Explaining how Stardew Valley Co-Op . works

As most fans will agree, the enduring popularity of Stardew Valley largely due to the constant, substantial updates to the game. Absolute amount of content Stardew Valley has let players explore over the past few years has kept fans hooked on the game in 2016. In 2018, the game’s creator ConcernedApe released version 1.3 of the game, introducing a cooperative mode. for the idyllic farm simulator. While Stardew Valley‘S The multiplayer mode has some limitations, it’s done in a way that makes playing with other players really rewarding.


The Stardew Valley co-op mode does not support cross-platform play and remote players will need their own copy of the game/subscription for online services on their console. This is a fairly common standard for most co-op games, but with a notable push towards cross-platform capabilities, it’s worth knowing that Stardew don’t have this (yet). While ConcernedApe works on Upcoming Haunted Chocolate Seller, no immediate plans for more Stardew updated so now is a great time to check out what co-op has to offer.

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How to play Co-op Mode

stardew valley cabin

There are several different ways to play Stardew Valley in multiplayer mode. Players with an existing farm can have online or local players join their farm, or they can create a new farm for a multiplayer game. The first step to enabling a farm with multiplayer is to ask Robin to build a cabin on the farm for the second player; this can be repeated for up to four players on most consoles and two on Switch.

Once the cabin is built, the player simply selects “Local Co-op” from the multiplayer section of the options menu. This enables split-screen mode, but if the player exits the game after the cabin is built and then enters co-op mode from the main menu, they can use their existing farm to contains online players.

Creating a brand new farm for multiplayer is just as simple, and players can select “Host New Farm” from the co-op menu on the title screen. The Four Corners farm map was created with this mode in mind, as up to four players have their own farm section to work with. Final, in multiplayer mode, the player can control the profit level, set it at 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%. If players choose to share the gold in co-op mode, rather than letting each player have their own gold, the profit margins will increase the difficulty as more players are involved.

Benefits of Co-op

Stardew Valley Cooperative

There are several key benefits to playing Stardew Valley in co-op mode. First, keeping the margins at 100% allows players to quickly accumulate gold in the game. While the missions mostly work on an individual level in co-op mode, players can help each other complete these missions much faster.

For example, if one player reaches the bottom of the mine, other players will be able to use the elevator to get to the bottom instead of fighting each other on their own. The museum’s collection is also global, as well as the community center and Joja Mart . packages. Having these collective goals in co-op encourages players to cooperate and help each other rather than compete, further emphasizing the cozy and relaxing nature of the game. Stardew Valley.

Co-op players can still marry NPCs available in Stardew Valley, Or you can get married by crafting Wedding Rings. The recipe for this ring is multiplayer only, but if the player wants to Perfect, they will need to craft this item. Achieving Perfection in Stardew Valley requires the purchase of some of the game’s most expensive items, and so co-op can be really beneficial in the pursuit of this goal. Players will have different luck every day in multiplayer, so you should definitely test it every day before tackling some of the more difficult quests.

The biggest drawback of co-op mode is that it requires coordination, both in-game and finding playtime together. The lack of cross-platform functionality also makes coordination a bit more difficult, although again this is the norm for most games.

Co-op mode can feel chaotic at first and requires some communication to run smoothly, but can be a really rewarding way to experience. Stardew Valley. While the quiet silence of a solo game in Stardew Valley is what won fans from the start, the co-op mode lets players figure out how collaborate and experience Pelican Town and uncover its secrets together. In this way, co-op mode can be great for introducing new players to the game or for experienced players to try a different approach to the game.

Stardew Valley Now out for PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Mobile.

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