Everything you should know about the forgotten part

Forgotten Seasons is a creation that adds an entirely large Dwemer ruin south of the Reach that players can expect to traverse for hours. Addon introduces new lore not previously mentioned in Skyrim, but it’s so well integrated and well-written that it don’t break any legends while still offering something completely new.

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Creating Forgotten Seasons takes players through several parts of the Dwemer Vardnknd ruins, and each one is themed after four seasons. In addition to new armor and weapons, Forgotten Seasons adds the mount of Pony from Scrolls online come Skyrim and also gives the player a choice that takes effect permanently upon completion of the main quest.

How to start the forgotten part

Skyrim Anniversary Forgotten Seasons Runoff Cavern

Forgotten Seasons takes place almost entirely in Flowing caves, a new dungeon hidden on the southwestern border of Skyrim. On the map, it is located almost between Markarth and Falkreath like a flying crow. If you’ve found the Lost Valley Redoubt (Forsworn camp has waterfalls and Bard’s Leap Summit), Runoff Caverns is just a short trip west.

Upon entering the cave, the player will immediately notice that it is not like other caves found in Skyrim. The player will find a group of dead mercenaries after traveling through the cave system for a short time. If the quest does not appear in your log when entering Runoff Caverns, Look for a note in one of the mercenaries’ tents it’s an alternate way to start the quest.

Dwemer Ruin in the Caves

Skyrim Anniversary All the unique armor has been forgotten by the seasons

The Dwemer Ruins are a common sight throughout Skyrim, even if they are said to be rare in legend. The Dwemer are known to many as the Dwarves because they prefer to live underground in sleek megacities. When Dwemer mysteriously disappeared after the Battle of the Red Mountain, these cities fell into ruin and ruin.

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Centuries and centuries later, the Dwemer ruins throughout Tamriel serve as hot spot for gravediggers, thieves and explorers same. Runoff Caverns is unique in that there are very few non-machine enemies in the entirety of Vardnknd, and the player must interact with the machine in entirely new ways to overcome its puzzles. At the center of the ruins is the mysterious Weather Wizard, a malfunctioning machine capable of controlling the seasons and weather patterns throughout all of Skyrim.

Visits to Dwarves, Crowns and Armor

Skyrim Anniversary Visions Forgotten Seasons

Forgotten Seasons adds a variety of heavy headgear in the form of three Dwarf Displays and three Dwarf Crowns named for the seasons, namely Spring, Autumn, and Winter. These hats Each type has a different effect based on their associated seasons, and Visages are used to create Dwarven Crowns with enhanced effects.

  • Dwarven Visage / Crown of Spring: Increases Max Health, Heal, Light Armor and Heavy Armor
  • Dwarven Visage / Crown of Autumn: Increases Max Magicka and Magicka Recovery, Reduces magic cost for Recovery and Illusion spells
  • Dwarven Visage / Crown of Winter: Increase stamina and restore stamina, increase damage with one hand and two hands

These crowns are found throughout each region in the Vardnknd portion of the relevant season. In addition to these helmets are Ward of Seasons, is a piece of Heavy Armor that increases resistance to Fire, Frost, Shock, and Poison. The Ward of Seasons is found on the body of a boss at the end of the main Forgotten Seasons quest.

Other Forgotten Seasonal Items

Skyrim Anniversary Forgotten Seasons Dwarven Horse Mount

The Dwarven Crown and the Ward of Seasons are not the only items introduced Skyrim with the creation of Forgotten Seasons. It also adds a new food (Wild Gourd), a new ingredient (Wild Grass Pod), some notes and lore books that help explain the setting, and even a new defensive pet and a Dwarven mount.

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Drone Drone Fly is fitted from inventory and creates a Dwarven Drone that flies around the player, granting them Poison Resistance and Stamina Recovery. Pony is earned by completing the quest of the same name, which can be obtained by interacting with the stack of mechanical components just outside the entrance to Runoff Caverns.

The quest line in the Forgotten Section

There are three quests introduced with Forgotten Seasons: main quest Forgotten part quest line, Pony, and Dwarven Crown. The Forgotten Seasons quest takes the player through the meticulously constructed Dwemer’s Vardnknd ruins, while the other two serve as side objectives. for the player to complete along the way.

Pony is picked up outside the entrance to the ruins, and the player’s quest to find pieces of the Horse of the same name throughout Vardnknd, granting a new mount upon completion. NS Dwarven crowns with new headgear in Forgotten Seasons, and instructs players to create their own custom Crowns.

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