Evidence of high-quality performance of scalability of web applications

At first, when you think about the fact that you need to create a new web application, there is one very important point – this is its ability to pass through a large number of users at the same time. To put it another way, a web application should be scalable and provide maximum performance and efficient work with users and their requests under any circumstances. Regardless of what goal the web application will pursue, it is obliged to cope with a large influx of users. Therefore, the most important criterion for creation is its scalability. It’s not particularly difficult for developers to explain to you how to make a scalable web application. We recommend that you start using scalability before you start the development phase. This is necessary in order to prevent incorrect operation of the application and its failure at the right time when loading or unloading data. Proper operation of the application involves the process of processing a huge amount of data without unexpected breakdowns and overload. If you need help with those, ask web development experts such as Digiteum.

So, closer to the topic. Scalability is the ability of a web application to perform its basic duties and function with a growing flow of users who use the application at the same time. A high-quality application can cope and work equally accurately and accurately with both 1 user and 1000, while maintaining high-precision operation and functioning, and also monitors traffic support.

To more accurately understand this concept, it is worth understanding what affects the scalability of web applications:

  • the architecture of the code with which scalability is created is significant point (it is important to choose it immediately after starting work with any developer and determine which one is right for you)
  • application load testing can help you identify the weaknesses and strengths of the application, as well as get rid of them in time to guarantee more successful operation
  • special attention should be paid to Hardware, it must be selected as carefully as possible
  • failure in the work can “provide” and Third-party services, so to avoid this unpleasant process, pick them up wisely and at the beginning of development

Don’t be afraid, just do it! Some main significant features of web scalability

When you are wondering what are the basic principles of creating a scalable web application the answer is there and quite clear, below we will try to list them:

  1. Plain maintenance

The application should be not only accessible and multifunctional, but also productive. After all, if it does not bring results to your users, they will leave negative reviews, from which the image of your company will suffer greatly, besides, it will reduce attendance, because search engines can omit your positions on the issuance of your application when searching. 

  1. Non-stop access to the application

It is extremely important for the user to have round-the-clock access to the web application. A scalable site or application should respond to user requests and their requests for the service constantly. The slightest minute of lack of access to information or services can lead to decent losses for your business, which will negatively affect the entire business in an instant. 

  1. Easy access to data retrieval

The data that your website or app provides is the largest piece of information, so it is directly dependent on and affects performance and functionality. For the storage and use of data, third-party technologies are usually used. Their implementation is also a difficult task. You may encounter unsolvable challenges as you merge your application and data store. In your project, you should not encounter them, and do not disrupt the quick search for data.

  1. Timely troubleshooting

For the average user on your platform, everything should be as clear as possible, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Therefore, if a problem or malfunction is detected while using the product, you should provide an opportunity to easily fix it. A positive result can be achieved by building the correct structure of the site or application, as well as by dividing it into certain parts for further work with it.

  1. Online feed back

The speed of operation of the application is extremely important, as well as the speed of data processing and the overall performance. The response to operations and requests should also be quite fast, since regardless of the service or product provided, you have a minute for the client’s request to be properly processed. 

If you do not have such an opportunity, the client can go to competitors. It is taking into account the above-mentioned principles of application scalability that you should create your application or website in order to eventually get a successful project without losing customers.                    

Architecture of scalability: frontend and backend

The difference in creating a scalable application lies in the details, this process is no more complicated than any other. Properly building the architecture of a web application is the key to the success of your business. If you need to improve the performance of your application, you do not need to rewrite the writing code or rebuild the site in any way. To do this, you need to understand what the construction of a web application consists of and in the future what are the chances of its scalability. The web application always consists of 2 categories: 

  1. Frontend (side for the user) – the code that is used in the Internet browser or interface. This is the part of the site or web application that the user sees immediately and with which he comes into contact. 
  2. Backend – Application codes plus a back-end database and a database that runs behind the user’s back. All the internal work of processing requests, storing and delivering information that you can observe in the application or website is exactly the backend.

In conclusion, if you plan a long-term working process with the hope of a successful result, you need to scale your application. And it is best to do this with professionals like Digiteum when creating in the first stages of creation.

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