Every piece of Starfield concept art revealed so far

Starfields The 2023 release date is fast approaching and fans’ anticipation is growing by the day. Little was known about the game at first, aside from the fact that it was the first new IP for Bethesda Game Studios in 25 years and was hailed by director Todd Howard as the Skyrim in space. E3 2018 and 2021 revealed tidbits of footage of atmospheric effects and an astronaut preparing his spacecraft. The Summer Game Fest in June 2022 finally announced extensive information about it starfield Game and gameplay recordings.


While the footage shown in June 2022 expanded on the concepts of Howard’s vision for the game and gave fans relevant information on what to expect and what to do, concept art for the game has been released gradually over the years. Starting at E3 2021, the 10th anniversary of Skyrim“In the starfield” Through YouTube videos and Twitter, Bethesda has provided a rich collection of art that showcases the complex world of starfield. As 2022 progresses, more revelations will enrich the landscape and take fans to the edge of their seats.

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Starfield is based on realism

Howard insisted starfield should capture the natural evolution of our contemporary technology, systems, life and even clothing. This decision was made to create a sense of real-time progression and fully immerse players in what actual space travel will most likely look like in the future. To that end, Howard toured SpaceX to get inspiration from the aesthetics and what the technology’s features, shape, size, performance and energy looked like.

Forgoing flashy and exotic technology allowed Howard and his team to envision what citizens and colonists of that future would really look like. This is reminiscent of elements of the first extraterrestrial Film in which the characters on the Nostromo were workers on a commercial shipper that transported ore and other refineries. Capturing this level of realism was essential for Howard and also helps advance the themes of the story, namely existence in outer space and the importance of humanity now that they have access to the stars.

Colorful, exotic and empty worlds

Until now, starfield hasn’t revealed whether there’s intelligent extraterrestrial life in the game’s universe, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of planets to explore. At the Summer Game Fest, Howard revealed that players can travel to hundreds of star systems surrounding the Settled Systems, with over 1000 planets ripe for exploration. While many planets are barren and used for their precious minerals and perhaps base construction, Howard has pointed out that many are populated in some form.

Given the numerous concept art of planets from vibrant, colorful worlds found in the Goldilocks zone of habitable planets, others reveal snow- and ice-covered surfaces that may hold deeper mysteries. Deserts filled with alien cacti, jungles, caves, coral, swamps and more variety are spread across the many planets players can access. In addition, planets colonized by the various factions and citizens of the future feature a variety of activities, urbanizations, and locations. A city, Neon, serves as an entertainment hub, towering over a planetary ocean teeming with crashing waves and exotic fish.

In addition, these worlds are teeming with potential resources and alien wildlife. Howard has emphasized that exploration is at the heart of the game and players are given numerous locations to do just that. What mysteries these alien worlds will hold, their relevance to the larger narrative, and their intertwining features with the broad themes of humanity existing between the stars leaves so much to the imagination. The concept art detailing these worlds does its job of allowing fans to contemplate the possibilities the game will allow them to explore.

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Story, gameplay and setting of Starfield

Using the information revealed at the Summer Game Fest, compiled with the expanded concept art, story and setting of starfield have taken shape. Set in the year 2310, players begin the game as members of the group called the Constellation, explorers who continue to search for the Milky Way’s answers. As the game progresses, the player reaches the settled systems where Cold War status exists between two powerful factions, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. These two powerful entities fought each other 20 years ago and found themselves in an awkward standoff.

Howard has emphasized that player choice is paramount to the game, and expects players to receive various endings throughout the game resulting from their decisions and actions. The concept art paired with gameplay footage expands on the different factions players can join and the other locations they will no doubt inhabit. Giving players the ability to build bases on planets, advance faction goals, conquer outposts, and work in ship hangars makes the possibilities endless.

The gameplay has mirrored previously released concept art and features characters in thick-cut suits, similar to today’s astronauts. Since Howard wanted to implement a “NASA punk” feel, the realism, development, and art expressively show that progression and are sure to keep players immersed Starfields Universe. Even the weapons, stations, robotics, and food all feel really conceptual, organic, and natural.

Starfield concept art

starfield is a game based on realism, and this level of detail will bring a complete sense of immersion to fans, gamers, and enthusiasts of space exploration. As the concept art was continuously revealed to the audience, the full scope of starfield continues to grow, revealing a rich, detailed, multi-layered world to explore. With habitable planets, colorful and vibrant jungles, swamps, deserts, snowy peaks, caves and unknown alien wildlife, players will not be short of things to do. Pushing into the farthest reaches of space and joining forces with political or mercenary factions will allow players to craft unique endings that suit their decisions and actions.

starfield Releases in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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