Fallout 3: Top 10 best followers in the game, ranked

The wastelands of the east coast that used to be the United States of America are rife with hideous monstrosities. Mutant beasts, scrawny humanoids, mindless vampires, and more lurk in the desolation. Guns, knives and the like provide a lot of protection but only against what Lone Wanderer can see.

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It can be difficult to detect threats from behind or close behind when alone. Fortunately, Fallout 3 Allows the player to team up with NPCs. This makes traveling safer and has many other benefits such as companionship and enjoyable dialogue.

Updated July 19, 2021, by Reyadh Rahman: The best companions come with serious firepower or devastating melee along with better-than-average AI that can give players an extra edge against particularly tough enemies. But guns and armor aren’t the only things to consider when pairing allies, as some companions prefer to be around simply for their captivating dialogue or other novel traits. .

There are eight real companions in the game, though having plenty of other temporary friends can also be fun exploring the wasteland if the Lone Wanderer is interested in befriending some quirky characters. that the post-apocalyptic United States can serve.

ten Sarah Lyons

blonde woman in power armor.

A true badass, Sarah Lyons is a wasteland warrior who rose through the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel at a young age and earned the famed title of sentinel within the organization. Since then, she has formed her own elite team of Brotherhood warriors known as Lyons’ Pride. The player can meet her in the quest “Follow in your footsteps”, which can be picked up at the GNR building square.

In this mission and others involving Lyons, the player can team up with her and witness her combat prowess as she slays oncoming enemies with her AER9 laser rifle mine. Unfortunately, Sarah is only a temporary companion and cannot be persuaded to accompany the player.

9 Paladin Hoss

Hoss, a member of Steel brotherhood, is the best among all the temporary companions one can have. The player can find him near Falls Church, where he will try to help a stranded initiate named Pek. The Lone Wanderer might be able to help him, though it’s unclear why such a well-equipped knight would need assistance.

Hoss uses a Flamer and a rocket launcher, allowing him to kill most enemies with ease. Furthermore, after successfully rescuing his ward, he will hang out and fight alongside the player whenever they are in the area, though unfortunately he will not follow them as a companion. permanently operating elsewhere.

8 Butch DeLoria

The Tunnel Snakes has become a legendary meme, and it was Butch DeLoria’s dialogue that started it all. This gangster wields a 10mm pistol and a unique melee weapon that he dubbed “Butch’s Toothpick”.

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His combat potential may not be as great as many of his other permanent companions, but he can at least follow players around and act as a meat shield during tougher battles.

7 Clover

Clover is another human being enslaved in the horrible location of Paradise Falls. If someone has enough Evil and doesn’t mind engaging in slavery, they can buy her from Eulogy Jones foul for 1,000 hats.

She has average combat skills, wielding a sawed shotgun and a Chinese officer’s sword, but not as strong as her other permanent companions, though she tends to compliment players a lot, which can be great for lifting spirits when traveling arid landscapes.

6 Jericho

This Scumbag can be found in Megaton behaves rudely to almost everyone he meets, including players. He will only follow the Lone Wanderer if they have Evil Karma, and for good reasons. Jericho was once a bandit capable of murdering countless people before settling in Megaton.

In addition to his dark past and nasty behavior, one can learn that he has committed even more despicable crimes if they read about him on Colin Moriaty’s terminal. However, he can be a usable hire gun for some missions due to his proficiency with Chinese assault rifles and his medium Small Gun skills.

5 Paladin’s Cross

All knights of the Brotherhood of Steel tend to make great allies when traversing the treacherous Capital Wastelands, and Cross is one such ally. They use some unique arms, can be a novel to see. She is basically second in command after Sentinel Lyons, and her strength reflects this.

Her unique plasma pistol does more than a regular gun, and she even possesses a super sled to take out enemies in melee range. She can withstand quite a few hits thanks to her armor, which also makes her a great meat shield.

4 Seargent RL-3

Robot Mister Gutsy is underrated as companions. They can attack, deal great damage and are not entangled in terrain thanks to their ability to move. If one has Neutral Karma, they can buy “Sarge” from Tinker Joe middle RobCo campus and Tenpenny Tower.

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Their ability to unleash both plasma and fire attacks from their mechanical arms allows them to greatly aid the player in combat. While doing so, Sarge would also occasionally shout words of encouragement to motivate the Lone Wanderer to keep going.

3 Fawkes

Usually, common, normal, Super mutants are hostile and aggressive enemies capable of dealing high damage with both melee attacks, small guns and large guns. However, Fawkes is a mutant even among mutants. For some reason, the experiments that turned humans into Super Mutants didn’t hit his mind as heavily as the others. He was ostracized and jailed by his relatives for this.

Players can spot him in Vault 87, locked in a cell dedicated to experiments, from where they can free him. Fawkes, as one would expect, has some of the highest stats in the game for a companion, including the best carry. He’s also a force to be reckoned with, using a devastating Gatling laser for ranged attacks and a powerful sledgehammer for close combat.

2 Charon

This towering vampire will stalk players if they visit the Ninth Circle bar in the Underworld settlement. Charon can be earned as a companion using a number of different methods, but will always join the player regardless of their Karma.

In fact, he’s the only long-term companion to do this other than Dogmeat. Another thing that makes him unique is his unparalleled skill with explosives. He is the only companion that will tactically hurl grenades at enemies hiding behind objects. Ruthless and effective, Charon is one of the best allies one can find.

first Dog meat

Companion dog on a road.

Everyone’s favorite wasteland rascal is a staple in it all Fall out The game, although each title has a different dog, simply has the same name. Despite that, this funny dog ​​is very pleasant to be around and can be incredibly helpful. If the player rescues him from an attack by bandits in the scrap yard south of Minefield, he will forever be loyal to the player and follow them regardless of whether Karma or other companions are present.

In combat, his bite exceeds his barking, and since he is listed as “necessary” in the game’s records, he cannot be killed. He will also growl to warn the Lone Wanderer of oncoming enemies and can search for loot through locked doors and containers, making him versatile, cute, and outspoken. island.

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