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This week:

  • Crying about horny teens on TV, again.
  • The best sports game I’ve ever heard.
  • Fight, outplay, outlast and Angelina Jolie.
  • This week’s update is “Dolly Patan is perfect”.
  • About teenagers and space travel …

The only Olympics worthy of the 17-year-old is about badminton

In progress This year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo, all so many of us want to do.

Rant about being funny having them when COVID, with dozens of athletes prone to the virus and unable to play while the rest of the opponents put pressure on them. “Anti-sex” beds just waiting to get it, like the horn samples that are sexually tortured on the Petri dish. About the fact that nothing is done about the risk, because the money of the sponsors is more than logical and live. About this racist organization, their sex and the ancient rules that their hostage-taking harms Olympic dreams the unique talent and character of Sugar Richardson.

But those things are all a huge boomer and I’m obviously tired of the huge boomers. I’ve been giving my left hand for a day that doesn’t define a huge boomerang, which I think will be a great boomerang when you think about it, too. I love my left hand so much.

Listen, renting is a favorite pastime. This is really American entertainment. So, theoretically, what would be more than an encounter about the Olympics? For a lesser boomerang curtain, I turn to long-time athlete and Olympic commentator Mary Carillo.

The biggest thanks of my life to both Casey Morell, who published the video, and Daniel Feinberg, who repeated it to my tab, for my attention the greatest sports commentary I’ve seen in my life: Mary Carillo at the 2004 Athens Olympics about badminton as hell. (Watch it here, and change your life.)

His goal is to explain the dissatisfaction, the difference between the Olympic sport of badminton and the fiasco that ruined his weekend at home with his family. The way his story unfolds is the comic strip, which is a perfect monologue.

He begins by distinguishing between the feathers of a bird of prey, which are located between the Olympic-style shells and the plastics in the house: “Although it doesn’t look complicated, there’s a tree device installed there.”

Then there’s the myth of a neighborhood-wide effort to throw every sports equipment in the garage up to a tree to knock down a bird. “You threw Collin Clark into a tree who wanted to drop the Spanchob Squarepants beach ball with a hockey stick! There the pool sticks flew like spears in the air, and you heard yourself say, ‘Someone’s blinking!’ ‘

The hardest part was laughing all week (and I didn’t even) is displayed Ted Lasso second season this week). Please enjoy.

Hollywood’s hottest call was a 2018 Survivor Watch

You are watching White lotus? God, watch White lotus. It’s amazing and wonderful, and a favorite summer TV series, Sunday lunch centered around the bright Jennifer Coolidge, as the Lord has ordained for his holy day.

Anyway, writer-director-actor Mike White (Enlightened) is and was the creative editor of the HBO series interviewed this week by New York, in the course of which he considered “money, status, and appearance Survivor. “Yes, an interesting fact that makes Mike White’s sensitivity stand out is that, in addition to his Hollywood success, he has worked hard as a rival in both. Survivor and Amazing race.

He was asked what his friends at the top of Tinseltown thought about the amazing turn of reality television. First, he was detailed at a dinner party during which Courtenay Cox reacted to Jennifer Aniston by expressing disregard for the news that she was there. Amazing race. But then came the anecdote to end all the anecdotes: When his season is over Survivor pressed, she hosted a party for an episode in which her colleagues were involved … as well as Diane Keaton and Angelina Jolie.

As my friend Matt Jacobs demanded on Twitter: “Oral History of the Mike White Party for Survivor actors and Angelina Jolie ”. But seriously, when is the oral history of that night?

Dolly Paton owns #HotGirlSummer. Everyone else is a home troll.

Did you think that Dolly Patan was going to get her clothes back on in 1978? Playboy for a photo shoot to surprise her 57-year-old husband Carl on his birthday and I don’t think about it every third of the week?


Especially after her told the story in a video on social media, did she share it with the hashtag #HotGirlSummer? Or when his monologue on camera cast the deepest shadow of the media’s devastation I’ve heard this year? “Remember when I said I was going to take a photo on the cover Playboy magazine when I was 75? Well, I’m 75 and they don’t have a magazine anymore. ”

Anyway, it was Dolly Patan’s weekly newsletter.

Oh, do you think you’re a space kid?


So we can all drown the 18-year-old who became the youngest person to go into space, the undeniable triumph of existence, the human spirit and the money of the father.

But as someone who moved to New York City before the age of 18, before smartphones or real Google Maps guides existed and were able to find their way around the subway, I learned a little bit about achievements in science, math and borders. the savage of travel at a young age. Such an ability is a heavy cross to lift, so let us show him a little grace.

What to watch this week:

Ted Lasso: We all deserve this. (Fri on Apple TV +)

Old: I am the excuse of M. Night Shyamalan. (Friday in theaters).

Jart: I’m also Kate Beckinsale as an excuse to be a kickass action hero. (Fri on Amazon)

Behind the music: As someone who remembers talking about burning down a house with their left eye and where they were, I’m excited for this recovery. (Thursday at Paramount +)

What to spend this week:

FBoy Island: I get complaints from fugitive TV, but I don’t know who watches these shows. (Mon on HBO Max)

Your last love letter: Give Cheyenne Woodley a good movie invitation! (Friday on Netflix)

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