Excellent boss games in 2021 are signs of what’s to come

2021 features some of the game’s best boss encounters and hopefully, it paves the way for an even better 2022 when it comes to melodramatic fights.


2021 sees a lot of great moments in the game, from emotional scenes like in Life is Strange: True Colors, to the wonderful needle drops as in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but nothing really gets players pumped up quite like an intense boss battle. Luckily for those looking for a challenge, this year there are plenty of boss battles, some of which can be reduced to some of the best the game has to offer. A quick glance at the titles released this year really shows that good boss battles are becoming more and more common in the industry.


Profit, Metroid Dread, Monster Hunter Rise, Door of death, and even Halo Infinite All feature memorable battles that helped define the year. While The best boss moments of 2021 all is well and good, game enthusiasts are starting to look from 2022 onwards for a whole new boss fighting experience and things are looking great on that front. Hopefully, the boss fights in 2021 are a sign that the game is raising the bar when it comes to the big bad guys giving players the most trouble.

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2021 pave the way for 2022

The boss is back!

Looking back on this year, some of the game’s most memorable moments were contained in the boss fights. Some challenges, like those introduced in Profit and Metroid Dread, while others are simply big narrative moments in games like Resident Evil Village and Psychonauts 2. 2021 really did a great job showing off all the different ways bosses can be memorable and satisfying, whether it’s through a mechanically challenging fight or in a showdown fight. climax of the story. It is hoped that 2022 will continue that lead by bringing more encounters like this.

A quick glance at the titles releasing next year seems to suggest that a good balance of wars is in play for game enthusiasts of all genres. From the technically demanding battles of games like Sifu and Triangle Strategy, to those who focus more narratively on Horizon: Forbidden West and currently no title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild next part. Of course, the game that directly catches the eye when it comes to great boss design is Elden Ring.

From Software was one of the pioneers in a renaissance of challenging video games, and part of the studio’s reputation comes from the many well-designed boss fights in its titles. Elden Ring there are some big shoes to fill after the brutal battles of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but all signs point to the game being another hit for the studio. This means that Elden Ringboss battle could turn out to be one of the best games ever from From Soft, and potentially one of the best games of all time.

Now that 2021 is almost over, it’s time for 2022 to pack things up and deliver a great year of fights and encounters. It might be an order of magnitude to claim 2022 overtaking 2021 in that respect, but many of the year’s best battles are surprises like with the battle of Escharum in Halo Infinite or all Metroid Dread. Hopefully there are many more things to come that aren’t known to the general public of the game that will excite fans looking for a level fight. Narwa the All Mother from Monster Hunter Rise, or the corrupt Woodman from Kena: Bridge of Sprits.

Even if 2022 doesn’t bring players the same amount of great battles, it’s set to deliver a handful of quality that, hopefully, combined with the best encounters of 2021. , will help shape the future of boss battles in the gaming industry.

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