Every TV show needs a good holiday episode

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Holidays and nostalgia go hand in hand, and perhaps that’s why some of the best TV episodes are holiday episodes. Any show worth watching will have its own memories, our protagonists and their storylines going through the chaos and love of family, food and tradition, just like the rest. our back. And nothing feels more like coming home to the holidays than reuniting with the characters we loved growing up.

Start on the Upper East Side for Thanksgiving with the Waldorfs before things get too dramatic, pass through Stars Hollow for Jackson and Sookie’s deep-fried turkey, and finally make your way to the Tipton Hotel, where There are a thousand and one ways to make Christmas right. And don’t forget to FaceTime at the AFC Richmond Christmas party.

Holiday TV is serious – you can’t waste time flipping through channels. We’ve rounded up the best of the best holiday TV shows, from tense to emotional.

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You know, it would be nice when the all-powerful Gossip Girl vocalist herself announced a 16-hour hiatus in one day to trade gourmet gossip. “When the cat is away, the mouse will play,” she said. And she is right. “Blair Waldorf Must Pie” is the quintessential Thanksgiving episode and the ideal holiday revisit. There are countless plot stories – the Waldorf family’s baggage, Dan and Lily van der Woodsen’s mother at the same dinner table, and all of Blair, Serena, Dan, and Nate’s ways of life being different during Thanksgiving. last year. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t Gossip Girl Problem: Serena and Blair get into another boyfriend fight, and the Upper East Siders take a dramatic trip to Brooklyn.

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The downside of being everyone’s lover is that people will expect you during the holidays. Rory and Lorelai are obviously not going out of Thanksgiving at Emily and Richard’s house. But, of course, they also said yes to Sookie. And Luke. And the lane. So here we see our beloved mother-daughter duo feasting on everyone’s feast, eating everything from Mrs. Kim’s Tofurky to Jackson’s deep-fried turkey. And somewhere in between all of this, Lorelai discovered that Rory had applied to more universities than just Harvard (which is… the right thing to do, Lorelai). Plus, Kirk gets a cat! And name it Kirk! For those who don’t return to their hometown for Thanksgiving, going back to Stars Hollow will do.

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Ted Lasso released a Christmas episode in mid-August and now is the perfect time to revisit it. The show that feels most satisfying on TV has an even more exciting Christmas special. It contributes nothing to the plot of season two except for the holiday cheer and warm vibes. We have soccer players singing carols in town and the aloof AFC Richmond gathered under one roof after realizing the holidays are not the time to feel lonely.

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It’s a place where Phoebe’s dad isn’t in some faraway foreign country, but actually lives in upstate New York, and she goes looking for him with Joey and Chandler. It’s also where Rachel’s holiday party turns into a tropical island because Ross damaged the radiator, and their super building is inaccessible due to the holidays. The ideal blend of chaos and sweetness needed for an exceptional Christmas sitcom.

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Boyle Bingo: Thanksgiving Edition, a district-wide bingo card featuring all of Boyle’s quirky -isms, is in full swing. Jake Peralta is a true Thanksgiving fanatic, reluctant to go to Amy’s dinner where he has to toast about what he’s grateful for. There was the stuffed vegetarian-samosa and the Peking duck, all of which ended with Jell-O for Hitchcock, who had a colonoscopy scheduled and couldn’t eat solid food.

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Being a parentThe Thanksgiving episode does the best job when it comes to what Being a parent do the best – the seriousness – and for that, we can’t help being grateful. Haddie sneaks off to meet her boyfriend (played by Michael B. Jordan, to be honest, her family should have understood). Crosby is in charge of carving the turkey. The Bravermans football board game does everything for the episode’s plot it needs, from confessions to coming together.

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One of the best parts of a sitcom is showcasing your group’s holiday traditions. As How I meet your MotherSlapsgiving. This is Lily and Marshall’s first Thanksgiving after marriage, which Lily wants to be perfect. It’s made a little awkward by Ted’s recent breakup and Robin and Robin bringing in her new ex-boyfriend. Slapsgiving takes its name from the Slap Bet from a previous episode, where Marshall won the right to slap Barney five times. Marshall delivered the final slap with only ten seconds left.

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It’s a direct story from fan fiction: Favorite pop star Lizzie arrives in her hometown to shoot a music video, and she not only ends up in it, but gets kissed on it. mother? If the Twitter stan existed back then, she would have to go private immediately. Above all, the Aaron Carter – Hilary Duff era is a vibrant part of American history. I can hear the words “Merry Christmas, Lizzie McGuire” as if it happened yesterday.

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Who could forget the iconic episode when Maddie orchestrated the Santa Claus Secret exchange at the Tipton Hotel to ensure she’d get a gift from her Designated Rich Friend , the heir to the London Tipton Hotel, just so that London could have a meaningful, homemade gift? These days, Zack and Cody’s father is back in town, and in a holiday spirit, Cody tries to get him and his mother back together. Oh, and then the elevator breaks down due to a winter storm outside, and the twins are trapped inside with a pregnant woman about to give birth. Real-life nativity scene in Tipton.

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