Fallout: New Vegas – The History of Caesar’s Legion

Caesar’s Legion is a faction that only appears in Fallout: New Vegas but has left a lasting impression on fans for its brutality and unique culture. Although only participating in one game in the series, there is a lot of history and lore about Soldiers. Legion was actually born from a very different organization, the Doomsday Watchers.

To know the history of the Legion is the history of Caesar, as he was not always known by that name. Originally, Caesar was a man named Edward Sallow and a citizen of NCR before his father died from a bandit attack. His mother raised him among the Doomsday Watchers, and he became a star student but with a bad temper. He doesn’t see the Watcher’s mission as inspiring, and growing up he will lead one of the wasteland’s most fearsome factions.


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The Birth of the Legion

Members of the Legion.

As a Watcher, Edward Sallow is sent to the Grand Canyon with a group of people to study tribal languages. During their journey, Sallow found history books on Roman dynasty and Commentarii by Gaius Julius Caesar and studied them intensely. Not long after, he and his team were captured by the Blackfoot Tribe for ransom. However, Sallow did not act like a victim in this, quite the contrary. Instead, he decided to teach the tribe how to be stronger by showing them how to handle and make weapons.

Sallow helped the Blackfoot tribe fight another tribe of their enemies, the Ridgers. When the Ridgers failed to surrender, Sallow ordered the Blackfoot tribe to kill everyone, including the women and children. They obeyed and continued to follow Sallow’s lead as they attacked all the other enemy tribes in the area. The other tribes had surrendered, and Sallow decided that the reason all the problems were happening was because of the unique identity of each tribe. All would be solved if everyone was under one banner, so all that obey Sallow will give up their cultural identity to join his own. Thus, Caesar’s Legion was born, based on Sallow’s knowledge of Roman Empire.

In 2247, Sallow styled himself Caesar and let another former Doomsday believer, Joshua Graham, serving as the Legion’s first legion. It conquered tons of tribes and forced them to assimilate their way, or die. As it strengthened in numbers and strength, it slowly made its way to conquer the NCR, Caesar’s ultimate goal. He believed that merging the civilians and infrastructure of the NCR with the army of the Legion would lead to a totalitarian, nationalist, and homogenous empire.

On the doorstep of NCR

Caesar ascends the throne.

When the Legion started moving for the NCR, they had First Battle of Hoover in 2277. The NCR won the battle by luring Legion soldiers to Boulder City, which was filled with explosives. The one who led this attack on Caesar’s behalf, Joshua Graham, had to take in the survivors and retreat. He was punished for leading to the greatest defeat in Legion history by setting fire and being thrown into the Grand Canyon. Graham’s position was taken by Legate Lanius, who focused on expanding more eastward before making another attack on the Hoover Dam.

Lanius is known as the most brutal member of the Legion, and it is said that he killed all the men of his tribe after assimilating with Caesar’s Legion. Under his command, they assimilated 14 new tribes after the Hoover Dam was lost. This lasted for four years before it became clear that something was wrong with Caesar himself.

Caesar’s Health Decline

Caesar in New Vegas.

While Legion itself has become strong, Caesar became weak. He became more reclusive and suffered frequent headaches. All inquiries about his health were denied. To make matters worse, the leader vacated in conversations and his left leg became too stiff to walk like he used to. Caesar believes this is a brain tumor.

A probable tumor hasn’t stopped him and his Legion from going to Fort Hill to continue their push to conquer New Vegas. Caesar wanted to deprive him of Rome. At this point, the Legion consisted of 86 assimilated tribes, and it won its promotion at the Battle of Arizona Spillway and the Battle of Willow Beach. Going in Fallout: New VegasCaesar has a long to-do list. He wants to House of Mr. and President Kimball is dead, and he wants an alliance with the Great Khans, the White Glove Society, and the Boomers. He also plans to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel while dealing with the brain tumor.

Fallout: New Vegas available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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