Explaining the latest rumors about the new game

NS BioShock The series has attracted a great deal of analysis and criticism since the first game was released in 2007. Despite the creative, personal, and logistical issues involved in the series’ development , BioShock The game became a huge success. With all of this in mind, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the fourth game’s development for both excitement and trepidation.

A quarter BioShock The game was announced in 2019 as a project that will take several years to complete. Confirmed details about the project are that it is being developed by Cloud Chambers, an in-house studio in 2K, and that Hogarth de la Plante is serving as creative director after prior work. BioShock and BioShock 2. Rumors of a 2022 release date have been fueled by an Nvidia GeForce Now leak, but the validity of this information is being questioned. Since the theme of these games is so important, many people have speculated about the next game BioShocksetting and concept. A recent rumor, based on a statement from Colin Moriarity, owner of Last Stand Media, offers possible answers to these questions – and seems to have been corroborated by VGS following another rumor that the game titled BioShock: Quarantine.


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BioShock 4 Latest Rumors

Bioshock CROPPED

The most recent rumor about the new one BioShock the game was reported on the Moriarty podcast, Sacred symbol, available only on Patreon. If Moriarty’s source is correct, Wednesday BioShock the game will be set in an Antarctic city in the 1960s. Not only does this seem appropriate for the series, but it also makes sense if the game called BioShock: Isolation. Moriarty also said the game is codenamed “Parkside,” and that the development team was aware of expected comparisons to the new work of original creator Ken Levine.

NS BioShock The series has a lot of dedicated fans, so expectations are high. When BioShock: Infinite somewhat disheartening fans of the series, many were thrilled to see Levine’s return since he wasn’t working on the second game. BioShock 2 has its own fan group, but didn’t get the same critical reception Infinite. Overall, while the underwater city of Rapture played a huge part in the mood and theme of the first game, fans seem ready to let it go (especially after the first game). Infinite introduce multiple timelines). Therefore, moving to a new location is almost certain, and a city in Antarctica certainly seems strange enough to slip right into. BioShock The universe.

Validity of BioShock 4 . Rumors

Screenshot from Bioshock: Infinite display of the city of Columbus in the clouds.

Of course, everything is still speculation until an official announcement is made, but it’s a safe bet that the new one BioShock will be in a new place. Since recent rumors are in line with rumors about the game’s possible title, since the Antartic location is definitely isolated, the idea is gaining a lot of attention. The job listing from Cloud Chamber also suggests it will be an open world game in a new location.

Ultimately, a 2022 release date has been the hardest to emerge from the rumors so far, and fans may have to wait longer due to ongoing issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. There are rumors that the game will be in The Game Awards 2021, although this may be minimal. However, with such close attention on developments, it is only natural that some details will leak. In this respect, the development team’s perception of Levine’s legacy goes almost without saying, but the public’s reaction to the rumor as an Antartic setting has been positive. It may at some point become BioShock 4 Can be judged in any real possibility, but for fans eager for the news, this rumor offers some interesting possibilities.

BioShock 4 currently under development.

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