Every new weapon in the contract and how to get them

Latest Grand Theft Auto Online Update, The Contract, brings many improvements and additions to the venerable game. Such changes include quality of life updates, bug fixes, and the implementation of new features for players. However, as with most Grand Theft Auto Online update, fans eagerly expect two things above all: new vehicles and new weapons. Fortunately, the Contract expansion includes both.

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Some of the weapons included in The Contract update are particularly spectacular. They are unlike any weapon introduced before Grand Theft Auto Online extended, although their practicality is questionable. Regardless of the effect, players will yearn to get their hands on these new weapons, bolstering their arsenal. So here’s every weapon introduced in the Contracts update and how to get them.

How to get new weapons in the expansion contract

Every new weapon in the Contract expansion (except the Heavy Rifle) requires the player to own an Agent with the Armory option. There are a number of Agents available for purchase on Dynasty 8 Executive. Including:

  • Little Seoul ($2,010,000)
  • Vespucci Canal ($2,145,000)
  • Rockford Hill ($2,415,000)
  • Hawick ($2,830,000)

At the time of purchasing the Agent or thereafter, the player must choose the Armory option with an additional cost of $720,000. Therefore, to access new weapons, pclasses will need to spend between $2,730,000 and $3,550,000. Once purchased, the player can purchase any weapons introduced in the Contract and modify them as they please.

Stun Gun

GTA online stun gun

It’s, like, literally gorgeous.“- Agency arsenal

The Stun Gun is a simple, affordable, non-lethal weapon capable of incapacitating others. It has been used transparently Grand Theft Auto Online, but the player never gets it. The Contracts update finally gave players the chance to own this largely ineffective weapon.

While it serves no practical purpose, the Stun Gun is the perfect choice for players who want to mess around. The only customization options it possesses are a lot of colors. Players can buy Stun Gun from Agency Armory at a reasonable price $375,000.

Heavy Rifles

GTA Online Heavy Rifle

The no-limit 30 round answer to that age-old question, how do I get rid of this guy?

– Country ammu

The Heavy Rifle is a well-balanced and maneuverable weapon capable of overcoming most threats. Surprisingly, this rifle is among the Grand Theft Auto 5’s original weapon before being cut. The Contracts update has reworked this impressive gun, providing players with another addition to the Grand Theft Auto Online’s vast arsenal.

Heavy Rifle possesses the best qualities of other weapons of its kind. However, it lacks the stopping power of the Mk 2 variant weapon. The Heavy Rifle boasts modifications to enhance the rifle or change its shape. Players can buy Heavy Rifles from Ammu-Nation or Agency Armory at a reasonable price $450,000.

Compact EMP Launcher

GTA Online Compact EMP Launcher

Have you ever seen paper fireworks? The compact EMP launcher is just that, but instead of colorful sheets of paper and happiness, it’s an electromagnetic pulse, short circuit and shattered dreams.” – Country ammu

The compact EMP launcher is especially effective against traffic. This strange weapon has the ability to temporarily disable vehicles for 5 seconds. While this effect can be devastating in certain situations, the Compact EMP Launcher itself is not suitable. It fires slowly and is hard to aim, making for a particularly lackluster weapon.

The compact EMP launcher possesses a circular modification and various shades to choose from. Players can get the Compact EMP Launcher from Armory Authority for a reasonable price $397,500.

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