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As one begins their journey in King’s Bounty 2, the primary main choice the player should make is who they’ll play as on this world of monsters and magic. There are 3 to select from, Aivar, Katharine, and Elisa, all of whom specialise in completely different sorts of gameplay.

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Players ought to select their character primarily based on which of the 4 sorts of Beliefs (Energy, Order, Finesse, and Anarchy) they want to specialise in, although, don’t be concerned about needing quite a lot of background data, as every Supreme’s title makes it fairly apparent what sorts of ways and troops it should entail utilizing.

There are additionally different components, similar to traits, in addition to what sorts of spells the player can use. Some are higher for offensive magic whereas others are higher fitted to therapeutic spells, so maintain one’s tactical preferences in thoughts. Nevertheless, troop alternative, and subsequently Supreme focus, guidelines the mechanics of this sport, so deciding on a personality primarily based on their Supreme potential is extremely really useful.

Aivar, The Warrior

kings bounty 2 aivar the warrior character selection screen

About Aivar

Aivar was as soon as a knight from a diminished noble home however was exiled after a coup for refusing to take part on the final second. After that, he made a residing as a mercenary for a number of years. Just lately, he acquired a letter from Prince Adrian providing him a pardon in addition to a place as a Royal Guard, which has him touring to satisfy with the Common Meeting.

Aivar’s Traits

Trait Description
Mercenary Grasp of warfare with common Management, however is incapable of utilizing magic. Items underneath his command have the very best fight traits.
Battle Preparations 1 The hero good points +3 Warfare.
Apply 1 Will increase unit XP for profitable battles by 10%.
Energy Steadiness 1 The Morale penalty for Energy Supreme items is lowered by 1 when mixed with items of different Beliefs.
Retribution 1 Allied items harm elevated by 5% for every wounded member.

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Evaluation Of Aivar

A really simple character to play as, Aivar focuses solely on controlling, supporting, and bettering his troops. That is becoming for his background as a knight in addition to a mercenary captain. His battlefield data leads him down the trail for the Energy Supreme essentially the most, nonetheless, he additionally has first rate potential for Anarchy and Order-related troops and ways.

Whereas Aivar excels at commanding his items, he can’t carry out one of many core capabilities of a commander in King’s Bounty 2: having the ability to forged spells. Spells are highly effective methods to buff and heal allies in addition to debuff and closely harm enemy items, so forgoing them totally is probably not one thing the extra magically inclined gamers ought to do.

Katharine, The Mage

kings bounty 2 katharine the mage character selection screen

About Katharine

From a protracted and prestigious line of counts, Katharine’s household guidelines the northern mountains of Nostria. Nevertheless, she has spent little time in Nostria over the past couple of a long time as she has been preoccupied with exploring international and historic ruins for arcane data. Although, someday, she stopped receiving funds for her expeditions and realized that her nephew Maurice has taken management of her lands in Nostria, forcing her to hunt out the Common Meeting for support.

Katharine’s Traits

Trait Description
Sorceress Mistress of the arcane, a robust sorceress detached to warfare. She makes use of essentially the most highly effective spells in battle.
Magic of Air and Fireplace 1 Permits studying of Air and Fireplace spells from scrolls.
Magic of Earth and Ice 1 Permits the educational of Stone and Ice spells from scrolls.
Finesse Steadiness 1 The Morale penalty for Finesse Supreme items is lowered by 1 when mixed with items of different Beliefs.
Insidious Maneuver 1 When dealing harm to a goal, allied items have a 25% likelihood to take away an enemy buff and apply it to themselves.

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Evaluation Of Katharine

Virtually the inverse of Aivar, Katharine favors spells greater than warfare, although she continues to be a succesful commander, particularly for Finesse Supreme troops, nonetheless, she additionally has some potential for making use of Anarchy and Order items. With that stated, the principle motive to pick Katharine is that if the player desires to unleash untold numbers of highly effective spells over the course of King’s Bounty 2.

She instantly has entry to 4 sorts of elemental spells, so as an alternative of getting to spend trait factors on unlocking magic, she will be able to as an alternative pump them towards growing her proficiency in no matter areas she desires. Take into account that her considerably lackluster unit commanding will possible lead to troops extra possible getting taken down, so you’ll want to check out some defensive spells to forestall them from falling too simply.

Elisa, The Paladin

kings bounty 2 elisa the paladin character slection screen

About Elisa

Initially a peasant lady from rural Lorian, Elisa not too long ago found that she possessed latent magical skills, which helped her finish the decade-long battle between the farmers of her homeland and the possessive mercenaries. Below her steering, all of southern Lorian was capable of push their longtime civil struggle enemies off of their land. Nevertheless, Elisa doesn’t intend to cease there, however as an alternative now seeks an viewers with the Common Meeting in order that she will be able to ask to develop into a legate and obtain sources to assist her deliver order to Nostria.

Elisa’s Traits

Trait Description
Protector A pure chief with middling magical skills and inexperienced in warfare, nonetheless, is ready to purchase the best variety of items within the shortest period of time.
Magic of Life and Gentle 1 Permits the educational of Life and Gentle spells from scrolls.
Order Steadiness 1 The Morale penalty for Order Supreme items is lowered by 1 when mixed with items of different Beliefs.
Safety 1 All allied items achieve +5 Armor within the first spherical of fight.
Phantasmal Armor 1 All allied items achieve +5 Resistance within the first spherical of fight.

Evaluation of Elisa

Elisa is the center floor between the 2 earlier characters in that she is competent with each warfare and spells, although doesn’t excel in both at the start of the sport. Whereas much less efficient in some regards, this provides gamers essentially the most choices when leveling up and deciding the best way to specialize. These desirous about deciding on Elisa ought to know that she closely favors Order Supreme items, although also can accommodate a small variety of Energy or Finesse troops.

With reference to spell utilization, she clearly favors defensive ones, similar to those who heal and buff allied items. With the best construct, gamers can use Elisa’s abilities and spells to dominate enemies with troops of immense resilience.

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