Every Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Ranked

Yu-gi-oh! is an anime based on author Kazuki Takahashi’s hit manga; The manga first appeared in Shonen jump in the late ’90s and has since achieved monumental success. Yu-gi-oh took the world by storm in both Eastern and European areas with its compelling story and tremendous interest in the game the series is based on.

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The author, Kazuki Takahashi, recently passed away but left a legacy that will last forever and will be remembered for the mark he left on the manga and anime community. That Yu-gi-oh Franchise has exceeded expectations and is a globally acclaimed phenomenon; Yu-gi-oh has transcended its manga beginnings and has received video games, films, and several anime adaptations over the years. Each series is a more unique story than the last, introducing new maps, characters, and adventures with each season.

8th Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster

Yu-Gi-Oh: Capsule Monster was a miniseries developed by 4Kids Entertainment; The show consisted of only twelve episodes and only aired in European territories.

The series followed the original Yu-Gi-Oh Anime cast when they were transported to another world where the monsters from the card game Duel Monsters exist. Yugi Moto uses the power of the Millennium Puzzle to duel through dangerous monsters and save his friends. There was even a classic board game based on the show, but like the series, popularity was low and it was discontinued shortly after.

7 Yu-Gi-Oh! sevens

The sixth iteration of Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise, Yu-Gi-Oh sevens takes place in a futuristic era where the card game Duel Monsters is still growing strongly. Yuga Odo is a young but intelligent engineer trying to make his mark in the competitive world of Duel Monsters by expanding the game’s core system and rules.

Yuga is developing a new playstyle called Rush Duel, which adds a higher level of difficulty to the game in the form of faster battles. Yu-Gi-Ohsevens lasted just over ninety episodes and was the series that debuted on the Yu-Gi-Oh 20 year franchise anniversary.

6 Yu-Gi-Oh! zexel

Yu-Gi-Oh Zexel follows Yuma Tsukumo and an ancient duel spirit sidekick named Astral on a journey to recover cursed cards scattered throughout the world of dueling monsters called “Numbers”. On their journey, Astral and Yuma encounter talented duelists, vengeful rivals, and shady shadow organizations, all enmeshed in the Curse of Numbers.

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With a quest to become the best duelist in the game, Yumo discovers that the world of Duel Monsters is much bigger than he imagined. Yu-Gi-Oh Zexel is the third spin-off in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and consists of 73 episodes. Yu-Gi-Oh Zexel introduced the XYZ archetype to the world of Yu-Gi-Ohwhich is argued as a shift in the playing style of the card game.

5 Yu-Gi-Oh! arch v

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V is an interdimensional thriller that follows Yuya and his friends as they get caught up in a dueling tournament between dueling academies from different realms. Arc V is the fourth spin-off of the franchise and has over one hundred and forty episodes.

Yuya has a goal of becoming the best duelist, and while enrolled in his town’s Duel Academy, he gains the power of Pendulum Summoning; this makes him one of the best players among his peers and gets him the attention of the dark forces. Shockingly, Yuya will find himself embroiled in a treacherous event that will test his skills, where he must match every card or perish.

4 Yu-Gi-Oh! gx

Yu-gi-oh Gx is the first spin-off of the original anime set ten years later. The series focuses on a new class of duelists, where the Duel Monsters game has been expanded and evolved under the direction of Kaiba Industries.

Jaden Yuki is a student at the new Duel Academies and must survive in a “survival of the fittest” climate where the elite make the rules of the school. Jaden sets out to disrupt the established order and prove himself a top-notch duelist. Yu-Gi-Oh Gx is a popular series as a follow-up to the original and lasted one hundred and fifty five episodes; Yu-Gi-Oh Gx was also the debut of the Elemental Hero Archetype.

3 Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains

Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains brings the game to the world of virtual reality. The fifth installment of the franchise follows Yusaku into the VR game version of Duel Monster called Link Vrains, where players can fight each other infinitely.

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Unfortunately, a cyber-terrorist group called the Knights of Hanoi invades the digital world and seeks their downfall. Set on a mission to defeat the Knight of Hanoi, Yusaku wages a one-man war in a series of exciting duels to save his beloved players and put an end to the Knight’s terror. Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains consists of one hundred and twenty episodes and is one of the newest Yu-Gi-Oh Series.

2 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

Yu Gi Oh 5Ds took the world by storm and was the first Yu-Gi-Oh Spin-off to expand the game rules with a new card archetype and apply additional rules and tactics in the game Duel Monsters. Yusei Fudo is on a revenge mission to track down his former boyfriend who betrayed him and stole his beloved card, the Stardust Dragon.

Yu Gi Oh 5Ds takes place in a city cut apart by class and poverty; After recovering from his betrayal, Yusei races to Neo Domino City and takes on the high-ranking Duelist who rules the weak and brings them down.

1 Yu-Gi-Oh! dueling monster

The original Yu-Gi-Oh Series will be treasured forever around the world; The cult series introduced fans to a fantastic world and influenced an entire generation.

Duel Monsters went beyond anime to become a real-life phenomenon played by millions, cementing the legacy of the late great Kazuki Takahashi. The main series introduced a cast of iconic characters like Yugi Moto and Seto Kaiba, and provided viewers with a bitter rivalry that would last a decade. From all the series that made the Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise,Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters will always come first among his own kind.

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