Fallout: The History of NCR

The New California Republic (NCR) of Fall out is of great significance, with 140 years of history and is the largest country to rise since the Great War. NCR is all about old world values ​​like freedom, law and democracy and their flag is directly inspired by the flag of the state of California. People who throw a lot of their money with NCR often get luxuries that others in the wasteland don’t, such as healthcare, rules, protection, government, and a stable economy.

Such a powerful stabilizing force in the wasteland not in a day. The birth of NCR started with a vault, Vault 15. It opened 20 years later Great War and while some of the inhabitants split into raider tribes that would later become Khans, Vipers and Jackals, the rest would begin to form the NCR. From there, it developed into a giant nation and then has its eye on expansionism.


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From The Vault to Shady Sands

NCR Fallout armor and flags.

Like all other vaults, Vault 15 had a secret working program to test human behavior. Luckily for Vault 15, this test is pretty lenient compared to the others. Only individuals of completely diverse cultures and ideologies will be included in the inventory, and it is planned to collect data on their interactions due to their differences. When the vault opened, the population formed different communities. The one who would eventually become the NCR used Vault 15’s GECK to create the self-sufficient village of Shady Sands.

By 2161, the village had grown its own crops and had a brahmin woman. At that time, they tried to stay isolated but Khan raiders and scorpions continue to attack them. These problems were fixed by the Vault Dweller, and a hundred years later Shady Sands is no longer a village. Its prosperity and access to commerce slowly made the community the largest settlement in New California. As their influence spread, they began to come up with the idea of ​​​​founding a nation.

Become a country

Flag NCR.

The idea of ​​becoming a nation was started and the abandoned people gathered in support. The NCR was then born at Shady Sands in the year 2186, led by Aradesh, the leader of the Shady Sands. They started with a panel government and began drafting a constitution. Three years later, the Republic was established with the formation of five states, about five great settlement. These settlements are Shady Sands, Los Angeles, Hub, Dayglow, and Maxson.

NCR is doing well in both expansion and growth. They provide security from wasteland threat and provide a good standard of living for their growing population. They attacked 700,000 citizens in less than a century and managed to secure water and electricity from the Hoover Dam. In 2196, Aradesh died and leadership of the country passed to his daughter, Tandi.

Under Tandi, the NCR revived the infrastructure. They built fortresses, cleared roads, and began trading outside the Republic. By 2241, the NCR was known as the greatest political power in the wasteland. Tandi won every election in a row until her death in 2248. Since Tandi’s death, the NCR has been at odds.

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Conflict with NCR

NCR ranger with gun.

With Tandi’s death, Vice President Joanna Tibbett came to power but was removed from office five years later by vote. It was replaced by Wendell Peterson, who committed 17 years of war to expand in the Mojave. This campaign was called the Pacification of the Mojave. In 2271, the NCR and the Desert Rangers signed the Rangers Unity Treaty, which united the two together.

Further expansion hit a wall as the NCR pushed deeper into the Mojave do Mr. House and the Legion. NCR negotiated with Mr. House, and they created the New Vegas Pact. The treaty allowed the NCR to move into the area but left the Strip alone. The treaty also stipulates that five percent of the Hoover Dam’s energy will go to the Strip. However, the citizens of the regions were not all satisfied with the treaty. Doomsday followers have openly opposed the NCR’s expansionism, despite having helped the Republic in the past. This led the NCR to withdraw all support for Followers.

The growing power of the NCR caught the attention of the Brotherhood of Steel, and the two factions viewed each other as enemies due to their differing opinions on how to handle the technology. Between Expanding NCRs and different values, the Brotherhood fought against the rangers. The NCR manages to push the Brotherhood into retreat in the Mojave. In 2274, the two had another battle, which the NCR again won.

The Legion began a brutal war with the NCR for control of the Mojave, repeatedly attacking outposts and any settlements under their banner. They had their First Battle at Hoover Dam against the Legion and lost 103 men but were ultimately victorious and forced the Legion to retreat. Since then, the NCR campaign has been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Mojave destroyed the soldiers’ lives while it didn’t create any Income Tax. The people grew impatient because of the lack of development and the NCR lost a thousand troops a year to many of their enemies.

Their old enemy, the Khans, is still alive. The NCR made the unpopular move of attacking the tribe at Bitter Springs but realized too late that it was inhabited by families of women and their children. Many innocent people were shot down by the NCR, and it was converted into a refugee camp. The massacre was kept as hidden as possible but was an example of many instances where the NCR and the citizens of Mojave did not get along. The Freesides are particularly disliked by the NCR, as their troops often arrive in their town drunk and disregarding their fortunes from party in New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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