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Despite coming from a small developer, Shell of death has established itself as one of the best Soul-like titles out there. It’s a shorter game Dark souls but it’s still something that will capture the player’s attention from start to finish. Souls fans will feel at home with the game, and it’s a great way to fill in the time until FromSoft is coming. Elden Ring published.

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It still has enough mechanics of its own to deliver a fundamentally immersive experience unique to Shell of death. Players need to take into account the Shell/Body they are using and combine it with the correct weapon. They all offer a number of different gameplay and approaches that provide players with their replay value. Now Shell of death was made available to Xbox Game Pass users, there’s never been a better time to dive into this dark fantasy from Cold Symmetry. However, before diving in, you should know what the best weapons in the game are.

The Martyr’s Blade

Mortal Shell Martyrs Blade

Martyr’s Balde can be obtained after defeating Hadern at the entrance of Martyr’s Temple. It is described in the game as:

“A two-handed sword, cold and elusive. Ruins from a long-dead empire. The First Martyr dedicated this longsword to heretics, but the blade fell on the necks of many. pious piety. Timely piety is not enough, Enshrined whispered. New sins and new enemies lurk in their ranks.”

Martyr’s Blade is a powerful sword that deals massive damage. It has two possibilities Petrified glass and Radiant glass. The skill Petrified Glass will freeze enemies on impact. The Radiant Winterglass skill is great for taking down larger groups of enemies with a single attack. The downside of Martyr’s Blade is that it is very slow and requires a lot of stamina leaving the player character vulnerable to attacks. This can be overcome by using the hardening mechanism but it requires a lot of quick thinking from the player.


Sword sanctification

The divine sword that transforms the shell of life and death

The Hallowed Sword is the first weapon the player acquires in the game. It is described in the game as:

“A Heavy sword with a hollow in the middle. This bulky sword appears to be broken or perhaps unfinished. A piston-like mechanism is buried deep within.”

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Despite the somewhat sad description, the Hallowed sword is very well balanced. It has moderate speed and damage but has two powerful abilities in Mechanical Spike and Molten Spike. The mechanical orb targets a single enemy with a jump attack. It’s a great ability to use against bosses thanks to its staggered effect. Molten Spike activates a burning spike to hit enemies with multiple burning damage.

Smoldering mace

Mortal Shell Smoldering Mace

You can find the Smoldering Mace at the entrance to the Temple Grounds. Players will need to interact with the book located near the statue to start another battle with Hadern. When defeated, the player’s character is rewarded with the Smoldering Mace. Description of Smolating Mace is as follows:

Ashes drifted from the smoldering end of the mace.

This mace is engraved with the inscription: “The fire of righteousness can only be wielded by a disciple sanctified by wrath and fury”.

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The Smolating Mace is a ranged weapon designed to damage multiple enemies at once. It has two possibilities Cast stone and Awakening Stone. Cast Stone will ignite the Mace and deal burn damage to multiple enemies. The Awakening Stone grants the player character temporary invulnerability and attacks multiple enemies with a storm of fire.


Mortal Shell uses Ballistazooka on a boss

Ballistazooka is the only ranged weapon in Death Shell. It deals massive damage to enemies from a distance. It can be found in Fallgrim Tower and is described in the game as follows:

An unwieldy bullet weapon, known to brigands as “Ballistzooka”. Muraden’s Neoterics invented this arcuballista for contention trials. Those who plead for the innocent Arch Engineer will stand before its narrow site, praying for the ray of light to disappear in an act of divine justice.”

Ballistazooka needs to be fixed for it to work. Broken weapon found at workbench in Fallgrim Tháp Tower. To repair it, the player needs buy Vlas Seller Tools for 8000 Tar. Once repaired, it can fire massive beams at enemies, making it perfect for boss battles and elite enemies as it will wobble them on impact. The weapon’s biggest downside is its reload time making it useless against large groups of enemies by leaving the player’s character vulnerable for the duration of the reload.

Hammer and chisel

Mortal Shell Hammer and Chisel

The Hammer and Chisel is one of the fastest weapons in the game and until the DLC is added it is the best weapon in the game. It is found at the entrance of Eternal Narthex. Again, the player will have to start a war with Hadern and defeat him to get the Hammer and Chisel. They are described in the game as follows:

The only tool suitable for writing about eternity. Although ostensibly harmless, it was only with these tools that Twiceborn carved history and bible onto the holy boards. Under the hammer blow, reality itself bends and breaks“.

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Despite the speed of these weapons, Hammer and Chisel don’t consume much health, meaning the player character will attack at breakneck speed. The damage dealt per hit is low compared to the other weapons on the list, but the damage is increased. In addition, it has two abilities named Perfume censorship and Error censorship. With Perfumed Censor, your character gains temporary invulnerability when spinning and throwing daggers at multiple enemies at once. The Foul Censor, like the Perfumed Censor, grants temporary invulnerability because the character will target an enemy, knocking them down, and inflicting poison.


Mortal Shell protagonist with Axatana

Axatana is the newest weapon in Shell of death when it comes go with Great cycle DLC. Players need to get all the weapons on the list, then they’ll return to Fallgrim Tower to fight Harden one last time. Hadern will wait for the player character on the second floor of the Fallgrim Tower. After defeating him, the player obtains his Shell and weapon.

Axatana’s in-game description is as follows:

A pair of dual swords, crafted to transform into an axe. A delicate invention of unknown origin. The dual swords are indeed remarkable, but the mechanics they combine offer near limitless possibilities in battle.”

Axatana is fast and powerful with a transformation ability that can transform it from a katana into a more powerful ax. It’s the best weapon in the game because it can target single and multiple targets. NS Dash Strike The skill is used in Katana form and it targets single enemies from medium distance. NS Ax Flurry The skill will swing at multiple enemies at once by dealing heavy damage. Weapons can be switched between combos meaning players can quickly combine fast and heavy attacks with ease.

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