Every vehicle on the list needs a second import/export (& Where to find them)

People who are looking for information about the second import / export list in Grand Theft Auto san andreas maybe will finish collecting cars on the first wanted list and so should have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect at the moment. The second list is very similar, although players will need to travel to some of the more remote areas of the San Andreas if they will use guaranteed spawn points rather than hunting for wild vehicles.

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Finding all ten vehicles on the second most wanted list and delivering them on board without any damage will result in the player making almost half a million dollars, with a hundred thousand of that in the form of bonus on completion. Therefore, keeping track of them all is a worthwhile endeavor for those who are short on cash, as completing all three import/export lists is one of the best ways. make money in GTA San Andreas.

Slamvan ($19,000)


Slamvan can sometimes be seen flying over The Strip in Las Venturas, but, in order to secure an appearance, players will need to head back to El Corona in Los Santos. There, they’ll find a Slamvan parked in an alley behind an XXX store.

Cheetah ($105,000)


One of three fastest cars in San Andreas and also one of the two most valuable, the player can find a Cheetah parked in the driveway north of the safe house in Prickle Pine, although only if the car is still on the track list. na. Alternatively, players can go to The Strip at night, where Cheetahs can often be found.

Blista Compact ($35,000)


There are several locations where a player can find a Blista Compact in San Fierro, including a car showroom on the east coast. However, for a guaranteed creature, players should head out to the tarmac at Easter Bay Airport, where they’ll find a Blista Compact parked near the southwest perimeter fence while the vehicle is being exported. password.

Breeder ($40,000)


Although they appear in a number of different locations, Runners are quite difficult to catch when compared to some of the other vehicles in the San Andreas. For a guaranteed spawn rate, players should head to a farm in the Blueberry Acres area of ​​Red County. Provided they haven’t had their turn yet, they will find a Runner parked next to one of the buildings there. For those wondering, the Ranchers that appear in the game use cheat codes are not counted as exportable vehicles.

Stafford ($35,000)


Although difficult to access, players will be able to find a Stafford parked outside the entrance to the Vank Hoff Hotel in Queens. Just to be clear, this is not a branch where CJ can do housekeeping work, but instead a branch where players can buy a set. If Stafford does not appear or is locked when it does, the player can simply circle around the block until another block appears.

Stallion ($19,000)


As long as Stallion remains on the wanted list, players will be able to find one in the SupaSave parking lot in the Juniper Hill area of ​​San Fierro. However, stalking bugs are common throughout San Fierro, so it’s very likely that players will encounter one at some point during their arrival and departure at the pier, most likely in Doherty near CJ’s garage.

Saber ($19,000)


Like Stallions, Sabers are fairly common in San Fierro, meaning players shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping track of one. For those, there’s a spawn point in the parking lot across from Zero’s RC shop. It’s not guaranteed to be the same as some of the other cars on the various wanted lists, but if the player loops around the block once or twice, eventually one will appear.

Tanker ($35,000)


Tank trucks are quite common in rural areas, especially at gas stations and rest stops along country roads. For a guaranteed spawn rate, the player can go to the restaurant on the east side of Boat School in Bayside, where they’ll find a perch on the side of the building.

FCR-900 ($10,000)


As the cheapest car on the list, those looking for an FCR-900 have quite a few options to choose from. However, when it comes to guaranteed ones, players should head to the area behind Pizza Stack in the Roca Escalante area of ​​Las Venturas. Players who won silver medals in all six lessons at bike school You will also be able to find a bean outside there.

Comet ($35,000)


Although one of the fastest cars in Town, Comet did not make the top 10 in San Andreas. Despite its flashy look, it’s also not particularly valuable, with players only getting $35,000 to deliver one in perfect condition. Thankfully, though, there’s a guaranteed spawn not too far from the pier while the vehicle remains on the wanted list, which players can find in the Avispa Country Club parking lot.

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