Every Weapon For Shionne (& How To Craft Them)

There are 22 weapons for Shionne in Tales of Come up, all however a small handful of which is able to have to be crafted by one of many recreation’s many blacksmiths.


Though gamers are in a position to receive some weapons by means of sub-quests and the principle story, the overwhelming majority of the weapons in Tales of Come up have to be crafted. This implies monitoring down all the required parts after which heading over to a blacksmith to have a brand new weapon solid. Initially, there’ll solely be a number of craftable weapons out there, however, because the story progresses, this quantity will increase significantly over time.

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Much like Alphen, Shionne depends closely on blacksmiths, with 17 of her 22 out there weapons requiring the immense warmth of a forge. It is price noting that many of those are upgraded variations of her different weapons, so it is all the time a good suggestion for gamers to carry on to their older weapons reasonably than promoting them on after they have been changed, particularly these hoping to unlock Tales of Arise‘s Arms Stockpiler trophy/achievement.

Infantry Rifle

Assault Aspect Penetration
42 45 43

How To Receive The Infantry Rifle

The Infantry Rifle serves as Shionne’s beginning weapon and, excluding the joke farming-themed weapon, is her absolute weakest. As such, gamers will wish to improve to a greater one as quickly as doable.

Noble Rose

Assault Aspect Penetration
53 55 53

How To Receive The Noble Rose

Gamers will purchase the Noble Rose mechanically after investigating the Fagan Ruins in Iglia Wastes.

Fundamental Rifle

Assault Aspect Penetration
79 83 84

How To Craft The Fundamental Rifle

  • Stone Fragment x2
  • Membrane Wing x1
  • Astral Crystal Grain x1

Grouper Flood

Assault Aspect Penetration
88 96 95

How To Craft The Grouper Flood

  • Arduous Bone x6
  • Demihuman Talon x2

Ignis Roar

Assault Aspect Penetration
101 105 98

How To Craft The Ignis Roar

  • Sharp Fang x8
  • Weird Megacore x2


Assault Aspect Penetration
132 141 130

How To Craft The Blackthorn

  • Weird Megacore x4
  • Beast Tail x2

Harmless Lily

Assault Aspect Penetration
162 169 166

How To Craft The Harmless Lily

  • Eager Gigafang x6
  • Clay Fragment x2

Refined Grouper Flood

Assault Aspect Penetration
180 195 194

How To Craft The Refined Grouper Flood

  • Grouper Flood x1
  • Eager Gigafang x4
  • Demihuman Muscle x2

Refined Blackthorn

Assault Aspect Penetration
204 222 205

How To Craft The Refined Blackthorn

  • Blackthorn x1
  • Weird Megacore x4
  • Lizard Fin x2

Refined Ignis Roar

Assault Aspect Penetration
224 236 220

How To Craft The Refined Ignis Roar

  • Ignis Roar x1
  • Eager Gigafang x4
  • Dragon Flame Sac x2

Fake Watering Can

Assault Aspect Penetration
16 16 616

How To Craft The Fake Watering Can

  • Eager Gigafang x6
  • Ossified Stem x2
  • Astral Crystal x1

Shaded Aster

Assault Aspect Penetration
274 286 266

How To Receive The Shaded Aster

Gamers will receive the Shaded Aster after Shionne rejoins the social gathering in Saxleoh Temple simply earlier than the showdown with Vholran in Del Fharis Castle.

Supreme Grouper Flood

Assault Aspect Penetration
302 330 324

How To Craft The Supreme Grouper Flood

  • Refined Grouper Flood x1
  • Rending Titanfang x3
  • Sticky Tentacle x2

Supreme Blackthorn

Assault Aspect Penetration
333 360 334

How To Craft The Supreme Blackthorn

  • Refined Blackthorn x1
  • Mystical Luminacore x3
  • Ossified Stem x1

Supreme Ignis Roar

Assault Aspect Penetration
365 379 354

How To Craft The Supreme Ignis Roar

  • Refined Ignis Roar x1
  • Rending Titanfang x4
  • Flame Stone x2

Assault Shot

Assault Aspect Penetration
381 402 394

How To Craft The Assault Shot

  • Spirit Tail x6
  • Megafauna Bone x3
  • Mantid Claw x1

Sclopetum Rene

Assault Aspect Penetration
421 444 430

How To Craft The Sclopetum Rene

  • Rending Titanfang x6
  • Darkish Mane x3

Vivid Angelica

Assault Aspect Penetration
461 485 473

How To Craft The Vivid Angelica

  • Mystical Luminacore x8
  • Ominous Eyeball x2
  • Chameleon Disguise x1

Sacred Karma

Assault Aspect Penetration
507 522 497

How To Craft The Sacred Karma

  • Mystical Luminacore x8
  • Dragon Blood x3
  • Cursed Claw x3

Caritas Bouquet

Assault Aspect Penetration
439 462 451

How To Receive The Caritas Bouquet

As soon as gamers have accomplished the ‘Lacking Lover’ sub-quest in Pelegion, they’re going to unlock one other one known as ‘Their Future.’ The Caritas Bouquet is among the rewards for finishing this quest.

Monochrome Spiral

Assault Aspect Penetration
538 568 552

How To Craft The Monochrome Spiral

  • Rending Titanfang x10
  • Gloaming Crystal x2
  • Dragon Scale x4
  • Granite Fragment x2

Damonisch Core

Assault Aspect Penetration

How To Receive The Damonisch Core

Gamers can get their arms on the Damonish Core by defeating the boss on the summit of the Volcano of Spoil. It is a part of the ‘Otherworldly Guests’ sub-quest, which is unlocked by finishing the ‘One other Hillside Anomaly’ quest in Viscint.

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