Exotics will change in The Witch Queen’s Void 3.0 update

Since Bungie applied the direct service model to Fate 2, the game has continuously updated with new content in its Seasons and expansions every year. With each new release, Bungie tends to rebalance the state Fate 2sandbox, which requires upgraded and attenuated weapon prototypes as well as specific Exotics. Another aspect that often gets overtaken in sandbox updates are the subclasses, which are often tweaked in a way that makes them more consistent with how they’re supposed to work.


Fate 2‘S Witch Queen the expansion releases in February 2022, and it will bring changes to all of the Void subclasses in an update called Void 3.0 which Bungie hopes will make all Light subclasses the same. Stasis through fragments and aspects. Many things will change with Update Void 3.0, from how skills work to how summoners and debuffs can be applied to allies and enemies. Many Exotics subclasses of Void should be reworked accordingly, updating their existing traits and providing them with new ones as needed, especially in cases where the base Exotic is not heavily used.

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Rat King and Sidearms

destiny-2-rat-king-strange hunter

Fate 2‘s secondary weapon Not in the best shape overall, mainly due to their lack of range, good skill combo, and damage dealt in both PvE and PvP. Season of the Splicer and Season of the Lost both introduced Unstoppable Sidearms as an artifact mod and both times players complained that sidearms wouldn’t cut it in premium content. The Rat King is a special weapon, as it allows the player to become invisible after reloading the Exotic weapon, and stacking Rat King users together increases everyone’s damage.

However, Mouse King still requires an Exotic slot that not many players are willing to spend on a secondary weapon, despite the potential advantage of dealing more damage. A great way to buff up the Rat King and make it a solid pick is to give it a Gjallarhorn treatment to give it a buff to allies. Gjallarhorn has the Pack Hunter privilege which offers Wolfpack Rounds to all players using a non-Exotic rocket launcher. Rat King could benefit from giving up the ability to scale damage based on player count, instead increasing the damage and range of all non-Exotic secondary weapons.

Super energy based on Exotics: Orpheus Rig, Gwisin Vest, Skull of Dire Ahamkara

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Bungie recently changed the way Exotics generate Super Energy, as some of them are too meta-determined and need to be toned down. This change affects Hunters the most, with the likes of Shards of Galanor losing their imaginative power in favor of a full-blown niche that makes Hunters even less appealing in PvE content. Regardless, every item that gives Super Energy is streamlined in such a way that the mana cap will be unlimited.

Skull of Dire Ahamkara was a Warlock Exotic pilot that was slaughtered, and it didn’t even shine before the change. It provides Super Energy based on killing Nova Bomb, which is usually hard to obtain in high quantities, greatly reducing the gain from this Exotic’s Super Energy by about 20 to 25 percent per use. The item needs to be upgraded and it can be altered in a way that regenerates the Bomb Nova’s energy based on the amount of damage a single target deals, which could make it a more desirable option in PvE.

Orpheus Rig is an Exotic Hunter shoe that dominates the meta in vanilla Fate 2 thanks to the power of Tether, inflicts Weakness debuff on all enemies hit and restores a lot of Super Energy. However, Tether is now useless because of power Artifact mod provides weak debuff for all classes, and Orpheus Rig also has a reduced mana gain. There is no easy way to fix Orpheus Rig and Tether, but creating artifact mods that provide different bugs to the stack will immediately make this Exotic more viable.

The Gwisin Vest is a Hunter Exotic chest armor that grants extra Super Energy whenever the player kills it, and while this is unrestricted and percentage based, it is still limited by other factors. Roaming melee Supers is not the best location at the moment, and Spectral Blades can cast summoner spells, but Gwisin Vest can cast it further and increase the damage dealt by attacks when the player fails to kill every few seconds. This could make Spectral Blades a good competitor for DPS, slamming bosses instead of being stuck in PvP.

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More Void-Themed Themed Destiny 2 Exotics: Nothing Manacles, Helm of Saint-14

Nothing Manacles is a newly introduced Exotic that hasn’t been used much that gives Scatter Grenades an extra charge and improves their ballistics tracking. Tracks either insignificantly buffed or it doesn’t work as intended, plus the least commonly used Scatter Grenades Grenade type for Warlocks. The main use of this Exotic is to provide two charges for a handheld Supernova, but many players prefer to use the Contraverse Hold. Giving a damage boost to Scatter Grenades can make Nothing Manacles very useful and doesn’t break the game in the process.

Currently, the Helm of Saint-14 is in a good position, and it has a number of uses in Fate 2‘s PvE Activity, but it was never the best Exotic Titan of the Void subclasses in any case. The Void 3.0 update seems intended to rework the Void Titans’ shields, which could also be the perfect opportunity to upgrade this Exotic.

In general, these are just examples of what types of items can be used to enhance Fate 2The next expansion of updating them to reflect changes made to Void’s subclasses opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to builds and loads. With Sandbox patch of 30th Anniversary Pack, Bungie proved it meant to Fate 2 for a wider variety of customization options, and changing Void’s subclasses without adjusting their associated Exotics would impede that drive.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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