Everything you need to know about Guilds in Lost Ark: How to leave, benefits and more

You can’t enjoy MMOs alone, but they’re much better when you’re paired with a crowd of like-minded people. Like in most games of this genre, Lost beer keg there is a clan system that allows players to come together and work for a greater cause.

Being a member of a clan can allow players to speed up their game while also introducing them to more content to go through. When you become a guild member, you may have new responsibilities at hand as most guilds will try to improve over time.

Here’s everything you need to know about guilds in Lost beer keg.

How to leave a guild

Players who want to leave a clan in Lost beer keg just open the chat box and type /guildleave. Hit submit after entering the command and a question box will pop up asking if you are sure you want to leave your clan.

After leaving the clan, there will be a cooldown. During this time, players will not be able to join a new clan.

How to create a guild

The clan system unlocks when the player reaches the first town in the game. If you’re looking to form your own clan, you’ll need 2,000 silver.

  • Press Alt + U to bring up the guild tab and select Community
    • You can find the Community button in the bottom right corner of the Guild tab
  • Select a Guild from the pop-up menu to display the Guild screen
  • When you first open the guild screen, you will be able to see all the guilds that are actively looking for new members
  • To create a clan, look for the Create Clan button, located at the top of the panel
  • On clicking the Create button you will be able to customize your clan from name to flag

How to manage a guild

Not everyone can find the best clan name or pick the biggest badge while creating their first clan in Lost beer keg. If you happen to change your mind, you can make changes to your clan details through the Manage section.

  • Open your clan panel by pressing Alt + U
  • Navigate to your guild home screen
  • Look for the icon with two arrows pointing to the right, which should be around the top right corner of the clan dashboard
  • Tap the icon with two arrows to start managing your clan

Is there a player limit in guilds?

Each guild starts in Lost beer keg can only welcome 30 players at a time. If you’re looking to invite more players to your clan, you’ll need to start working on increasing your clan’s level, which can be done through completing challenges.

How to level up a guild

Just like regular characters, guilds level up in Lost beer keg. To level up a guild in Lost beer kegall players will need to work on completing clan quests, which will be the main source of XP for clans.

  • The guild master can set up weekly guild quests and members can help complete them
    • Quests can range from fishing to fighting, and guild owners should focus on choosing the best quests for their guild members’ playing style.
  • Participate in Guild-vs.-Guild (GvG) and Guild-vs.-Environment (GvE) content
    • Clans compete against each other in GvG and GvE, and the top performing guilds will be ranked based on their performance. Guilds that rank high in world events become eligible for rewards ranging from XP to Bloodstone

What are the benefits of leveling up a clan?

As guilds level up, they will be able to invite more players to join their ranks while also unlocking various rewards.

  • Guild levels also unlock new guild research quests
    • Research quests unlock more benefits for guild members like Guild Shop and many more powers in the form of skills, better rewards in the shop and more quests
    • Players can use the Guild Shop to purchase the materials they need in exchange for Bloodstone, which they can earn by contributing to the guild.

How to get Bloodstone

  • Help complete weekly challenges
  • Participate in guild events
  • Contributing to the guild

In addition, guild masters can also distribute some of the guild’s Bloodstone resources to its members. Clan members will be able to choose the percentage of supplies they want to share with their clan members.

What are the benefits of joining a guild?

Although you can continue to enjoy Lost beer keg As a solo player, joining a clan will allow you to dive deeper into the content the game has to offer.

Joining a clan will grant players access to a unique shop, clan quests, research quests, and skills. You will also be able to participate in various new content in the form of GvG and GvE, which cannot be experienced as a solo player without a clan.

Clans will also have access to clan skills that can only be used when participating in GvG and GvE content. These skills unlock as guilds begin to level up and help guilds become stronger in encounters.

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