Explain the meaning of Tess in The Last of Us

Before Joel meets Ellie The last of us, players see him with Tess. The chemistry between the two is undeniable as both are hardened survivors who know about what’s going on in the Boston quarantine zone. The 20 years that Joel spent after the death of his daughter Sarah built a solid reputation; albeit not very well.

Tess isn’t a wimp either. your scenes in The last of us Show just how capable and assertive she can be, and even play a pivotal role in the journey that Joel and Ellie make for most of the game. Tess can only be there The last of us for a short time, but her character influences the two main protagonists as they begin their quest across the country. spoilers for The last of us ahead.


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Tess as friend and partner

While players are introduced to the post-apocalyptic world of The last of us, they are also introduced to Tess and a much older Joel. Joel is now a hardened survivor and smuggler who has lived with the death of his daughter for the past 20 years. Tess is mostly the same, although her marital status is unknown and she is more talkative. Together, the two run a business smuggling things in and out of the Boston quarantine zone, with Joel acting as the muscle man while Tess is the brains of the operation. It is implied that Joel and Tess’ relationship involves more than just business as the two live together and Tess is constantly flirting with him.

For Joel, Tess is someone he can count on as a friend and partner. Her initial struggle with Robert’s men shows she can take care of herself, and her position as head of her smuggling operation proves she can handle any situation. It must have been hard for other people to get close to Joel after Sarah’s death, but due to her need for survival and her skills, Tess might have been able to break into Joel’s circle of trust more easily than others.

Tess as a reliable adult and mother figure

When Ellie first meets Joel and Tess, she worries about them. They both look like grunts trying to beat up Marlene – the firefly leader and Ellie’s guardian. Because of this, Ellie hits Joel and Tess with her jackknife, and when Marlene says that Ellie needs to go to the Boston Capitol Building with Joel and Tess, she is vocal in his disagreement. But after hearing that Marlene trusts them, Ellie cautiously follows Joel.

On this trip to the Capitol Building, Ellie begins to build trust with Joel and Tess. She sees how the two work, listens to their explanations about the world and follows their example. Since Tess is more talkative than Joel and exudes the aura of a leader, Ellie naturally grows closer to her. As the trio fight for their lives, they eventually learn to trust each other.

Tess as an unforeseen complication

After narrowly escaping an encounter with an infected, Tess is bitten. Knowing her fate is sealed, she asks Joel to escort Ellie to his brother Tommy in Jackson, a long way from Boston. Joel could have refused Tess’ last wish, but due to their relationship, he complies and tells Ellie to follow him. Out of respect for Tess and because she has no other options, Ellie escorts Joel out of the Capitol Building. As the two leave, they see Tess making her final stand against a group of FEDRA soldiers.

Tess’ death affects Joel and Ellie differently. Joel learns to be more cautious about letting people get to him, as evidenced by his initial apprehension towards Ellie. But her death also teaches Joel to be more cautious about taking risks. Ellie’s position as a smuggled cargo makes her feel guilty for Tess’ death. Perhaps because of this guilt, Ellie will become more considerate of Joel and let him down (even apologizing for what happened later in Bill’s town). This consideration plays a role in the deep relationship Joel and Ellie forge throughout their journey.

Tess’ death may have sparked Joel and Ellie’s search, but their lives left a lasting impression on both of them. Her relationship with Joel proved he could trust other people, while the short time she spent with Ellie showed the teenager just how capable a confident woman can be. As the first supporting character in The last of usAfter the apocalypse, Tess sets the bar for other characters to follow.

The Last of Us Part 1 will be released on September 2, 2022 for PS5, and a PC version is also in development.

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