Everything needed to be 100% complete in Grand Theft Auto 3 – Definitive Edition

Unlike Town and San Andreas, no in-game rewards for 100% completion Grand Theft Auto 3. However, there are plenty of rewards for completing some of the smaller quests that contribute to 100% completion, not to mention loads of trophies/achievements for players to unlock. For many players, it’s not a reward but rather bragging rights earned for mastering such an iconic game.

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Among other things, those who hope to complete 100% in Grand Theft Auto 3 will need to complete 76 missions, steal and deliver 39 vehicles, and find over a hundred collectibles hidden across the game’s three main islands. Needless to say, they will cut their work for them, with game completion times often hitting well above the 40 hour mark. It is not easy, although it can also be quite interesting for those who enjoy carnage.


Story quests


There are 51 story missions in GTA 3, some of which are really missable and can prevent players from completing 100%. To avoid this, players should make sure to complete all other quests in Portland before completing the “Final Request” for Salvatore. Likewise, the player will need to complete all of Kenji’s quests before dealing with “Waka-Gashira Wipeout!” and Asuka’s “Two-Face Browning Machine” quest before completing “Grand Theft Aero.”

8 balls Give me freedom
Luigi Goterelli Luigi’s Girls
Don’t hit Ma Bitch Up
Drive Misty For Me
Pimp . action pump
Joey Leone Mike Lips Last Lunch
Farewell to ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong
Van Heist
Cipriani’s Chauffeur
Dead skunk in a tree trunk
Resting place
Toni Cipriani Laundry
The procession
Salvatore is called a meeting
The trilogy and suffering
Blowing fish
Salvatore Leone chaperones
Cut the grass
Bomb Da Base: Act I
8 balls Bomb Da Base: Act II
Salvatore Leone Last request
Asuka Kasen Sayonara Salvatore
Subject to supervision
Paparazzi Purge
Payday for Ray
Double-sided tanning
Kenji Kasen Kanbu Bust-out
Grand Theft Auto
Steal deal
Smash down
Ray Machowski Silence The Sneak
Weapon shortage
Dash evidence
Went fishing
Blaster Blaster
Marked Man
Donald love Liberator
Waka-Gashira wiped out!
A drop of water in the ocean
Grand Theft Aero
Escort Service
Love disappears
Catalina Ransom
The exchange

Phone quest


In a nice nod to original Grand Theft Auto Game, Claude can receive additional quests from certain payphones on the game’s three islands. Missions from Marty and El Burro were awarded from payphones found in Portland, while payphones for King Courtney and D-Ice were located on Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale, respectively. In total, there are 17 teleport missions, of which Ray performs five missions and the remaining three give four missions each.

Marty Chonks Scammers
Her lover
El Burro Turismo
I scream, you scream
Test by fire
To ‘N’ Veiny
King Courtney Bling-Bling Scramble
Uzi Rider
Gangcar Round-Up
Kingdom Come
D-Ice Money Uzi
Rigged to Blow
Bullion Run


In addition to being able to receive quests from pay phones, players can also find them by boarding certain vehicles. The Off-Road and RC Vehicle missions are activated by entering specific vehicles throughout the Free City, while the four Vehicle missions can be activated by tapping the d-pad while inside. any ambulance, fire truck, law enforcement vehicle or taxi. Completing vehicle missions will also unlock special rewards, including health, adrenaline, police bribes and flamethrowers at every safe house, as well as infinite sprints and Borgnine taxis, one of fastest vehicle in GTA 3.

Terrain Quest Patriotic Playground
Multiple floors of Mayhem
A Ride in the Park
Hold tight!
Vehicle Mission Medical staff (Completed level 12)
Firefighters (Suppress 20 fires per island)
Vigilante (Kill 20 criminals on each island)
Taxi Driver (Complete 100 taxi fares)
RC . Car Mission Defeat Diablo
Mafia Massacre
Casino calamity
Rumpo Rampage

Import Export


Those who want make some easy money in Grand Theft Auto 3 Will definitely want to check out the Import and Export garages and cranes. There’s one at the docks in Portland and a garage in Shoreside Vale. Each vehicle has a list of vehicles for the player to track and will pay for each vehicle the player delivers. After completing a list, the player will be awarded 200,000 USD.

Dan Tri (Portland) Blista
Flat bed
Mr. Whoopee
Emergency (Portland) Ambulance
CV . Barracks
FBI car
Fire truck
Police car
Shoreside Vale Banshee
BF injection



As is the tradition for Grand Theft Auto Game, GTA 3 there are many hidden collections on its three islands. Players will need to collect 100 hidden packs, complete 20 Rampages, and master it all 20 unique dance moves if they are 100% done. All three sets have titles/achievements specific to them and will pay a decent amount on completion, and collecting all packs will also result in certain weapons spawning outside of each pack. Claude’s safe house. While it’s fascinating though, it might have to deal with all the collections after completing the main story, but you should keep an eye on the stuff in Portland before Unlock the second island, because doing so would later be extremely difficult due to the mafia’s hostile attitude towards Claude.

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