Fallout 4 Crash Complaints Players have more than 4 billion collisions

A Fallout 4 player encountered a strange glitch that caused the in-game screen to claim that the player had collected over 4 billion stipaks.

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NS Fall out The series has gone down in gaming history with its blend of social commentary, dark comedy, and innovative post-apocalyptic world-building. However, the franchise is also notorious for its number of glitches and strange happenings. One Fallout 4 players recently encountered a hilarious bug that claimed they had over 4 billion stimpaks in their inventory.

Stimpaks, short for stimulus delivery package, which is a consumable item that the player encounters in Fallout 4 and other Fall out titles. They have a syringe filled with medication and a ruler used to measure the condition of the contents, giving them a futuristic aesthetic. When used, they provide a quick healing effect to the player, which makes them quite useful in the dangerous world of Fall out.


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Redditor Ok_Perspective_4348 recently shared a screenshot of the status from Fallout 4 play through. The display says their character’s name is Jonty, they’re level 21 and their inventory contains 21 RadAways and 4294967295 stimpaks. This is not the first time something strange the glitch affected Fallout 4 players, but it can be one of the weirdest.

It’s not yet clear if Ok_Perspective_4348 can use the stimpaks they’re listed as having, but if so, the sheer number of healing items could be functionally enough to break the game. As Skyrim, Fallout 4 is an open world the game prides itself by offering the player the ability to go anywhere – although specific areas can still have high level enemies get through them before the player is ready to make a risky proposition . Fortunately, Fallout 4The focus on narrative, branching decisions, and discovery will likely give Ok_Perspective_4348 plenty of options even if they have more healing items than they know what to do with.

As of writing, it seems other fans find this bug hilarious. One user suggested that Ok_Perspective_4348 leaves traces of failures when they left Goodneighbor to make sure they can find their way back. Several other users responded to this suggestion by stating that the game would crash after even one bug was dropped, with one user reporting that using this bug alone caused their game to crash. failed once. Another user commented with a possible explanation for the problem: apparently, the presence of the value 4,294,967,295 could reflect an error, overflow or missing value in the game, which could be suggests a problem with the inventory built into the armor.

Fallout 4 Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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