Explain the difference between the premium version and the Lite version

Chocobo GP, the sequel to the hit classic Chocobo Racing game on PS1, looking to bring more endearing kart racing action to the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to choose between a large list of characters from Chocobo game series, along with familiar faces from other games. Only Final Fantasy 9 characters have appeared so far, but judging by the bounty racers from the PS1 original, there could be more Final Fantasy characters to unlock. Race tracks are available throughout the franchise, and players can choose the more powerful Magicite to use against their other competitors.


Many people are happy because Chocobo GP, especially because Mario Kart 9 has not been announced yet. This kart racing game promises to fill its niche for the time being, and that might make players pick it up when they don’t have one. Fortunately, Square Enix announced that Chocobo GP will be available in both paid and free “lite” versions. Lite versions have been used for various games over the past few years, serving as a sort of advanced demo allowing unlimited play and even online features, but limited progress. This is a great way to get Chocobo GP into the hands of more players, and the content available in both versions is nothing short of reprehensible.

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What is available in the premium Chocobo GP

Characters from Final Fantasy Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP is set to be a multiplayer experience, there are some attractions to keep players going alone and with others. The main event is Story Mode, a series of races and cutscenes divided into chapters. Chocobo and his friends are racing to get one wish, and they’ll make more friends along the way. This is the main way to unlock new content, such as characters and courses. These unlocks can be used in Series Races, an arcade mode that takes the player through four tracks in a row to compete for the highest score. This can be played in multiplayer using the split screen or online options. Time Attack is also available, with the option to race against your own or another player’s ghost.

Chocobo GP It would not be a racing game without the option of racing directly against other players and the rest of the modes provide that opportunity. Custom races allow players to set the number of tracks in a sequence, and Magicite’s availability for solo, online, and local matches. Joint races on and off are also available, but the ultimate online mode provides some extra excitement. The Chocobo GP mode allows participants to compete online with sixty-four other riders in a knockout tournament. The reward for winning will change with each season, similar to Crash Team Racing Nitro-FueledGrand Prix based on overcoming battle events.

What is available in Lite Chocobo GP


Test players Chocobo GP Lite will see that it not entirely light on content as its name would suggest. Single-player and multiplayer modes will be available to owners, even if some of their features will be locked. For example, Story Mode will be available, but players can only race during the Prologue. Local and online multiplayer will be available for regular races, and light players can connect to paid player-hosted games. However, it is not clear if Series Races will be available for this version.

Chocobo GP Lite Owners also have access to the GP Chocobo Mode and can compete in tournaments alongside paid players. It’s unclear how the promised rewards and the passing of the season will affect this release, but it’s likely that Lite players who win the tournaments will at least have their wins saved. Any items, currency, and presumably tournament rewards will be transferable to the full game. That’s pretty much all the features available for Chocobo GP Lite players, and theoretically one could play it for a long time without spending a dime. The The accessibility of this free version starts should cherish Chocobo GP for multiplayer after the game’s release next year.

Chocobo GP will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022.

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