Everything you need to know about Pokétch

Sinnoh’s remake is still pretty much true to the original, so Pokétch’s return isn’t a big deal. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The device is a watch with various functions and can be obtained quite early in the game. It has a bunch of useful tools like a pedometer to see how far you’ve come, a calculator, and a memo app.

How to get Pokétch in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

There are a few things you have to do to get the equipment, but they are not difficult and anyone with the least knowledge of Pokémon can get it without any instructions, but in case someone Play has difficulty, here’s what you need to do to get it:

  1. Go to Jubilife City and find the Training School. It’s next to the Pokémon Center. Talk to your opponent, and then give the Parcel your mother gave you to your opponent. In return they will give you a Town Map.
  2. Once you’ve unlocked the Town Map, head to the city center and the owner of the Pokétch company will come to you and ask you to bring him three coupons. These coupons are taken from clowns scattered around Jubilife City.
  3. Find three clowns and answer their questions correctly.
  4. After you have all three coupons, go back to the Pokétch owner and he will give you the device.

Clown position and correct answers for Pokétch Coupons

The first clown is right next to the Pokémon, and he will ask you “Does a Pokémon evolve by defeating others and gaining Exp. Point? ” Answer “Yes” and he will give you the first coupon.

Next, go west and find a clown in front of a building with two doors. He will ask you “Just like Pokémon, what are the moves of Pokémon?” Answer “Yes” and you will get Coupon Two.

The third clown is right in front of the Jubilife TV building and he will ask you “Can a Pokémon keep an item?” The answer is yes, and he will reward your correct answer with a #3 Coupon.

What does Pokétch do?

There are several applications in Pokétch and some of them are not immediately available. Here are each of the app’s functions and how to get them:

  • Digital clock displayShow the time – Comes with Pokétch
  • CalculatorDo mathematics – Comes with Pokétch
  • PedometerCount the number of steps in the game – Comes with Pokétch
  • List of Pokémon & HPDisplays a list of Pokémon and their HP levels – Comes with Pokétch
  • Remember boardA place to draw or write notes – Talk to the Pokétch owner after you get your first Gym badge
  • Mark the mapAllows placing markers on the map – Talk to the Pokétch owner once you get your third Gym badge
  • Friendship testLets you see how friendly your Pokémon is to you – Talk to a woman inside the Pokémon Center in Eterna City
  • dowsing machineUsed to locate hidden items – Give a gift from Dawn or Lucas after you reach Road 207
  • Berry CheckerShow mature Berry tree – Obtained after talking to Master Berry on Route 208
  • Egg screen Display information about Pokémon left behind at the nursery – Leave a Pokémon with Solaceon Town Nusery. After you exit the building, re-enter the building and talk to the man sitting.
  • Analog watchesWatch face display – Talk to NPCs after arriving in Celistic Town
  • Flip coinToss a coin for you – Talk to NPC in the lobby of Grand Lake Hotel
  • CalendarDate display – Have a serious-natured Pokémon in your party. After you reach Sunyshore City, use the Rock Climb to enter the house there. Show the NPC your Serious Pokémon and he’ll give you a Calendar.

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