Everything you should know about the Saturalia Holiday Package

Creative Club for Special Edition Skyrim There are a lot of flavor mods created Skyrim feels more like a living world. One of these add-ons is the Saturalia Holiday Pack, which gives players a way to celebrate the ongoing Festival of New Life with new clothes, items, and even a Saturalia-themed mount.

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Saturalia is a traditional Breton holiday, which takes its name from the ancient Roman holiday Saturnalia, the precursor and inspiration to the Christian holiday of Christmas. So, Creativity includes a lot good times of cheers and fun, and even a new vendor looks like The Elder Scrolls‘version of Santa Claus.


What is Saturalia?

Overview of Skyrim celebrations in Saturalia

Saturalia is a holiday celebrated mainly by Bretons throughout Tamriel as a kind of warm-up to the Festival of New Life at the end of each calendar year. Saturalia takes place on the 25th of the Evening Star, similar to the Christmas that takes place on December 25th. It’s been a while in Elder Scrolls historically, it was a holiday dedicated to Sanguine, Prince Daedric of Revelry, although it was become more widely accepted and has been held by various Tamriel races ever since.

Skyrim not the only game in Elder Scrolls series related to the holiday, not by one long shot. In fact, it was first seen in Daggerfallsecond letter Elder Scrolls game and has since become an annual event organized by Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls Blades same players. It’s a holiday with yuletide vibes and Christmassy vibes, bringing some warmth to the unforgivingly cold province of Skyrim.

Where to Start the Saturalia Quest

Skyrim Anniversary Saturalia Guide Questline Getting Started

There is only one quest added in Create Saturalia Holiday Pack, which is “Preparing for Saturalia.” This quest begins with a separate Creative installation from Anniversary edition, though all new items and mounts achievable without starting the quest for players with the upgrade.

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Head to Dawnstar and head south while looking for a campground with a reindeer and a man wearing a blue fur undershirt. The campground is located between the northernmost city of Skyrim and the Windward Ruins. The quest “Prepare Saturalia” is completed by talking to Argrane Peryval, who is also Creation’s supplier of Saturalia.

Saturalia’s unique clothes


There are four items that Argrane Peryval can sell to the player, each of which is a Saturalia-themed outfit. When worn as a set, these items don’t offer any special rewards, but they do make the player look like a more colorful version of Father Christmas himself.

  • Saturalia Hat: 35 Gold
  • Saturalia Outfit: 100 Gold
  • Saturalia Gloves: 25 Gold
  • Saturalia Boots: 35 Gold

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While Argrane Peryval doesn’t sell anything else (other than Sales Invoices), he can be pickpocketed for his weapons and other loot with a sufficiently high skill. He is marked as a necessary NPC, which means he cannot be killed, but what’s fun there kill and loot this carnival Breton when his goods are so cheap?

New reindeer mountain

Skyrim Anniversary Saturalia Guide Reindeer Mount

Sales receipts are the only non-clothing items that Argrane Peryval sells. After purchasing this material, the player will be given a Reindeer mount, one of the only non-horse mounts in the series. Skyrim. It is a beautiful mount with two giant antlers and a Saturalia-themed coat, although its actual coat is light gray.

Although it costs a decent amount at 500 Gold, it is only half the price of Ordinary horse from a stable manager. If the player purchases this Sales Invoice and decides they don’t want this as their primary mount, it will return to the Saturalia campsite where it can be claimed again later.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S

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