Everybody Loves Natti on Amazon Prime, Showcasing The Life Of A Reggaeton Star

Everyone loves Natti (Amazon Prime) is a six-episode documentary series that follows the life and work of Natti Natasha, a Dominican reggaeton singer who now calls Miami her own home. Natti herself is your guide through her life at home with her manager and fiance Raphy Pina, the business side of being great, and the challenges she faces in the entry. to establish a family.

Opening scene: A woman is introducing herself in front of the camera. She has long black hair, full makeup, and wears a printed dress. “My name is Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista. Or, as you may know me,” and she says this brightly, marking her milestone with a triumphant smile,” Natti Natasha. And the action cuts to Natti’s hometown of the Dominican Republic.

Gist: For the main episode in her six-part docuseries, Reggaeton’s globally famous girl, Natti Natasha, started from the very beginning, when she was just a kid in DR with a big heart and big dreams. than. She made her way to the US, where, through many trials, she eventually appeared in the 2012 song “Dutty Love” by Puerto Rican superstar Don Omar. (You may know Omar as Rico in The Fast & the Furious movies.) And Natti has been a huge hit ever since, racking up incredible streaming numbers for singles featuring Latin heavyweights like Daddy Yankee (“Otra Cosa”), Becky G ( “Sin Pijama”) and Ozuna (“Criminal”). She also secured Raphy Pina as her manager, and that professional relationship developed into a personal one. Natti says the media and fans have always attached her to her musical collaborators, and Pina says it’s important in her career to keep their relationship private, in part to “maintain it.” illusion”. “I am very private. I’m very discreet,” said Natti. “But I dying to tell the world about my relationship! ”

As Natti and Raphy aim to reveal their romance publicly, Everyone also photographed them preparing for the release Nattividad, her full second duration and subsequent to 2019 IlumiNATTI. It’s a record they hope will build on her success in the Latin music world, but it’s also designed to make its way into the English-speaking American market. There’s a lot to think about, with music videos, label demand, TV pre-orders and deals. But there’s an even bigger surprise: Natti and Raphy are about to become parents.

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What shows will it remind you of? In the usual pacing, editing, cutting-edge interviews and displays of luxury balanced with the day-to-day routines of business meetings and music video shooting, Everyone loves Natti feels a lot like something from E! programming string, starting with Keeping up with the Kardashians and continue to We Got Love Teyana & Iman.

Our Take: Natti presents a refreshing presence in interviews, sharing her personal and professional experiences with an expressive mix of English, Spanish, and busy hand gestures. In her early days in the music industry, hustling for attention in New York City, Natti was blunt. “My parents would call and say ‘Are you okay?’ and I would say ‘Yeah, I’m fine, I’m enjoying it, everything is super good. But not. The reality is that I have no shit, I have no place to live, I have nothing to eat unless people, thank god for helping me. And while she’s pretty much accomplished since then, with a global track record under her belt and a Miami courtyard mansion with white SUVs parked in her driveway, Natti also blunt about the goal of achieving crossover success. She says it’s important to be a female artist representing the Latino community in different parts of the world. Raphy, meanwhile, talks about resigning as manager. “The pass is for the US market,” he said. “The Latin market doesn’t care about that. In fact, if you move to the US market and stop showing love to the Latin market, you are in trouble with the fans.”

Whether Natti will follow in the footsteps of the likes of Shakira remains to be seen. But it is a good hook to hang Everyone loves Natti and it’s clear that the mere fact that the docuseries exists on Amazon Prime is part of that push towards a larger professional footprint. But Natti and Raphy also have great chemistry as a couple, and the first episode touches on its emotions when an ultrasound photo shows them their baby for the first time. “He/she looks like she/he’s dancing in it!” Nate exclaimed. “He/she got it from his/her mother!”

Gender and Skin: Natti and her friends, who happen to be a supermodel and a former Miss Colombia, relax in a poolside scene featuring haute couture bikinis, tangled scarves and other accessories. fashion event.

Farewell shot: Raphy says that he doesn’t want to go public with his relationship with Natti for selfish reasons. “Because then you’ll love her too.” But after discussing with his close friend Daddy Yankee about whether to “give her the rock,” Raphy made the official announcement and held up a sparkly engagement ring for the camera. and sparkle in its velvet box.

Sleeper Star: Lupi, the four-year-old girl in Natti’s cup of white maltese tea, paced the master bedroom, or sat on her and Raphy’s lap during interviews. Lupi’s outfit changes from casual sweaters while relaxing in her master’s gear to a silver club outfit for her to appear on camera.

Most Pilot-y routes: Natti says it’s important to go public with her romance with Raphy because of the fertility challenges she’s faced. “For all the girls out there, I’ve kept my life private, all my life. I decided this part of my life would not be private. Because there are so many women out there who need to hear about this condition.”

Our call: STREAM IT. Obviously her thriving fan base will be here because Everyone loves Natti. But the singer proves herself to be a compelling presence, and her reality TV editorial style Everyone will bring a familiar feeling to many viewers.

Johnny Loftus is an independent writer and editor living in Chicagoland. His work has appeared on The Village Voice, All Music Guide, Pitchfork Media and Nicki Swift. Follow him on Twitter: @glennganges

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