Every Wolf Beacon Location In Far Cry 5

Finding and killing wolf beacons in Far Cry 5 may require some searching. Here’s where to find each one.

inside Far Cry 5 “Call of the Wild” quest, the player will need to find and destroy them all wolf icon inside The picturesque Whitetail Mountains. Doing so will receive a reward of 200 reputation and $1,600 cash. Reputation points will help you progress in the Jacob Seed storyline.

To receive the quest, everyone will need to complete the Tammy Barnes quest called “Radio Silence”. Once done, Tammy will ask for help with the Wolf Beacons. She will first order the destruction of four, and then six, for a total of ten beacons. There are a few different ways to get rid of the warnings, but almost every method works. Below, players can find them all Wolf Beacon’s locations, as well as some tips for completing tasks efficiently

Updated on July 24, 2021 by Payton Lott: Using an attack plane or helicopter is the fastest way to destroy all wolf icons. Anyone having trouble using either of these means will find a short tutorial at the end of this article. Both can be purchased from outposts, but there are ways to pick them up without spending a dime. These vehicles are quite expensive, so it is beneficial to use the cheap option in the early game. To receive a free plane or helicopter, players will only need to complete the missions in the story. Information about these missions and their locations is included below.

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Find icons

Far Cry 5 Wolf Beacon

A way to complete the task quickly is to hike in the mountains at night in an attack helicopter. Wolf icon emits a visible light while in the air and can be destroyed by machine guns or rockets mounted from above.

To destroy the beacon, the player will need to aim at the base of each tower. In just a few minutes, all beacons will be destroyed and gamers can move through the side mission.

All signal positions

Location Wolf Beacon Far Cry 5

Ten Wolf Beacon’s locations are all in Jacob’s territory in the Whitetail Mountains. Anyone who doesn’t want to use the helicopter method can simply walk on foot and destroy each one. All locations are included below and in the image above.

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first 4 4

  • North of Lake Cedar
  • North of Lake Wishbone
  • Northwest of Lake Langford
  • West Lake Langford

Finals 6

  • North of Grand View Hotel
  • Northeast of the Pin-K0 . Cult Outpost
  • The northeast of FANG Center
  • Southwest of Cabin Cooper
  • Southwest of FANG Center
  • North Park West Entrance

If these descriptions aren’t detailed enough, travel to locations at night when the beacons shine red in the distance. For the beacon indicator to appear on the map, gamers will need to be close enough to it. The indicators are black with a white explosion symbol in the center.

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Travel to each Wolf Beacon and destroy it by whatever method is preferred. Obviously, using a helicopter is much safer and easier, as there will be a few enemies guarding each lighthouse that need to be destroyed on foot.

How to get an attack helicopter

FC5 . Helicopter

Gamers can buy an attack helicopter from any liberated outpost. The shop is located on a telephone pole near the outpost. It will be marked with a yellow box pasted on the telephone pole. At these purchase stations, players will have access to seven different models of attack helicopters. Each variety ranges from $2,400 to $7,200. There is also a way to get a free attack helicopter using the methods below.

Freedom attack helicopter

To get the free helicopter, people will want to head to Drubman Marina on the east side of the map. First, the cult’s outpost would need to be cleared. Once the cult is pushed out, talk to the female NPC on the dock. She will start Friendly Sky Quest.

Once completed, gamers will discover that her name is Adelaide Drubman. She can be added as an expert after the quest. One of her specialty is providing helicopter support. To help her bring down the helicopter, press left on the D-pad in an open area. Unfortunately, she will need to be killed to enter the helicopter.

How to get a free plane

FC5 . aircraft

Just like helicopters, players will be able to purchase planes by freeing an outpost. Special, Rye & Sons Aviation in the Netherlands Valley. Players will encounter a man named Nick Rye after they arrive at Rye & Sons. Eden’s Gate will patrol the area after they take Nick and his wife out.

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If someone wants to, they can just stealing planes from the hangar. However, this will cause problems with the quest unless the game is restarted. Help Nick and his wife and the plane will be yours. Also, stores will be available when they are safe.

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