Explanation of the infinity castle in the demon slayer anime

Infinity Castle is a name mentioned in Demon Slayer a few times. Most recently, the location appeared in the final episode of the Entertainment District Arc. Well, here’s everything about Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer you need to know that.

Spoilers Alert: This post contains spoilers from Demon Slayer manga and anime

Gyutaro and Daki, the six superior demons, lost the battle to the Demon Slayer. It happened after a long time that someone defeated a superior demon. This incident was also a shock to Muzan Kibutsuji, and as a result, he summoned Akaza and all of the other Superior Demons to the Infinity Castle.

The first appearance of the mysterious place is made when Muzan Kibutsuji summons all the lower level demons and kills them, except for Enmu. Obviously viewers will ask what the Infinity Castle is and what it has to do with Muzan.

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Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- Chronicles of Hinokami | Akaza’s trailer



Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- Chronicles of Hinokami | Akaza’s trailer






Here’s everything we know about the infinity castle in Demon Slayer

Also known as Dimensional Infinity Fortress, Infinity Castle is the primary hideout of the Twelve Kizuki. In Arc Castle Infinity, it will be the centerpiece of the performance.

In later chapters of the manga, Gyukko and Hantengu also lose the battle, and Nezuko’s ability to resist the sun is revealed to Muzan. After this incident, Muzan gathered all the superior demons to Infinity Castle and turned them into mindless subordinate demons.

Infinity Castle was turned to dust during the war between Demon Slayer and Muzan. Nakime is the one with the Blood Demon Art that controls the castle, but she is manipulated by Yushiro. As a result, Muzan kills Yushiro, and the castle falls.

Only the superior demons of the Twelve Kizuki knew of the castle’s existence. The lower level demons didn’t know about it, and they had never been summoned there either.

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