Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Tips for full tilt rotation

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout just started the sixth season and the new update brings Fun, kid-friendly party theme for this platform game along with some new game rounds. One of them is Full Tilt, a modified version of the classic See Saw event that challenges players to navigate through tiltable platforms within a full 360-degree range of motion.

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Full Tilt is a natural evolution of See Saw, bringing back all the mayhem of the original game mode while adding bad traps, tricky obstacles, and persistent blockades. . It can be a difficult game to navigate, especially for new players, but there are a few tips that can help get any player over the finish line.

8 Time Fields Green Force

an autumn boy parked in a brown sack runs towards the blue force field on an inclined platform

One of the standout obstacles in Full Tilt is a blue force field ring that can impede the player’s progress when trying to get to the next platform. These force fields open and close at set intervals, making them both uncomfortable and easy to overcome when properly timed.

The best strategy to solve this obstacle in the best way is to go to the nearest school that is closed. The movement speed of Fall Guys beans means that most players will reach the portal just as it is about to open, providing an easy path forward.


7 Use small distances around force fields

an autumn boy perched in a flower hat runs towards a small gap between a small pole and the edge of an inclined platform

As if the constantly changing platforms in Full Tilt weren’t enough, there are also additional obstacles on some platforms that can derail players or hinder progress. One of them is a set of blue force fields that turn off and on in sequence, blocking the player stuck on the left side.

However, there is a way to move around force fields. The edge of the field does not extend to the end of the field, leaving a small gap that the player can pass through to get around the force field. It’s a narrow road, but using it is possible means the difference between qualification and elimination.

6 Take the path of less assault

an autumn boy wearing a brown sack runs towards an empty, colorful platform with a striped cone in the middle

Full Tilt will often appear on a Fiesta playlist as the first or second match of any game show, meaning there will often be multiple groups of players vying for the top spot. This can cause a fair amount of chaos, with heaps of beans struggling to get from platform to platform.

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It is almost always wisest to go the route with fewer players, as the inclination of the platforms will be much more manageable. Too many players on one side of the platform can result in a full vertical tilt resulting in every player sliding into the slime below.

5 Learn the traps

an autumn boy sitting in a flower hat is running on an inclined platform with a blue rubber pole rotating around it

While Full Tilt has its own intrinsic difficulties, Mediatonic decided to throw some additional challenges into the mix by adding obstacles for some of the background. These can be as simple as a spinning arm or as monstrous as a rotation of rubber posts.

Learning how each trap works is key to success in Full Tilt, especially for players vying for first place. Each trap requires careful timing and placement, and Being hit in slime can end a good show early.

4 Use Diving Legally

a guy in a brown shirt falls to the slanted background

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has had the dive feature since it first launched last year, and it’s just as useful today as it was back then. Diving provides an additional small distance when trying to land a jump, which is useful in Full Tilt mode.

However, the most useful aspect of diving is how the player pea reacts after landing. One of the most common mistakes made by players is to trust the balance of their pea when making a difficult jump, and this can lead to quick elimination. The diving ensures players will get up and back in the race quickly.

3 Know your way

a fallen boy in a shark costume standing on an inclined platform looking into the distance

There are many platforms to jump to in Full Tilt, and most of them will bring the player closer and closer to the finish line. But it is prudent for players to pay attention to the platform they are jumping to, as some may not provide the fastest path.

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During the first few stages of the game, multiple platforms will lead to the next checkpoint, but as the game progresses the path will get narrower. Note which platform is closest to the checkpoints and finish line, as there is nothing worse than having to return to the previous platform to keep moving forward.

2 According to The Leader

an autumn boy parked in colorful clothes is running towards an inclined platform with other players on it

While it’s best to avoid the crowds when trying to make your way through the Full Tilt game, there are some benefits to sticking with a small group and letting them take the lead. The platforms tilt down when the player jumps on them, making it easy for them to jump from any adjacent platforms.

Giving other players the lead can provide players with accessible platforms for most of the game’s duration, qualified but guaranteed from the round. But this is still a battle royale, so players should still watch for a chance to take the lead.

first Use padding as a shortcut

a young man falls through the air towards a colorful round podium with a striped cone in the middle

Full Tilt is the perfect example of the Fall Guys chaos that made the game so popular in the first place, spawn fan comics and memes. But that chaos makes it hard to see all the features each mode has to offer. For example, just below some of the platforms in Full Tilt are golden drums, which when turned on, the player will fly into the air.

They provide a boost that many players aren’t even aware of, and they can lead to moments that are both funny and useful in the game. Riders can be a lifesaver when stuck on an incline and the thrust they provide can be used to cover wide distances, saving valuable time in the race to the finish line. .

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