Exclusive: Covid vaccines fail to reduce excess US mortality in 2021

Since the “breakfast pace” of launching a Covid vaccine in December 2020, Americans have repeatedly heard the chorus they are “safe and effective”. However, there is ample evidence that they “neither safe nor effective“In totality.

One of the most direct metrics for assessing the effectiveness of vaccines against the Covid virus, as well as variants such as Delta and Omicron, is excess mortality. While there are mask and lockdown regulations in place in 2020, vaccines have introduce on January 4, 2021. Therefore, it is a major new tool to combat Covid that was introduced in 2021. Thus, it provides an excellent proxy variable for assessing the impact on mortality rates. excessive death.

The Centers for Disease Control interprets the value of excess mortality when assessing all-cause mortality. This is relevant because we want to take a holistic approach to the effects of the Covid response, such as vaccination rates, as well as lockdowns, vaccine regulation, and regulation of the virus. mask.

“Estimates of excess deaths can provide information on the mortality burden that may be related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including those directly or indirectly attributable to COVID-19. The excess number of deaths is usually defined as the difference between the number of deaths observed during specific time periods and the number of expected deaths during the same time period”.

All-cause mortality is a bigger picture than just focusing on the excess mortality of Covid. This is because it helps us assess whether people are dying as a result of Covid response policies, such as rising suicide rates, missing out on important health checks. and other public health trade-offs.

What we found from the examination of the evidence provided by the CDC itself was that the vaccine did not reduce excess mortality; especially the percentage of excess deaths in each reporting period compared to the same period of the previous year.

NS CDC website shows excess mortality from 2018 to present (but expected average based on 6 years of data, CDC notes). Below are the excess mortality rates for each weekly reporting period.

As you can see, from January 2021 to the present, the peak is around the time of President Biden’s inauguration on January 20th, followed by a drop in the weekly death count, then a wave of The second occurs with a Delta variant spike.

While there’s no option available to directly compare weekly rates from year to year by percentage, you can download raw data and sort weekly reports to find these metrics.

Weekly average excess mortality, expressed as a percentage in 2020: 15.65% higher than average. In 2021, that number is 16.31% higher than the average.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also provided the overall excess mortality rate. NS OECD shows that the US has an excess death toll (% change from average) of -0.3% in 2020. This is so far 44.1% in 2021.

Interestingly, one can find excess mortality rates for other countries, provided by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Let’s sample a few countries by year for Excessive Mortality (% Change vs. Average):

  • Australia: 0.5% (in 2020). 4.6% (in 2021)
  • Austria: -10.8% (in 2020). 8.4% (in 2021)
  • Iceland: 24.5% (in 2020). -1.7 (in 2021).
  • Germany: -1.8% (in 2020). 29.2 (in 2021).
  • Canada: 2% (in 2020). 9.9% (in 2021).

Let’s put under the microscope the countries that are notorious for opposing mandatory mask policies:

  • Sweden: -7.8% (in 2020). 16.7% (in 2021).
  • Denmark: -0.4% (in 2020). ten%. (In 2021).
  • Norway: -6.8% (in 2020). -10.3% (in 2021).

It is likely that 2021 ends up worse than 2020 in terms of all-cause excess mortality in many countries, regardless of the vaccine.

https://smartzune.com/exclusive-covid-vaccines-failed-to-lower-americas-excess-mortality-rates-in-2021-2/ Exclusive: Covid vaccines fail to reduce excess US mortality in 2021

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