Every Sub-Quest in Ganath Haros (& How To Complete Them)

Ganath Haros is the fifth and last realm that the occasion visits in Tales of Come up and has 12 thrilling sidequests for gamers to sink their enamel into.


After a considerably underwhelming providing in Mahag Saar, Ganath Haros provides up a number of the best possible sub-quests in Tales of Come up. There’s loads of selection throughout the realm’s 12 quests, although gamers might want to wait till after they’ve handled the fifth and last Renan Lord earlier than they’re capable of actually sink their enamel into them.

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Among the many many nice completion rewards on provide are a number of artifacts, some model new titles, and a pair of extremely distinctive weapons for Shionne and Alphen. Most of the quests additionally pit gamers in opposition to Gigant Zeugles, which offers an ideal alternative to extend the occasion’s most CP as they head in direction of the house stretch of Tales of Arise‘s marathon of a primary story.

Fishing Fiends


Quest Giver Dahnan Man (Thistlym)
Unlock Necessities Defeat Almeidrea on the Mobile Fortress Gradia.
Technique Enter Shinefall Woods and defeat 4 Terrapin Fists.
  • Life Bottle (x3)
  • 3,800 Gald

Grasp of Nature


Quest Giver Frightened Boy (Pelegion)
Unlock Necessities Defeat Vholran in Del Fharis Castle.
Technique Journey to the Lavtu Marshlands and defeat the Elemental Gigant Zeugle (stage 42).

Gourmand Saga: Comfortable and Fluffy


Quest Giver Gourdeno (Pelegion)
Unlock Necessities Defeat Vholran in Del Fharis Fortress.
Technique Give Gourdeno some rice (x6), peppers (x4), rappig meat (x2), and tofu (x2). The meat might be obtained from the ranch as soon as gamers have unlocked the flexibility to farm rappigs and the tofu might be bought from the innkeeper in Pelegion.
  • Mabo Curry Recipe
  • 5,100 Glad
  • 150 SP

Pelegion’s Zeugle Mascot


Quest Giver Younger Dahnan Girl (Pelegion)
Unlock Necessities Defeat Vholran in Del Fharis Fortress.
Technique Head again to Aureum Falls and defeat 5 Wild Boomy.
  • Fish Steak Recipe
  • 8,400 Gald
  • 215 SP

Catching Up


Quest Giver Younger Carpenter (Pelegion)
Unlock Necessities Defeat Vholran in Del Fharis Fortress.
Technique Give the carpenter three Infused Statue Fragments.
  • Life Bottle (x2)
  • 6,800 Gald
  • 175 SP

Lacking Lover


Quest Giver Pensive Girl (Thistlym)
Unlock Necessities End the primary story quests in Pelegion after which head in direction of the Forland Mountains.
Technique Communicate with Ganye on stage 3 of Pelegion after which, after crossing the mountains, the guard on Talka Pond Street.
  • Grilled Rappig Recipe
  • 5,100 Gald
  • 150 SP
  • Matchmaker (Dohalim Title)

Seaside Tornadoes


Quest Giver Dahnan Elder (Thistlym)
Unlock Necessities End the primary story quests in Pelegion after which head in direction of the Forland Mountains.
Technique Head to the Tuah Seashore Are and defeat the Stormbringer Gigant Zeugle (stage 42).

Her Place


Quest Giver Dahna Man (Shinefall Woods)
Unlock Necessities End the primary story quests in Pelegion after which head in direction of the Forland Mountains.
Technique Defeat the Regent Bee Gigant Zeugle (stage 45) in Shinefall Woods after which relaxation at a campsite after returning to the person.
  • 12,600 Gald
  • 380 SP
  • Insect Deposer (Shionne Title)

Untamable Rage


Quest Giver Aged Fisherman (Thistlym)
Unlock Necessities Cross the Forland Mountains.
Technique Journey to Shinefall Woods and observe the brand new path to Fogwharl Limestone Caverns. After reaching the Interior Sanctum space, defeat the Luo Undine mini-boss (stage 56) after which return to the person in Thistlym.
  • Sushi Recipe
  • Golden Fortunate Cat Statue (Artifact)
  • Burning Blood (Guide)
  • 36,800 Gald
  • Torrential Mage (Rinwell Title)

A Speak With Tilsa


Quest Giver Tilsa (Pelegion)
Unlock Necessities Discover The Wedge.
Technique Reply the questions. It would not matter which choices are chosen.

Their Future


Quest Giver Renan Soldier (Pelegion)
Unlock Necessities Full the “Lacking Lover” sub-quest and attain the Rena part of the primary story.
Technique Head to Saxleoh Temple in Pelegion and watch the cut-scene.

Past The Grave


Quest Giver Computerized
Unlock Necessities Head to the Tuah Seashore after reaching the Rena part of the primary story.
Technique Go to the Hidden Wharf in Mahag Saar and communicate to Mahavar, who’ll provide to take the occasion to the “Uninhabited Island.” After arriving on the island, defeat the Mesmald mini-boss (stage 59) after which watch the cutscene to finish the search.

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