Everything we know about Glaive

There are a lot of big revelations at Bungie’s Fate 2 Display returns in August. However, aside from all the news about the expansions, the anniversary expansion, and the Light-wive organization, a piece of content is still stuck. Fate 2 is getting another melee weapon, the glaive.

Until release The Witch Queen in February 2022, the Life The series has only one melee weapon. Swords released in Life with the expansion pack The Taken King. Players can embark on a quest to find one of three exotic swords, the Bolt-Caster, the Dark-Drinker, and the Raze-Lighter. A fourth sword, The Young Wolf’s Howl, was also added. Swords continue to enter Fate 2, with legendary and exotic versions. Swords also offer a unique perspective when they operate in the third person. The Glaive, in addition to being a new weapon, will be the first melee weapon to work in first-person mode.


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Joy in the Witch Queen


According to Bungie, glaive is a new energy weapon prototype. In addition to its devastating melee capabilities, it can also fire medium-range projectiles and has defensive capabilities. In The Witch Queen’s gameplay trailer, the frozen land is revealed after the Hive of Light appears. A series of stylish clicks that are quick in place and capped off by pulling the trigger before the defenders rush into battle. Glaive shows its versatility in battle with wide swings, ranged thrusts, and bomb attacks.

Part of what makes glaive so unique in Fate 2 is that the first craftable weapon in the game. It is speculated that it will be part of the quest to not only unlock the glaive but also craft. In addition to the first glaive that the player will receive, there will be class-specific variations with unique attacks. At this point, it’s all speculation as to what that might be, but the options are nearly limitless. However, to assuage expectations, you should keep in mind that class-specific weapons often differ only in appearance and stats, not major gameplay differences.

As an energy weapon, glaives will not be in a heavy position. This will give them a bit more versatility when compared to their sword brethren as the ammo limit, say one, won’t be nearly as tight. It’s correct, it’s unusual for melee weapons to need “ammo”, but that’s the system Bungie created and players have learned to live with. However, with glaive taking up a slot and a sword taking up a heavy slot, that’s two-thirds of a melee-heavy build. Throw the bow into the main slot and suddenly the player has the opportunity to play a more precise medieval character. Combine that with several armor choices and players can transport medieval times into the sci-fi future of Life.

Of course, one of the big effects of glaive coming and how it got there is crafting. Crafting is something that players really want Life for a while now. Similar systems have been toyed with, including Menagerie allows players to focus on rewards they will get for the operation. But, crafting seems to allow players to craft the weapons they want with the reels they need. This can remove the game in a sense and refresh the interest of the players as their time will be well rewarded. At the time of the Witch Queen’s release, all Throne World destination weapons, Pyramid raid weapons, and seasonal weapons will be craftable.

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Glory in history


In our own history, a glaives was a two-handed scepter (or pole-gun) weapon that originated in Europe around the 14th century. Its structure is similar to that of the Japanese naginata, the guandao of China, Korean woldo and Russian sovnya. The blade, which is shaped like a long knife or short sword, is about 18 inches long and sits at the end of a 6 to 7 foot long pole. A variation of glaives is a forged blade with a small hook on the back for catching riders on horseback. It is a versatile weapon used by both infantry and cavalry units. However, as cavalry and heavy armor units became more common, weapon like spear and glaive also increased in popularity.

Despite the weapon’s unique appearance and its distinct classification within the weapon family, it seems that glaives are rarely used. Instead, spears and ropes are a much more common choice. An interesting fact is that the earliest references to the glaive actually refer to the spear, rather than the weapon known today.

Glaive is a curious alternative to a new weapon in Fate 2. Historically, it was not the most popular weapon. It comes from an extensive line of similar weapons and while it has done its job well, it has never stood out enough to be particularly popular. Even so, there’s no doubt about how eye-catching and stylish it looks. And as evidenced by some of its armor selections and inspirations, Bungie is not afraid to take the road less traveled when looking for inspiration.

Many players speculate that a new melee weapon will be released, but there are concerns about Life peeping player and what the weapon might actually be. The conjectures vary, from battle hammers to weapons and everything in between. Technically, it turned out that the pole-gun predictions were correct. And as for the potential for peeping thanks to the increased third-person field of view, Bungie seems to have solved the problem by keeping the weapon in first-person perspective. This breaks consistency in how melee weapons are handled and raises the question of whether the swords will ever be reworked.

While very little information has been released by Bungie at this point, it has promised that more information will be revealed as the release approaches. A new weapon that promises to be as versatile as the glaive is an interesting premise. A melee weapon with medium range and a shield? It almost guarantees that players will find many creative ways to delete content and capable of “breaking the game” when the expansion is reached. The Witch Queen will release on February 22, 2022.

Fate 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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