Every Unreleased Region In Teyvat

With the Inazuma update finally arriving in Genshin Impact, miHoYo also revealed the roadmap for the rest of the regions coming to Teyvat. Although information about the seven nations and their elements was revealed when the game was initially released, miHoYo has finally laid down a concrete timeline for the remaining four nations.

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Currently, there are three nations playable in Genshin Impact: Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Developer miHoYo stated its goal is to have all seven regions released over the next four years, which likely means that one new region will be released per year with Sumeru coming in 2022, Fontaine in 2023, Natlan in 2024, and Snezhnaya in 2025. Although. there are rumors and quest hints that regions outside of seven major nations like Khaenri’ah will appear as well, they have yet to be officially confirmed.


Updated on February 2, 2022 by Michael Christopher: Fans of Genshin Impact have received more info on some unreleased areas since this post was initially published. We’ve updated it to include this, as well as adding some regions that are not the seven major nations.



Sumeru is a nation in Teyvat that worships the God of Wisdom, also known as the Dendro Archon. Dendro is currently the only unreleased element in Genshin Impact and this update might be when previously leaked characters like Yaoyao or the confirmed Dendro user Baizhu become playable.

Cyno will be the featured character and seems to be a Pyro polearm user. Sumeru has been described by Genshin Impact characters as a desert region with rainforests, and seems to be based on a country like Egypt. Sumeru will be the next region to release, likely in 2022.


genshin impact lyney lynette trailer preview

Fontaine is a nation in Teyvat that worships the God of Justice, also known as the Hydro Archon. Although very little has been revealed about the nation so far, it’s been described as the heart of culture and arts in Genshin Impact.

The characters featured in Fontaine are Lyney and Lynette, who seem to have a carnivalesque aesthetic. Fontaine appears to be based on France and will appear after Sumeru, likely in 2023.


Genshin Impact Act 5 Pyro Character

Natlan is a nation in Teyvat that worships the God of War, also known as Murata or the Pyro Archon. There seems to be more information revealed about Murata than Natlan itself. True to her name, Murata has instilled the value of battle throughout Natlan and her descendants are blessed with fiery red hair.

Little has been revealed in Genshin Impact itself, but the webcomic has more references to the nation. The featured character will be Iansan, and it seems the region is inspired by Mesoamerican civilizations. Natlan is planned to be released after Fontaine, likely in 2024.



Despite being the final region set to be released in Genshin Impact, there’s been a lot more revealed about Snezhnaya than some other regions, given it has been a key component of the main story. Snezhnaya worships the Cryo Archon, The Tsaritsa, who is described by Dainsleif as a “God with no love left for her people.” The Fatui are a military force under the control of the Tsaritsa, and the Eleven Harbingers act as their executive officers. Snezhnaya is also technologically superior to the other regions, and the Fatui are the strongest military force in Teyvat.

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Snezhnaya is described as a nation of constant winter storms, based on Russia, and Childe has said people can literally freeze to death if they don’t keep moving. It seems fitting that Snezhnaya is the final region to be released given the Fatui are one of the major antagonists in Genshin Impact. The original preview trailer hinted at the appearance of Harbinger Pulcinella, the person responsible for bringing Childe into the organization. A number of story characters the player has already met come from Snezhnaya, including Scaramouche and La Signora, so it’s likely they will also play an important role in the story once players reach the region, potentially in 2025.

Potential Other Regions



The fallen nation of Khaenri’ah is one of the major parts of Genshin Impact’s lore. This former kingdom is where the twins arrived when they appeared in Teyvat. Around 500 years ago, an event referred to as “The Cataclysm” took place. During this time, Celestia and the Archons destroyed Khaenri’ah, transforming the people who lived there into monsters that now include the Abyss Order.

Dainsleif, the major story character, was from Khaenri’ah, as was Kaeya. Dainsleif is roaming the continent after the fall of the kingdom, and he is extremely embittered towards the Seven and Celestia itself. Khaenri’ah has been announced as the location of the final story chapter, simply called Chapter ??: The Dream Yet To Be Dreamed.

The extent to which players will be able to traverse Khaenri’ah is unknown, though it does appear that it will be one of the regions visited eventually — but probably not for a long time.

The Chasm

The Chasm

This region is not technically its own autonomous region, but part of Liyue, similar to how Dragonspine is considered separate from Mondstadt in many respects. This area is a huge mine that was closed for an unknown region and is currently not accessible. However, leaks and rumors suggest it is going to be released very soon. A small portion of the Chasm is accessible, though it’s riddled with monsters.

The Chasm is the main source of ore in Liyue, and a little can be learned about it by talking to certain NPCs and reading noticeboards throughout the region. In-game lore suggests that people who spend too much time in the Chasm will go mad, which may be why it was closed recently.


Celestia Genshin Impact

The floating island of Celestia is shrouded in mystery and seems to be a major driving force behind the events of the game and many important characters’ motivations. It’s said to be the place where the divine reside, both the Seven Archons and the gods who are even higher than them in the heavenly hierarchy.

It seems that the Archons have a complicated relationship with Celestia, given Venti’s and Zhongli’s hesitance to discuss it and the fact that Raiden Ei has completely cut ties with it. Celestia was behind the destruction of Khaenri’ah, and many other events in Teyvat’s history. The Gnoses that Archon’s use are apparently tied directly to Celestia, but all three that players have met so far have given up or lost their Gnosis, and two of them (Ei and Zhongli) seem rather unconcerned about that.

Fan speculation suggests that Celestia is the location of the loading screen for Genshin Impact as well as the opening cutscene where the twins fight the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. Celestia’s role in the story will clearly be flushed out much more over the coming years, but whether players can visit the floating isle remains unknown at this time.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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