Fans Debate Whether Hawkeye Is Disney Plus’s Best Marvel Show

by Keane Eacobellis

This discussion was recently featured on a Reddit thread about whether Hawk Eye is the best Disney Plus Marvel show to date. Or alternatively, what is the best thing about Disney Plus Marvel shows? Ask ten different people and you will get ten different answers to this answer.

As happens with Reddit threads, a lot of subthreads go around to other programs or they are really specific about a particular aspect of the program. Hawk Eye. The arguments basically go like this BECAUSE Hawkeye is the best on the shows.

1- Hawkeye (probably) has the least CGI. So if you’re watching superhero shows and hate CGI, there’s that too.

2- It’s as good as other fantasy shows with magic, time travel and more, but it’s so much more about Earth with the scene where two bowmen defeat their Russian brothers in the series sportswear. It’s nice to see the MCU return to street-level things.

3- It’s easy to think of a guy just trying to sort out the situation so he can go on Christmas vacation with his family.

4- Great chemistry between pretty much everyone, but especially between Yelena and Kate.

And then there are the arguments against Hawkeye being the best:

1- It doesn’t push any boundaries like other shows have and is largely a re-imagining of the street level stuff that Netflix shows have done.

2- Yelena’s lack of investigation into Clint and Natasha’s story, which is why she accepted the contract to kill him, as well as her final confrontation with Clint at the end, is pretty empty. It’s wildly counter-climactic, and dare we add, the whistle offers an uncomfortable comparison to the “Martha” moment from Batman V Superman.

3- There is a lot of confusion about McGuffin throughout the entire series, the watch that the sportswear mafia pursues.

4- The number of mafia members wearing sports clothes is extremely diverse. Are they cloning themselves? That’s a lot of brothers.

The topic has a lot of interesting thoughts both about Hawk Eye and other MCU shows, with a lot of people making some solid cases for and against all.

DanbyWho12 take in what works and doesn’t work for them in Loki, seems to be one of the most popular among the MCU programs discussed.


Omherrera1 road digging Wandavision really set the future for the characters.


Lossmymind251095 there’s a lot to say about animation What if? show and how it can serve as a testing ground for future major plot arcs. This happens again and again with stories from the manga version of What if? so this seems correct.


But our favorite observation comes from thelegend90210 who really summed it all up… Fans Debate Whether Hawkeye Is Disney Plus’s Best Marvel Show


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