RB, GB $26
Gibson Antonio, RB, WAS $20
Davis Mike, RB, ATL $8
Pollard Tony, RB, DAL $1
Jones Xavier, RB, LAR $1
Johnson Diontae, WR, PIT $12
Higgins Tee, WR, CIN $10
Anderson Robby, WR, CAR $4
Davis Corey, WR, NYJ $1
Campbell Parris, WR, IND $1
Hockenson T.J., TE, DET $7
Saints DST, NO $1
Jamey Eisenberg
Stafford Matthew, QB, LAR $1
Edwards-Helaire Clyde, RB, KC $16
Sermon Trey, RB, SF $9
Gaskin Myles, RB, MIA $7
Hunt Kareem, RB, CLE $5
Hill Tyreek, WR, KC $24
Jeudy Jerry, WR, DEN $11
Chase Ja’Marr, WR, CIN $10
Shenault Jr. Laviska, WR, JAC $5
Beckham Odell, WR, CLE $5
Mooney Darnell, WR, CHI $3
Smith Irv, TE, MIN $2
Smith Jonnu, TE, NE $1
Rams DST, LAR $1
Joe Dolan
Tannehill Ryan, QB, TEN $2
Lance Trey, QB, SF $1
Prepare dinner Dalvin, RB, MIN $31
Edmonds Chase, RB, ARI $7
Dillon A.J., RB, GB $5
Edwards Gus, RB, BAL $2
Fournette Leonard, RB, TB $1
Metcalf DK, WR, SEA $19
McLaurin Terry, WR, WAS $16
Thielen Adam, WR, MIN $6
Williams Mike, WR, LAC $4
Smith DeVonta, WR, PHI $3
Thomas Logan, TE, WAS $2
Dolphins DST, MIA $1 | Fantasy Soccer Wage Cap Draft outcomes, recap: Greatest and worst worth buys, two top-5 RBs on one roster, extra


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