Everything New In Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is among the many hottest tabletop roleplaying video games on the earth — and probably the best. Nevertheless, regardless of what the title suggests, dragons hardly ever ever seize the highlight. In fact, the few occurrences through which they seem are short-lived and lackluster. This disappointing actuality is usually the results of ignorance relating to dragons and their hoards.

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Luckily, Dungeons & Dragons has realized the dissatisfaction followers have with dragons. As such, they’ve launched a new sourcebook Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, a compendium of all the pieces and something relating to those winged creatures. Although not each single element of the sourcebook may very well be listed, here is a information to what Fizban’s Treasury consists of, and examples of what awaits gamers and Dungeon Masters alike.

Dragonborn Subraces

A Split Image Of New Fizban Dragonborn Types

A staple of Dungeons & Dragons 5e is the Dragonborn race. These draconic humanoids are by far probably the most imposing but wondrous races. Nevertheless, regardless of their outward look and lore, Dragonborns show to be relatively lackluster. This error is one which Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons goals to unravel by means of reworks and the inclusion of recent subraces.

Chromatic Dragonborn

  • Potential Rating Enhance: +2 to capability rating +2 and +1 to a different; OR +1 to a few totally different capability scores
  • Racial Traits: Chromatic Ancestry, Breath Weapon, Draconic Resistance, Chromatic Warding

Chromatic Dragonborns descend from the legendary but malevolent Chromatic Dragons; thus, it’s only becoming that they possess unrestrained elemental energy. Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons achieves this with the addition of Chromatic Warding, a racial trait that negates elemental injury. No matter a Chromatic Dragonborn’s ancestry, they acquire immunity to their respective injury sort briefly. As an example, Crimson Dragonborns can use their Chromatic Warding to withstand Fireplace injury completely. With the brand new subrace, Dragonborns have turn out to be a extra viable alternative for practically any class.

Gem Dragonborn

  • Potential Rating Enhance: +2 to capability rating +2 and +1 to a different; OR +1 to a few totally different capability scores
  • Racial Traits: Gem Ancestry, Breath Weapon, Draconic Resistance, Psionic Thoughts, Gem Flight

Gem Dragonborns hint their roots again to the famend and good Gem Dragons. Their ancestors have imparted uncommon magic, telepathy, and even the present of flight upon them. They make for significantly highly effective and unpredictable adventurers, particularly contemplating their distinctive injury varieties. A Gem Dragonborn can make the most of the ability of Drive, Radiant, Psychic, Thunder, and Necrotic injury.

Metallic Dragonborn

  • Potential Rating Enhance: +2 to capability rating +2 and +1 to a different; OR +1 to a few totally different capability scores
  • Racial Traits: Metallic Ancestry, Breath Weapon, Draconic Resistance, Metallic Breath Weapon

Metallic Dragonborns’ ancestors are the revered and righteous Metallic Dragons. Regardless of their similarities to Chromatic Dragonborns, their energy comes from a extra disciplined supply. Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons marks this distinction with the addition of a Metallic Breath Weapon, which is available in two totally different kinds: Enervating Breath and Repulsion Breath. Every has the potential to discourage and even dispatch enemies, granting a Metallic Dragonborn important benefits.


A Split Image Of New Fizban Subclasses

Regardless of the affect that dragons have on the D&D universe, they’ve little impact on lessons. Solely Draconic Bloodline Sorcerers have any actual ties to those godlike creatures. There isn’t any different class that makes use of or displays the immense energy dragons possess. Fizban’s Treasury Dragons adjustments this with its two new draconic subclasses.

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Monk: Approach Of The Ascendant Dragon

Legend tells of a younger monk that based a monastery primarily based on the emulation of dragons. Based on this fable, that younger monk was the Metallic Dragon God Bahamut in disguise. Regardless of what’s true, such an order of monks exists, they usually comply with the Approach of the Ascendant Dragon.

This custom permits one to change their spirit and make it extra akin to that of a dragon. As such, they’ll breathe like a dragon, fly like a dragon, and even solid forth a draconic spirit. This subclass is an ideal stability of taste and efficacy that outshines others.

Ranger: Drakewarden

Many D&Dr gamers have longed for a dragon companion, solely to be disenchanted. Luckily, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons seeks to make this want a actuality with the Drakewarden. By means of a singular connection to nature, Rangers of this subclass can manifest a draconic spirit in bodily type, offering draconic companion that assists them in battle any manner a dragon would.


Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons Cover Art

Every Feat in D&D has distinctive enhancements and results. Nevertheless, none grant the skills of a dragon, aside from the Dragonborn Racial Feats. So, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons labored to incorporate three Feats to realize simply that.

Reward Of The Chromatic Dragon

Chromatic Dragons are among the many most elementally inclined of their kin. As such, the Reward of the Chromatic Dragon grants phenomenal management over the weather. Characters with this Feat can harness each the offensive and defensive capabilities of Chromatic Dragons. Subsequently, they’ll infuse a weapon with or fend towards elemental vitality of a selected sort.

Reward Of The Gem Dragon

Gem Dragons possess a eager thoughts a lot better than that of their draconic brothers and sisters. Thus, the Reward of the Gem Dragon imbues one with otherworldly psionic talents. Utilizing their new psionic energy, characters with this Feat can telekinetically manipulate others, successfully dealing Drive injury and pushing them away.

Reward Of The Metallic Dragon

Metallic Dragons bear the duty of defending the world from nice evils, and their Reward grants immense regenerative and defensive capabilities. Characters with this Feat can name upon righteous draconic energy to heal or shield others, rejuvenating a crushed ally and shielding them from hazard utilizing spectral dragon wings.


Halfling Spellcaster Using Draconic Magic

Spells in D&D permit one to achieve that which is seemingly impossible. Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons takes issues one step additional with a number of distinctive spells that draw inspiration from the legendary dragons. These show to be a beneficial addition to just about any spellcasters arsenal. Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons has an enormous variety of spells to supply, so just a few of the very best are listed beneath as examples.

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Ashardalon’s Stride

  • Degree: third
  • College: Transmutation
  • Casting Time: 1 bonus motion
  • Vary: Self
  • Elements: Verbal, Somatic
  • Period: Focus, as much as 1 minute

This spell’s title and impact take inspiration from the notorious purple dragon Ashardalon. By means of the usage of a dragon’s hearth, a caster can propel themselves at nice velocity. Something and all the pieces inside a caster’s scorching path should endure its unrelenting flames. Thus, not solely is Ashardalon’s Stride an efficient technique of journey, however it inflicts respectable injury as properly.

Draconic Transformation

  • Degree: seventh
  • College: Transmutation
  • Casting Time: 1 bonus motion
  • Vary: Self
  • Elements: Verbal, Somatic, Materials (a statuette of a dragon, value not less than 500 gp)
  • Period: Focus, as much as 1 minute

Because the title suggests, this spell permits one to tackle the shape — not less than to a point — of a dragon. This spell offers one with blindsight, a dragon’s breath weapon, and the power to fly. This spell can shift the tides of battle or evoke worry in others.

Fizban’s Platinum Defend

  • Degree: sixth
  • College: Abjuration
  • Casting Time: 1 bonus motion
  • Vary: 60 ft
  • Elements: Verbal, Somatic, Materials (a platinum-plated dragon scale, value not less than 500 gp)
  • Period: Focus, as much as 1 minute

This spell is the creation of the sourcebook’s writer himself, Fizban the Fabulous. With it, a caster can create a protecting barrier on one other creature or themselves, utilizing the magic of a platinum-plated dragon scale. The goal of this protect receives further safety, resistance to the weather, and evasion towards specific results. It is a surefire approach to defend towards practically any hazard.

Magic Objects

A Thief Stealing From A Dragon's Hoard

The variety of dragon-related magic objects in D&D is pitiful, however Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons consists of many new arcane artifacts. Some draw energy from Chromatic dragons, others from Metallic dragons, even a uncommon few maintain ties to the wondrous Gem dragons. Whereas there are numerous arcane artifacts to gaze upon in awe, solely a pair might make it on this listing — listed below are a number of the finest.

Dragon-Touched Focus

A Dragon-Touched Focus capabilities simply as any arcane focus would, with further results. Relying on its rarity and the kind of dragon that marked it, a Dragon-Touched Focus’s properties range. Nevertheless, it typically works to enhance a spellcaster’s magic prowess whereas granting them a singular energy.

Flail Of Tiamat

The Flail of Tiamat bears the visage of the Chromatic Dragon Goddess herself. Furthermore, its impact displays that of Tiamat’s ferocity and elemental versatility. With every assault, the Flail of Tiamat offers elemental injury of the wielder’s alternative. Moreover, this magic merchandise can unleash a devastating breath assault, reaching a distance of ninety ft.

Platinum Scarf

The Platinum Scarf is probably going an artifact of the Metallic Dragon God Bahamut, and represents all the pieces the virtuous god stands for. By pulling a scale from the Platinum Scarf, one can enact a single of the artifact’s results: Breath of Life, Platinum Defend, or Radiant Hammer. This magic merchandise’s results final for an hour and solely have three makes use of.

Draconic Items

Adventurer Takes A Draconic Gift

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons presents a brand new sort of boon that Dungeon Masters can bestow upon gamers. These distinctive aids are generally known as Draconic Items, they usually come from the dying of a dragon. Ought to one slay a dragon or be named a dragon’s chosen inheritor, they’ll obtain a draconic blessing of types. These Draconic Items can have quite a lot of results, all of that are immensely highly effective. Of the numerous new Draconic Items, nonetheless, just a few might make it on this listing. Listed below are a couple of examples of what they’ll supply gamers.

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Draconic Rebirth

Draconic Rebirth is by far probably the most life-altering change a dragon’s energy could cause. People who obtain this Draconic Reward bear a dramatic transformation, turning into Dragonborn. The kind of Dragonborn they turn out to be is determined by the dragon who bestowed the present. Any options of 1’s earlier race (aside from talent proficiencies) are changed by that of their respective Dragonborn sort.

Tongue Of The Dragon

People who obtain this Draconic Reward acquire a sliver of the majesty and eloquence that dragons possess. Thus, one with this blessing learns Draconic and turns into higher at persuading others. Furthermore, Tongue of the Dragon permits one to talk with the imposing quantity of a dragon briefly.


Split Image Of A Draconian And An Elder Brain Dragon

Regardless of what the title Dungeons & Dragons suggests, draconic creatures and the like are scarce. Subsequently, it’s no shock that Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons would come with such an enormous variety of draconic beings. Lots of them are dragons, whereas others are intently associated creatures such because the Hoard Mimic. Despite the quite a few new additions, solely a handful of probably the most spectacular might seem on this listing.


Draconians are the spawn of corrupted or in any other case altered dragon eggs. They resemble Dragonborns, though with sizeable figures and — normally — extra draconic options similar to wings. Draconians differ of their kinds and abilities relying on the egg from which they have been born. As an example, Silver Draconians are the biggest of their form, they usually possess the power to vary their type.

Elder Mind Dragon

Elder Mind Dragons are the horrible results of illithid experimentation on dragons. To alleviate the restricted attain of an Elder Mind, Mind Flayer colonies will typically try and seize a dragon. Ought to they achieve success, the dragon will act as a vessel for an Elder Mind. Thus, permitting it to maneuver freely whereas granting it energy past its psionic talents, making it a world-ending menace.

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