Explaining Arceus’ space-time distortion fields

Pokemon Legend: Arceus may be set in ancient times when technology has not reached its peak like what we have seen Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls, but there are other phenomena at work.

To unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the ‘space-time rift’ in the Hisui region, we explain what a space-time distortion field is and what you can discover inside them.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus will be set in a vast ancient region of the Sinnoh region, where your mission will be to “survey, capture, and research the wild Pokemon of a bygone age” and complete the Pokedex within reach with a Several new mechanics to set this game apart from the classics.

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Pokémon Legend: Arceus | Zorua and Zoroark . Trailer



Pokémon Legend: Arceus | Zorua and Zoroark . Trailer






Hisui’s space-time rift

In the area of ​​ancient Hisui there is the impressive Mount Coronet, but its summit has a strange phenomenon rotating around it, which also causes cracks in the sky to appear.

The commoners of the Hisui region call this unnatural occurrence the ‘space-time rift’ and they live in constant fear of the oppressive colors it causes over the lands and strange occurrences. it was born.

The mystery of this rift is believed to be caused by a specific Pokemon, a Pokemon that fans will have to discover for themselves in the game’s story.

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Interpretation of space-time distortion fields

As you travel throughout the region of Hisui, you will sometimes notice a cluster of purple energy vortices, known as the Space-Time Distortion Field.

The player will be alerted when a distortion field appears nearby, with the swirling icon pinpointing its exact location on the map.

These limited-time events not only add a mystical quality to the gameplay, but they also spawn powerful pocket monsters and rare items within its range.

Additionally, these distortion fields tend to appear when a player spends a certain amount of time in an area – about 30 minutes or more – and is actively catching Pokemon.

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Special Pokemon spawned in the deformation field

While you may be lucky enough to land yourself a stronger variant of a particular type of Pokemon, there are also other Pokemon that only spawn in distortion fields.

Distortion fields appearing in the Crimson Mirelands will spawn Porygon and a field in Alabaster Icelands will spawn Scizor.

In addition, the Obsidian Fieldlands have Johto Sneasel to supply, the Cobalt Coastlands have Magnemite Harbor, and the Coronet Highlands protect Cranidos and Shieldon.

Players also have a chance to catch Eevee or starter Pokemon in distortion fields, as well as rare items like Moonstones.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available worldwide.

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