Every TFT Set 6 champion: Abilities, cost, stats, and updates

A complete of 58 Teamfight Ways champions are in Set Six Gizmos & Devices, showcasing a variety of talents. 

Scheduled to launch onto the PBE by way of Patch 11.21 and launch formally on Nov. 3, TFT Set Six Gizmos & Devices is in contrast to any earlier set. A complete of 58 champions seem within the sixth set, and 11 of them have three traits

The skills and stats of every champion are topic to alter each day all through the PBE, and stability adjustments will happen each two weeks following the official launch of TFT Set Six. We’ll replace this text with every stability change through the two-week PBE testing stage and with every patch after launch. 

From Twitch and Seraphine to Orianna and Jayce, right here’s each TFT Set Six Gizmos & Devices champion, their talents, and stats. 

One-cost TFT Set Six champions

TFT Set 6 Camille
Picture by way of Riot Video games

There are a complete of 13 one-cost TFT Set Six champions. 

Caitlyn (Enforcer/Sniper)

Caitlyn’s Ace within the Gap spell targets the farthest enemy, dealing 800/1200/2000 magic injury to the primary enemy her bullet hits.

Camille (Clockwork/Challenger)

Camille positive aspects a defend blocking 300/400/600 injury over a complete of 4 seconds together with her spell Defensive Sweep, then sweeps her leg, dealing 150/200/300 magic injury to enemies in a cone. Whereas the defend is energetic, Camille’s assaults restore 30 well being.  

Darius (Syndicate/Bodyguard)

Darius’ spell Decimate swings his axe in a circle, dealing 100/150/200 magic injury. He then heals himself for 50/75/100 well being for every enemy hit. 

Ezreal (Scrap/Innovator)

Ezreal fires a missile at his goal with Mystic Shot, dealing 125/200/350 magic injury. If the missile hits, he grants himself 30 % bonus assault velocity that stacks as much as 150 % at 5 stacks.

Garen (Academy/Protector)

Garen shrugs off all crowd management results with Decisive Strike, empowering his subsequent strike to deal 225 % of his assault injury, plus a further 20/25/30 % of his lacking well being in bonus bodily injury. Garen can forged this capacity whereas surprised.

Graves (Academy/Twinshot)

Graves launches a smoke grenade towards the enemy with the best assault velocity by way of his spell Smoke Grenade. The grenade explodes on influence, dealing 150/250/400 magic injury to close by enemies, who can’t assault for two/2.5/3 seconds whereas they continue to be inside the smoke cloud.

Illaoi (Mercenary/Bruiser)

Illaoi slams her goal with Harsh Lesson, linking her soul to them for 5 seconds and dealing 175/300/500 magic injury. Whereas linked, Illaoi heals for 30/35/40 % of the injury taken by her goal. 

Kassadin (Mutant/Protector)

Kassadin fires an orb of void power at his goal with Null Sphere, dealing 200/275/340 magic injury, making use of 35/50/65 % mana reave, and granting Kassadin a defend that reduces incoming injury by 30 % for a complete of 4 seconds. 

Poppy (Yordle/Bodyguard)

Poppy throws her buckler on the farthest enemy, dealing 200/250/300 % of her armor as magic injury. The buckler then bounces again, granting Poppy a defend that blocks 250/375/525 injury.

Singed (Chemtech/Innovator)

Singed flings a close-by enemy in the direction of the biggest cluster of enemies together with his spell Fling, beautiful his goal for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds after they land. All adjoining enemies take 125/175/250 magic injury and are briefly surprised. 

Twisted Destiny (Syndicate/Arcanist)

Twisted Destiny throws three playing cards in a cone that deal 150/225/300 magic injury to every enemy they cross by. 

Twitch (Chemtech/Murderer)

Twitch fires Piercing Bolt in the direction of his goal, dealing 175/185/200 % of his assault injury as bodily injury and making use of 50 % Grievous Wounds for 5 seconds. 

Ziggs (Scrap/Yordle/Arcanist)

Ziggs hurls a Mini Inferno Bomb at his goal. The bomb lands after a average delay, dealing 250/350/475 magic injury to the enemy within the epicenter and half of that injury to adjoining enemies.

Two-cost Set Six champions

TFT Set 6 Zilean
Picture by way of Riot Video games

There are a complete of 13 two-cost TFT Set Six champions. 

Blitzcrank (Scrap/Protector/Bodyguard)

Blitzcrank pulls the farthest enemy with Rocket Seize, dealing 200/350/999 magic injury and beautiful them for two.5 seconds. His subsequent assault after pulling inflicts knock-up for one second. Allies inside vary choose attacking Blitzcrank’s goal. 

Zyra (Syndicate/Scholar)

Zyra summons vines with Greedy Spines within the row with probably the most enemies, dealing 200/300/500 magic injury and beautiful them for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. 

Katarina (Academy/Murderer)

Katarina blinks behind the enemy with the bottom well being inside three hexes and slashes all adjoining enemies, dealing 175/225/300 magic injury. Katarina positive aspects 20/20/40 mana for every enemy killed by her Shunpo spell.

Kog’Maw (Mutant/Sniper/Twinshot)

For 3 seconds, Kog’Maw positive aspects infinite assault vary, 80 % assault velocity, and his assaults deal 3/4/6 % of the goal’s most well being as bonus magic injury.

Quinn (Mercenary/Challenger)

Quinn targets an enemy with Disarming Assault, dealing 150/250/350 magic injury to the goal and close by enemies. The principle goal is disarmed for 3 seconds, and all close by enemies have their assault injury decreased by 40/40/80 % for a complete of 4 seconds. 

Swain (Imperial/Arcanist)

Swain unleashes his spell Dying’s Hand in a cone in the direction of his goal, dealing 300/425/575 magic injury to enemies inside, and therapeutic Swain for 200/275/350 for every enemy hit. 

Talon (Imperial/Murderer)

Talon’s Blade’s Finish spell has a Passive: Talon’s first assault on an enemy causes them to bleed for 450/600/1000 magic injury over seven seconds. Each third assault on a goal applies a further bleed. 

Tristana (Yordle/Sniper)

Tristana fires Buster Shot in the direction of her goal, dealing 200/210/225 % of her assault injury plus 150/200/250 bodily injury to the primary enemy it hits. If the goal is inside two Hexes of Tristana, they’re knocked again 1/2/3 Hexes and briefly surprised. 

Warwick (Chemtech/Challenger)

Warwick’s spell Everlasting Starvation has a Passive: Warwick’s Assaults deal a further 6/9/12 % of his goal’s present well being as bonus magic injury and heal him for the injury dealt. 

Trundle (Scrap/Bruiser)

Trundle bites his goal with Chomp, dealing 175 % of his assault injury, making use of 50 % assault velocity Sluggish for 3 seconds and stealing 20/30/50 assault injury for the remainder of fight. 

Lulu (Yordle/Enchanter)

Lulu targets 1/2/3 low well being allies with Wild Development, granting them 300/350/400 bonus well being and knocking up enemies close to them. If the ally is already embiggened with Wild Development, they’re healed as an alternative. 

Zilean (Clockwork/Innovator)

Zilean locations Time Bomb on the closest enemy, beautiful them for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. The bomb explodes when the stun ends or the goal dies, dealing 200/300/450 magic injury to adjoining enemies and making use of 20/35/50 % assault velocity Sluggish for 3 seconds. 

Vi (Enforcer/Sister/Bruiser)

Vi hits with Denting Blow, dealing 350/500/750 magic injury to all enemies in a cone and decreasing their armor by 40/50/70 % for eight seconds.

Three-cost TFT Set Six champions

TFT Set 6 Malzahar
Picture by way of Riot Video games

There are a complete of 13 three-cost TFT Set Six champions. 

Cho’Gath (Mutant/Colossus/Bruiser)

Cho’Gath devours the bottom Well being enemy inside vary with Feast, dealing 500/750/1500 magic injury. If this kills the goal, Cho’Gath positive aspects a stack of Feast, as much as 6/12/999. Every stack of Feast grants Cho’Gath two % bonus well being and dimension completely.

Ekko (Scrap/Innovator)

Ekko invokes Parallel Convergence, an afterimage that launches a tool in the direction of the biggest group of models. Upon touchdown, it offers 200/325/450 magic injury to enemies inside and applies 35/35/50 % decreased motion velocity for a complete of 4 seconds. Allies inside achieve 30/50/70 % assault velocity for a complete of 4 seconds. 

Gangplank (Mercenary/Twinshot)

Gangplank shoots his goal together with his spell Parrley, dealing 225/250/300 % of his assault injury. If this kills a champion, Gangplank plunders one gold.

Heimerdinger (Yordle/Scholar/Innovator)

Heimerdinger fires three waves of 5 rockets with Rocket Swarm that converge on his goal. Every rocket offers 30/45/75 magic injury, decreased by 30 % for every goal they hit. Each third forged, Heimerdinger summons three waves as an alternative.

Leona (Academy/Bodyguard)

Leona makes use of Photo voltaic Eclipse, granting herself a 500/800/1300 well being defend for a complete of 4 seconds. Leona and allies inside two Hexes achieve 30/50/80 armor and magic resistance for a similar period. 

Lissandra (Chemtech/Scholar)

Lissandra encases her goal with Iron Maiden, beautiful them for 1.5 seconds and dealing 250/400/700 magic injury to enemies inside a big space. Harm from her spell reduces enemies’ assault injury by 40 % for 5 seconds. If Lissandra is under 50 % well being, she encases herself as an alternative, dealing injury to surrounding enemies and turning into untargetable and invulnerable for 2 seconds. 

Malzahar (Mutant/Arcanist)

Malzahar targets the thoughts of the closest unafflicted enemies, dealing 800/1100/1500 magic injury over eight seconds and making use of 40 % magic resistance shred for the period. If an bothered goal dies, Malefic Visions spreads to the closest 1.5 unafflicted targets with the remaining period. 

Miss Fortune (Mercenary/Sniper)

Miss Fortune makes use of her spell Make it Rain to hit random enemies with 4 waves of bullets, dealing 200/300/450 complete magic injury to enemies within the space and decreasing their incoming therapeutic by 50 % for six seconds.

Samira (Imperial/Challenger)

If a goal is adjoining to Samira, she slashes together with her blade by way of Aptitude in a cone in the direction of them, dealing 150/160/175 % of her assault injury as bodily injury to all enemies inside. Enemies inside even have their armor decreased by 5/10/15. This armor discount can stack. In any other case, she fires an empowered shot at her goal with the identical results and refunds 20 mana. 

Shaco (Syndicate/Murderer)

Shaco dips into the shadows with Deceive, briefly turning into untargetable. His subsequent assault offers 250/260/275 % of his assault injury as bodily injury and is assured to critically strike targets under 50 % well being.

Taric (Socialite/Enchanter)

Taric heals himself and the bottom Well being ally for 200/300/600 with Starlight Bastion. Any overhealing is transformed to a defend that lasts for a complete of 4 seconds. 

Zac (Chemtech/Bruiser)

Zac stretches his arms as much as three Hexes to tug the 2 most distant enemies in the direction of him with Yoink! and deal 450/600/999 magic injury. Zac takes 60/70/80 % much less injury whereas utilizing this capacity. 

Vex (Yordle/Arcanist)

Vex shields herself towards 500/700/900 injury over a complete of 4 seconds with Private House. When the defend expires, it offers 150/250/350 magic injury to all enemies inside two Hexes and a further 150/250/350 injury if it wasn’t destroyed. If it was destroyed, Private House turns into 25 % stronger throughout this fight. This impact can stack. 

4-cost TFT Set Six champions

TFT Set 6 Orianna
Picture by way of Riot Video games

There are a complete of 11 four-cost TFT Set Six champions. 

Braum (Syndicate/Bodyguard)

Braum slams Vault Breaker, making a fissure in the direction of his goal. Enemies inside two Hexes of Braum and people struck by the fissure are surprised for two.5/3.5/7 seconds and take 100/125/1000 magic injury. 

Dr. Mundo (Chemtech/Mutant/Bruiser)

Dr. Mundo’s Zap Dose injects him with “drugs,” restoring 20 % of his most well being whereas energizing him for six seconds. Throughout the time he’s energized, Dr. Mundo restores a further 65/75/200 % of his most well being over the period and offers 30/50/100 magic injury to a random close by enemy.

When the “drugs” expires, Dr. Mundo expels a burst of electrical energy that offers 20/25/30 % of his present well being as magic injury to all enemies inside two Hexes. 

Fiora (Enforcer/Challenger)

Fiora turns into untargetable and strikes 4 instances at her goal’s vitals with Blade Waltz. Every strike offers 200 % of her assault injury as bodily injury, 75/125/400 bonus true injury, and heals her for 15 % of the whole injury dealt. If the goal dies, Fiora will change targets to the closest enemy.

Janna (Scrap/Enchanter/Scholar)

Janna summons the spell Monsoon, knocking again close by enemies and beautiful them for 1/1/4 seconds. The Monsoon heals allies 400/550/2000 well being over the course of three seconds. 

Jhin (Clockwork/Sniper)

With Curtain Name, Jhin transforms his weapon right into a sniper rifle for his subsequent 4 pictures. Every shot offers 175/250/444 % of his assault injury as bodily injury, decreased by 33 % for every goal it pierces by. The fourth shot is assured to critically strike and offers 44 % extra injury primarily based on his goal’s lacking well being. 

The four-cost additionally has a Passive: Jhin at all times assaults 0.9/0.9/1.4 instances per second. He converts every one % of bonus Assault Pace into 0.8 assault injury.

Lux (Academy/Arcanist)

After gathering power, Lux’s Last Spark fires a beam in the direction of the farthest enemy goal, dealing 350/500/1337 magic injury and decreasing the magic resistance of enemies by 40/40/80 % for a complete of 4 seconds. 

Orianna (Clockwork/Enchanter)

Orianna sends out Command: Shockwave in the direction of the biggest group of Set Six champions, then instructions it to launch a shockwave. Allies inside two Hexes achieve 175/375/750 defend for 4 seconds, whereas enemies inside the space are briefly knocked up and take 350/550/1500 magic injury. Enemies adjoining to the ball are drawn in, beautiful them for 1.5/1.5/5 seconds.

Seraphine (Socialite/Innovator)

Seraphine initiatives Encore in the direction of the biggest group of models. The tune offers 200/300/1000 magic injury to enemies and applies 35/35/50 % assault velocity Sluggish for a complete of 4 seconds. Allies it passes by are healed for 200/300/1000 well being and achieve 30/50/one hundred pc assault velocity for a complete of 4 seconds. 

Sion (Imperial/Protector/Colossus)

Sion winds up Decimating Smash, then smashes his axe down. All enemies inside a big space are knocked up, surprised for 1/1.5/4 seconds, and take 400/600/2500 magic injury. 

Yone (Academy/Challenger)

Yone summons his spirit by way of Soul Unbound to assault distant enemies for 4/5/20 seconds. The spirit is an untargetable, invulnerable copy of Yone and heals him for 40/50/one hundred pc of the injury it offers. If Yone dies, his spirit dies with him.

Urgot (Chemtech/Twinshot)

Urgot assaults the closest enemy at a set fee of 5/7/15 assaults per second for a complete of 5 seconds with Purge. Every assault offers 30 % assault injury and 30 % assault velocity bodily injury. Harm from Urgot’s capacity scales with assault injury and assault velocity.

5-cost TFT Set Six champions

TFT Set 6 Jinx
Picture by way of Riot Video games

There are a complete of seven five-cost TFT Set Six champions. 

Akali (Syndicate/Murderer)

Akali dashes by probably the most enemies in a line, dealing 225/350/2000 magic injury and marking them for seven seconds. When a marked goal drops under 15/25/90% Well being, Akali dashes once more, dealing 225/350/2000 magic injury to enemies she passes by and executes the marked goal. 

Galio (Socialite/Colossus/Bodyguard)

Galio turns into invulnerable with Colossal Entrance and leaps into the sky earlier than crashing down on the biggest group of enemies. Enemies inside a big radius take 200/300/2000 magic injury and are knocked into the sky. The decrease the enemy’s most well being is in comparison with Galio’s, the additional they’re knocked up. 

The five-cost additionally has a Passive: Galio’s essential strike slams the bottom, dealing 100/150/500 bonus magic injury to enemies round his goal. 

Jayce (Enforcer/Transformer/Innovator)

In melee type, Jayce slams his hammer down onto close by enemies, dealing injury and decreasing their armor and magic resistance with Mercury Cannon. With ranged type, Jayce deploys an acceleration gate, granting bonus assault velocity to allies in the identical row. He then fires an orb of electrical energy on the largest enemy group utilizing Mercury Hammer. 

Jinx (Sister/Scrap/Twinshot)

Jinx rides her Tremendous Mega Dying Rocket above the battle. After a slight delay, she comes crashing down close to the centermost enemy, dealing 400/600/3000 magic injury to enemies across the epicenter and 50 % to all different enemies in a big space. 

The epicenter burns each unit (together with allies) besides Jinx for 5 seconds, dealing 2/2.5/3 % of the goal’s most well being as true injury and decreasing therapeutic for the period. She then swaps to her rocket launcher, inflicting her assaults to deal one hundred pc bonus assault injury in a small space round her goal. 

Kai’sa (Mutant/Challenger)

Kai’sa dashes to the Hex furthest from all enemies by way of Icathian Monsoon. She then fires a volley of 14/18/40 missiles unfold evenly amongst all enemies that deal 50/75/150 magic injury to every goal. Kai’Sa fires a bonus missile for every time she has attacked this fight. 

Tahm Kench (Mercenary/Glutton/Bruiser)

Tahm Kench devours his goal, storing them in his stomach for 3 seconds, dealing 1000/2000/30000 magic injury over the period. Throughout this time, the goal is invulnerable to different sources of injury, and Tahm Kench takes 40 % decreased injury. 

If the enemy dies whereas inside, Tahm Kench spits out a random merchandise part they have been holding or the price of the unit in gold. In any other case, he spits them in the direction of the farthest enemy, briefly beautiful targets they influence.

Yummi (Academy/Cuddly/Scholar)

Yuumi and Guide launch 4/6/33 waves towards the farthest enemy, with every wave dealing 60/80/247 magic injury and beautiful enemies for one second. Yuumi then reattaches to the closest ally. 

All Set Six Gizmos & Devices champion talents and stats will get up to date all through the PBE testing interval and with each TFT patch after launch.

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