Everything we know about Durin so far

One of the creatures that everyone can see The Genshin effect is a dragon. Species include well-known names like Dvalin and Durin. While both can be dragons, they are wildly different in many ways. Besides Dvalin and Durin, there are Ursa the Drake. However, Ursa will not be included in this article as it is not related to Durin, unlike Dvalin.

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The name Durin was first heard in The Genshin effect 1.2, when Albedo tells the story of a dragon on a snowy mountain. There, the story unfolds that Albedo and Durin are “brothers”. But this was not fully explained until a year later in Version 2.3. So far, here’s everything we know about Durin.



Dvalin fights Durin in Genshin Impact

Like Albedo, Durin is also the creation of Rhinedottir. This Khaenri’ah alchemist better known by her alias, Yellow. Gold is known to have great ambition and knowledge. This even leads to a lot of catastrophic creations, like The Genshin effectGolden Wolflord.

Currently, Gold’s whereabouts are still unknown to many people. However, before she disappeared, Rhinedottir told Albedo to discover the truth of the world. Unfortunately, as brilliant as he is, Albedo has yet to figure out this quest.

Swallow the fake Albedo

Albedo thought about the impostor

Albedo, as we all know, is a Homunculus. He is a synthetic, made human being. He and Durin are considered Rhinedottir’s greatest feats. However, of course, the creation process was not easy, even for such a talented alchemist.

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The first version of Albedo was considered a failure. Because of this, Gold left the specimen inside Durin’s stomach, a specimen that would stay there for years to come, until one day it broke out and tried to get rid of it. real Albedo.

This interesting event can be seen in The Genshin effect 2.3, where Tourists can delve deeper into Albedo .’s background.

Truly a soft creature

Dragonspine Spear in Genshin Impact

While Durin is often depicted as a fearsome creature, he is actually very soft. In one of Venti’s cutscenes, Anemo Archon tells the story of how Durin created the disaster in Teyvat. In the end, he and Dvalin must team up to defeat this giant dragon.

However, despite everything, all Durin wanted was to befriend the guardian and the green dragon. Even in his last moments, Durin longed for another life, one where he and the other two would sing and dance, along with the people of the land of the free. This story can be found in the description of Dragonspine Spear.

Broken Dvalin

Dvalin was damaged by Durin

While it’s not known exactly how Durin’s blood can damage Dvalin, we do know that the green dragon bit Durin’s neck to kill it. Poisonous blood can enter Dvalin’s body at this time.

After that, the dragon was called Stormterror, one already hurt the citizens of Mondstadt, instead of protecting them. After years of falling asleep, Dvalin wakes up to find that people no longer recognize him. And when he sought comfort for Barbatos, Archon wasn’t there either. This leads to Stormterror being fooled and easily manipulated by Command Abyss.

Frozen tree revived

Frozen Tree in Genshin . Impact

However, damage is not the only thing that Durin’s blood can do. This curious creature even has the ability to revive and create life. For example, when Celestia decided to destroy the ancient civilizations of Sal Vindagnyr, crimson trees die together with it. However, after Durin’s blood seeped into the mountain, it was strong enough to carry Frozen tree resurrected, despite being dead for months.

Not only that, after the first Albedo came out of Durin’s stomach, he used the dragon’s blood to create another life form, Fellflower. It’s a highly mutant version of Cryo Whopperflower.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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