Fallout 5 needs a faction similar to the Dark Brotherhood of Elder Scrolls

failure 5 will inevitably garner a huge following upon its release, as the franchise is one of the most popular western RPGs in the industry. As with any latest addition to such a long-standing and prestigious franchise, the game needs to implement brand new features to build on the expectations of the previous installments.

That being said, the next title within the Stand out Series could do well to borrow some popular elements from the equally well-received one Elder Scrolls Franchise also being developed by Bethesda. In terms of factions, the sinister Dark Brotherhood that comes up often The Elder Scrolls Titles could be a great inspiration for a similar group to be featured failure 5.


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Of all the many factions players can delve into within one Elder Scrolls The Dark Brotherhood playthrough is considered by many to be one of the most memorable and exciting. Appears in its most famous iterations in oblivion and Skyrimthe Dark Brotherhood has become a fixture The Elder Scrolls as a franchise.

The Dark Brotherhood is an ancient legion of assassins operating across the continent of Tamriel The Elder Scrolls is set. Essentially functioning as both a business and a cult, the organization orchestrates assassinations large and small in the name of divine intervention and political manipulation.

The Brotherhood was arguably at its peak during the events of oblivion, where they were feared far and wide as a truly powerful and mysterious hidden faction, with the ability to silence even the most influential voices. Although their power had waned, the faction emerged Skyrim in more arbitrary and lower-level ways, still operating as a malevolent cult, but on a much smaller scale.

How the Dark Brotherhood could be adapted to Fallout 5

Since Bethesda uses the same rough RPG framework for both Stand out and Elder Scrolls Franchise, both IPs are known for their unique faction-based storylines that complement the core gameplay of each franchise title. While The Elder Scrolls has people like the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, Stand out allows players to delve into factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad.

Despite the quite different factions within the Stand out franchises, none have the same patently nefarious and sinister reputation as The Elder Scrolls’ Dark Brotherhood. There is therefore a void waiting to be filled within the apocalyptic franchise, and failure 5 is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Given the dystopian setting of Stand out, the titles are no stranger to showcasing cult-like and deranged organizations, so introducing an organization that players could actively participate in wouldn’t be far-fetched at all. The faction could operate in much the same way as the Dark Brotherhood does, using their worship of a higher power to identify and justify kills that the player could then execute. Rising through the ranks of this organization, the player could then become embroiled in the faction’s inner conflicts and inconvenient truths, which would surely make for an intriguing quest line.

With RPGs like that Stand out For games that pride themselves on allowing the player to dictate their own morality, a simply evil organization akin to the Dark Brotherhood would be a fantastic way to push the boundaries of player engagement even further. How popular the Dark Brotherhood has become The Elder Scrollsa similar faction within failure 5 would certainly be a hit with fans.

failure 5 was announced.

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