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At the beginning of season six, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has added five new game modes to its ever-expanding list. These new modes continue to bring creative background energy, fun that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout known for new obstacles and mechanics to challenge players in their quest for the crown.

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One of these new modes is a survival game called Air Time, a challenging contest to see which players can stay in the highscore zone long enough to win a certain number of points. With a variety of traps, narrow platforms, and many difficult obstacles to navigate, Air Time can be a difficult mode to survive without some helpful tips.

8 Get a solid foundation

A guy fell and jumped from the platform to swing on a rope

Airtime can be a tough round for new players, and it’s an understandable response: the round mostly takes place in an overhead box filled with precarious platforms, sliders and fans can knock players down in seconds.

The best strategy to survive a round of Airtime is to find solid ground early and stay as long as possible. Accumulating points early in the game takes some of the pressure off of qualifying, and if a player manages to find solid footing just a few times, they should have no problem making it through to the next round. follow.


7 Using Trapeze bars

an autumn boy with beans swings from a slider on a blue and white striped background

Each round of Airtime is filled with a variety of traps and obstacles for you to dodge while in the point zone. There are many ways to get around the score zone, but one of the best is to stick to the trapeze bar around the perimeter of the area.

These bars surround the outside of the scoring area and connect distant platforms together, allowing the player to move from one section to the next without dropping to a lower level. As one of the least frequented roads in the game, it also keeps players one step ahead of their opponents in the game This great multiplayer game.

6 Aim for lower level launch pads

a guy fell over a pink pedal with a pipe entrance at the bottom

With so many different challenges and pitfalls, it’s almost guaranteed that players will find themselves knocked out of the score zone and dropped to a lower level of the round. Here, there is no way to earn extra points for the overall goal, but there is a quick way to get back to the score area.

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There are pink launchers around the upper parts of this lower level that provide an instant return to the score area. With some mastery and a little luck, players can use these launchers to get back into the game in no time.

5 Constantly on the move

a falling boy running from his arm is facing towards a platform with a rubber pole in the distance

There is a common instinct in games like this to find a good spot and dig deep. While Airtime has a number of locations where players can hang out a bit, the best strategy is to always move whenever the player finds solid ground.

While a location seems pleasant at the moment, every solid surface in Airtime is just waiting to knock players up by flipping or shooting blasts of wind at every player on the platform . Always on the move can keep players in the score zone for a longer time and get them one step closer to winning that crown.

4 Avoid the fans

a group of fallen people standing on a platform with a giant industrial fan beside it

On either side of the score area are two different obstacles players may be mistakenly tempted to try and stay for the duration of the game. Both obstacles require the player to jump in order to survive, but Airtime has another problem that makes staying in these areas a trigger for disaster.

Next to both obstacles are large industrial fans that will blow any players in the air out of the area. Since both obstacles require jumping, no player is safe from these strong winds for long. The best approach is to use these regions for as long as possible before heading out into more hospitable territory.

3 Quickly escape the trap

two boys swinging from a slider over a large obstacle with a yellow box

The sliders in the score area seem like great places to hang out for a while and earn some points, but players should always make sure to get out of these bars as quickly as possible. Fall Guy peas don’t seem to have much upper body strength and will lose their grip on the bar after a short while.

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None of these bars directly cross other obstacles or platforms, so losing that grip will send any one-way ticketed player out of the score area and back. starting podium again. Trapezes work best when used to navigate obstacles around the perimeter of the area, keeping the player in the game long enough to get to the next round.

2 Use Diving only when necessary

a brown bean boy fell towards a golden head drum in the distance

Diving in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was one of the game’s original features and is still as useful today as it was when the game first launched. However, during Airtime, landing is much more difficult and can cost the player this crossplay battle royale.

There are two reasons why diving is not always the best option in this mode: recovery time and positioning. The time it takes a pea to get one’s feet back after a dive can mean the difference between following another lap and eliminating, and diving often doesn’t provide the reach needed to take some steps. Airtime’s more complex jumps.

first Stick to Stationery, Yellow Drum

a brown bean boy falls towards a bouncing drum, golden top

One side of the Airtime arena boasts a large, golden drum collection with crests to each autumn boy in a humorous way soar into the air. While some of these drums slowly move around the immediate area, some of the drums in the middle gather in one spot.

If players can find their way to these stationary drums, they win some of the easiest points the game has to offer. It is especially useful if a player is already close to qualifying and just needs a few extra points to take the lead.

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