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There are plenty of houses to choose from in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Anniversary Edition. Now that the Creation Club items have been added in, there are even more options. Compared to some of the houses that came out in the original version of Skyrim and the Hearthfire DLC, the Creation Club houses are quite luxurious and have almost everything the Dragonborn could need or want.

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All the houses have their pros and cons. Whether they’re in a populated area of Skyrim or very isolated, players will have to invest time and money into getting each homs. Some are more worth investing into than others, but it’s ultimately up to the player on where they want to set up a home in Skyrim.

Arch-Mage’s Quarters — The College Of Winterhold

Skyrim Arch Mage's Quarters

If players aren’t married and haven’t adopted any children, this house is an okay option. It’s best suited for players going for a mage or spellblade build. The quarters have an enchanting table and alchemy station for magical crafting. With access to the teachers in the College of Winterhold, players will be able to buy spells easily.

The city of Winterhold is average, but limited since Birna’s Oddments is the only general store in the city. Enthir is a Fence who will buy stolen goods and has some rare items for sale, but he only carries 500 gold on him.


Dead Man’s Dread — Blackbone Isle

Skyrim Dead Man's Dread

A pirate’s life might not be for everyone, but it might suit some and this house can provide that feeling. The Dead Man’s Dread is a large pirate ship trapped in a cave, and players must complete the associated quest to receive it. It comes with an alchemy station, enchanting station, anvil for blacksmithing, tanning rack, workbench, grindstone, and a cooking rack. It’s pretty big, and the player’s children and spouse can move in.

One downside is that players can’t fast travel from this house, and must take the boat back to Orphan’s Tear to reach the mainland. What’s more, bandits at Orphan’s Tear respawn so players will have to fight them regularly. Plus, there’s a good chance every time the player fast travels to Blackbone Isle, Zombies and Bonewolf enemies will attack near the entrance.

Gallows Hall — Mara’s Eye Pond

Skyrim Gallows Hall

Tucked into the mountain in Mara’s Eye Pond, this house is perfect for players into enchanting or necromancy. It comes with an anvil, enchanting station, alchemy station, and the unique Bone Forge. This forge allows the player to create a permanent undead follower if they provide the necessary ingredients. The house also has an altar where players can create Black Soul Gems if they provide four Greater Soul Gems and/or Grand Soul Gems.

The house is kind of messy, but it does come with a lot of alchemy ingredients and ingots. It also has a Vaermina shrine, which lowers the cost of Illusion spells by 5%. It’s not too far from Windhelm, and is a decent place to farm mudcrabs.

Honeyside — Riften

Skyrim Honeyside

The main house in the shady city of Riften has an alchemy area and comes with a lot of alchemy ingredients, and has a tanning rack as well. Players can choose between an enchanting station or a children’s room. The house is right next to the Riften plaza, which is filled with different merchants.

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It’s also not far from Mistveil Keep and the Thieves Guild. The house is a little on the small side, but it’s a lot cheaper than most others. One downside to living here is that there is no nearby smelter, so it’s best to level up blacksmithing elsewhere.

Vlindrel Hall — Markarth

Skyrim Vlindrel Hall

A nice house in a rather grim location, Vlindrel Hall is a Dwarven style home with spacious rooms and a room for the enchanting station. Players will have to choose between an alchemy station or children’s room. It’s not far from the main market area, which has a different variety of merchants.

However, it’s a bit of a hassle to have to walk to the blacksmithing area. If players don’t have an alchemy room, it’s a hassle to get there too. For those who don’t have a problem with this (or the overall history of the area), this house isn’t that bad.

Nchuanthumz — Frostroot Cave

Skyrim Nchuanthumz dining hall

This house takes some time to put together, but is worth the wait. It’s a Dwarven style home that starts out as a ruin. Players will have to complete the quest to get it up and running, and will have to wait three days for the Dwemer Spiders to fix up the place. It has a blacksmithing area, alchemy station, and enchanting station. It also has a huge dining hall, a small pool, small armory, library nook, and nine fertile soil slots. It even has a steam room, and a Dwemer style throne.

It isn’t too far from Riften and Windhelm, and is right next to Kagrenzel. If players are wanting a Dwemer style home that’s not Vlindrel Hall, this one is worth investing in.

Skyrim Shadowfoot Sanctum

For players looking for a luxurious hideout-type of home, this one might be it. Tucked away in the Riften Ratways is a great home for a thief looking to hide and relax. It comes with a blacksmithing area by the main entrance. There’s an alchemy station, enchanting station, and an armory area hidden behind a wardrobe. It even comes with a cabinet full of rare items that players can sell for some pretty good coin.

Shadowfoot Sanctum can feel a little crowded if the player moves their spouse, children, and pets in, but it’s not too bad. If players want to settle in Riften, this is the better house choice.

Breezehome — Whiterun

Skyrim Breezehome

Just about every Skyrim player has owned Breezehome. It’s a great starter home in the city in the heart of the province. If players have children and a spouse, it can get crowded, especially with pets. Players can choose between a children’s room or a room for the alchemy station.

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It’s close to a lot of different merchants, all of whom have a decent amount of gold. Breezehome is a great place to level up the Blacksmith and Alchemy skills, since Warmaiden’s and Arcadia’s Cauldron are close by.

Hjerim — Windhelm

Skyrim Hjerim

Hjerim is in a city full of Nord history. It has a room for the alchemy and enchanting stations, and has a nice little armory section upstairs. It’s not too far from the market area and the variety of merchants makes it very easy to sell items. Niranye also serves as a Fence for the Thieves Guild once the player does enough jobs in Windhelm.

It is a bit of a hassle to get the house. Players must either join the Stormcloak Rebellion, or complete the Civil War storyline if they joined the Imperial Legion. Other than that, it’s a pretty big house for the family and relatively safe.

Myrwatch — Hjaalmarch

Skyrim Myrwatch

This house is perfect for a mage or spellblade. It has beds for the kids, a blacksmithing area, an alchemy station, and an enchanting station. Plus, there are weapon and armor plaques to hold named items. One thing that makes this house really special the rare Staff Enchanter, formerly only found on Solstheim. It has some heart stones and unenchanted staves available to be used in the station.

Myrwatch also has eleven fertile soil slots so players can plant their own little garden. It’s pretty close to Morthal, and the quest to get it is very short and simple. One downside to this house is that a leveled Chaurus will regularly appear outside the tower.

Heljarchen Hall — The Pale

Skyrim Heljarchen Hall

Players will have to build this house from the ground up. They can customize the house’s features: choose between an alchemy tower, trophy room, or storage room in the North Wing; library, kitchen, and armory in the East Wing; and an enchanter’s tower, bedrooms, or greenhouse in the West Wing. A forge, smelter, grindstone, workbench, and tanning can be built to make a blacksmithing area.

Regardless if players make an alchemy tower and/or enchanter’s tower, both stations can be built in the main hall of the house. A steward can be hired to make improvements like hiring a bard, carriage, and farm animals. A grain mill can be made at this location, which can make flour from wheat. It’s not too far from Dawnstar, Winterhold, and Morthal, and has a great view of the Throat of the World.

Windstad Manor — Hjaalmarch

Skyrim Windstad Manor

Another house to build from the group up, Windstad Manor is close to Morthal and isn’t far from Solitude. Its unique feature is a fish hatchery. For it to work, players must put a fish or fish eggs (Slaughterfish eggs or Salmon Roe) in the jetty and wait for seven days for the netted water to have fish. If players are wanting to take advantage of the fishing mechanic that’s been added into the game, this is a great place to start.

There will be occasional giant and bandit attacks on this house, so be prepared. It has a nice view of the swampy area of Hjaalmarch and of the Blue Palace in Solitude.

Severin Manor — Solstheim

Skyrim Severin Manor

This house might look small on the outside, but it’s bigger on the inside. It has everything the player needs: an enchanting station, alchemy station, and a full functioning blacksmithing area. It’s not claustrophobic despite being underground. It has a decent sized armory and pretty good lighting.

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The downside is that children and spouses from outside of Solstheim can’t move into the house. If the player marries someone from Solstheim, though, they can move in. Overall, it’s not a bad place to live despite the bleakness of the island.

Proudspire Manor — Solitude

Skyrim Proudspire Manor

One of the most expensive houses in Skyrim, this three-story house comes with an alchemy station and an enchanting station. The patio has a great view of the Sea of Ghosts. It’s pretty close to the Blue Palace and next to the Bard’s College. It’s not too far from the market area of the city, which has plenty of merchants to sell items to.

Being in Solitude, the most players will have to worry about is the rare dragon attack. If players are wanting to level up their Blacksmith skill line, this might not be the best place. There is no smelter in the city, so if the player has a lot of ore on them, it’s best to live somewhere else.

Hendraheim — The Reach

Skyrim Hendraheim

A very nice house that’s pretty easy to get, Hendraheim is out in a remote area of The Reach. It has a blacksmithing area, alchemy station, and enchanting station. Inside is a large armory for random weapons and armor, plus for named weapons, armor, and items.

It’s pretty close to Lost Valley Redoubt, a Forsworn Camp, and other locations. Markarth and Whiterun are about the same distance from the house. One downside is that it doesn’t have any fertile soil slots to grow plants

Bloodchill Manor — Bloodchill Cavern

Skyrim Bloodchill Manor

This is the perfect house for a vampire or anyone wanting a vampire-themed home. It has an alchemy station, enchanting station, and blacksmithing area. It does have a regular bed for the player and their spouse, as well as coffins. The kitchen area is pretty spacious, as is the armory. It even has a garden with fertile soil near the entrance.

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Though a little isolated, it’s not too far from Dawnstar and Windhelm. However, players should be wary because there could be zombies close by when trying to enter or leave the house at night.

Tundra Homestead — Whiterun Hold

Skyrim Tundra Homestead

Perfect for anyone wanting to live in the middle of Skyrim, this house itself is a little on the small side and may feel crowded if the player has a full family. It comes with forge, smelter, grindstone, and tanning rack. There is a small garden in the back so the player can grow alchemy ingredients.

Tundra Homestead has alchemy and enchanting stations, plus an underground floor with a large armory. There are some divine shrines in the house. Overall, it’s not a bad place to live, and it’s right next to Whiterun and its surrounding farms. However, there is a chance of running into enemies like dragons, bandits, or Cultists.

Goldenhills Plantation — Near Rorikstead

Skyrim Goldenhills Plantation

If players are looking for the perfect place to level up alchemy, the Goldenhills Plantation has a massive gardening area with 38 fertile soil slots. To get this house fully up and running, the player will have to build the blacksmithing workshop. They’ll also have to build the animal pens, exterior decoration (which add more fertile soil slots), apiary, stable, windmill, and farmhand bunkhouse. Next, hire a steward and pay them to furnish the house and buy livestock. Wait a few days and talk to the steward again, and players will receive profits from their farm and some extra alchemy ingredients.

The house is a good size and perfect for a family, as the steward and farmhands sleep in the bunkhouse. The location isn’t bad. It’s right next to Rorikstead which may not have much to offer, but it’s close by Whiterun, Morthal, and Markarth.

Lakeview Manor — Falkreath Hold

Skyrim Lakeview Manor

This home needs to be built, but it’s worth the money. As with other homestead-style houses, players can customize how they want the house built. They can hire a steward, a bard, carriage, and animals. True to its name, it offers a beautiful view of Lake Ilinalta and the mountains where Bleak Falls Barrows is. Falkreath and Riverwood are nearby, and bothhave a variety of merchants with quite a bit of gold. It’s also not far from the Guardian Stones and the Lady Stone. This house also lets the player build an apiary for bees, from which they can harvest honeycomb.

As beautiful as the house is, it’s not without its own problems. This house does get attacked a little more often than Windstad Manor or Heljarchen Hall by bandits and giants. There’s also a wolf den not too far from the house, along with an altar featuring a hostile mage.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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