Fallout 4 Originally Has a BioShock Inspired Vault with Octopus Creature Sentient

NS Fall out The game features some notably weird lore, a by-product of the time they were made, and the role-playing style that defines the earliest entries. Of course, fans can only be really familiar with the content that made it into the franchise, as there are so many cut missions, locations, and more that were never released. Because the Fallout 4, in particular, part of the content is cut off as if it could enhance the experience.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Todd Howard of Bethesda took the time to discuss Skyrim10th anniversary, among other things. Fans raised questions about Howard’s career, what kind of games he would develop with limitless resources, and about the content that was cut in Bethesda’s games. The inexplicable Redditor haddock asked about Vault 120, an underwater Vault that was cut from Fallout 4, Click Howard for information on what the Vault will entail. The answer is not what many people expect.


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According to Howard, Vault 120 was inspired by NS BioShock Game, which could mean the player will experience a frenzied house of Vault Dwellers driving their plight crazy. What makes the Vault 120 concept particularly interesting, however, is that it will feature a “giant sentient octopus living outside of it.” Howard didn’t elaborate on that, though it was enough to provoke some interesting reactions from fans.

The general consensus seems to be fan requests Fallout 4 modder to restore clipped content, although it’s likely not viable if it hasn’t already been done. Others simply commented on how interesting the concept was, wishing it had been included in the final part of the series. Incident 4. The franchise has done similar weird concepts before, like Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta expansion or Fallout New Vegas‘Lily Bowen’s Companion, who is a Super Mutant who believes she is a grandmother.

It’s not uncommon for such interesting content to be removed from the game, the only remaining notion that it ever existed are leftover files in the game’s data or stories from developers from many years ago. Sometimes that content will appear later, as part of a DLC pack or in a future entry in the franchise. Fallout 4 The support ended years ago, though, so fans will probably never see it there.

However, Bethesda has a pager for Fallout 5. It just means that high-level concepts are being thought of at the moment, and the final release could be almost a decade away, but it’s likely that fans will finally get to meet the octopus creature that has perception when next Fall out game released.

Fallout 4 Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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