Every New Mountain in Anniversary Edition (And Where To Find Them)

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There are very few unique horses in vanilla Skyrim that you can count them on one side. Shadowmere is obtained through the Dark Brotherhood and Frost is found through a quest in Richestre, while Arvak can only be obtained after downloading Dawnguard DLC. The options are missing, to say the least, that’s where Skyrim Anniversary Edition come in.

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Skyrim Anniversary Edition added three new unique horses and seven tameable wild horses, giving players even more options to customize the chosen mount for their character. These mounts are all included with the upgrade, although each can also be purchased individually via Special version Creative Club.



Skyrim Anniversary Edition Dwarven Mechanical Horse
  • Affiliate Creation: Forgotten Seasons
  • How to get the Pony: Go to the Runoff Cave, examine the Pony parts outside the entrance and complete the quest “Dwarf”
  • Special Trait: Deals no damage from any source, including drop damage, physical and magical damage, and even console commands

The pony is also a mount Scrolls online, bring Skyrim through Creating Forgotten Seasons. This creation takes the player through a new Dwemer ruin that lies beneath the Runoff Caverns, itself between Markarth and Falkreath. However, just outside the cave entrance was the corpse of this Pony.

Interact with the body to begin the quest “The Dwarven Horse”, which takes the player through Vardnknd’s Dwemer ruins to collect the horse’s legs. Once all the pieces have been found, the room at the end of the dungeon will contain a Horse Head, which can be reattached with other pieces to reassemble the horse, complete quests and get a fancy new mount.


Skyrim Anniversary Saturalia New Mount Reindeer Clothing
  • Affiliate Creation: Saturalia Holiday Pack
  • How to get reindeer: Head southwest of Dawnstar to find a campground near Windward Ruins, which can be purchased from Argrane Peryval at the campsite
  • Features: None

Reindeer is one of the few non-horse-based Mountains in Skyrimand it’s one of the easiest mounts to get included with Anniversary edition. The reindeer is the symbol of Saturalia, which is itself The Elder Scrolls’embracing the real-life Christmas break (and more specifically Saturnalia).

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The Reindeer mount was found at Argrane Peryval’s campsite southwest of Dawnstar, between the city and the Windward Ruins. It’s hard to miss as the campsite and Perryval himself are dressed in colorful clothes. Talk to Peryval and buy a Sales Invoice to be able to ride this splendid Reindeer, and don’t miss it its other festive goods.

A unicorn

Skyrim Anniversary Horse Tame Unicorns Guide Types of Horses
  • Link Creation: Wild Horse
  • How to get the Unicorn: Start the quest “Legendary Creatures” at the College of Winterhold, then find and tame the Unicorn in a cave northeast of Ri regular
  • Special Trait: Marked as Necessary NPC, prevents death and increases stamina compared to normal horses

Unicorn is a mount referenced in Oblivion in the quest of Daedric Prince Hircine, given in time by Psijics to ensure the survival of species. It’s part of Wild Horse Creation, which means that if players want to ride a Unicorn, they’ll have to tame it first. Begin the quest “Creature of Legend” by reading Soran’s Journal at the College of Winterhold’s Arcanaeum (it can be found on Urag gro-Shub’s desk).

After starting the quest, head to Riosystem and head northeast until you reach the Lost Prospect Mine, just a few minutes walk away. To the west of the Lost Prospect Mine is a pond that the Unicorn usually spawns next to. Be prepared to buckle up a few times and don’t try to tame the Unicorn near any high cliffs. Taming this beautiful creature is as difficult as any other horse, but Unicorn makes a difference for itself. Stamina increased significantly and its status as an essential NPC – the Unicorn’s horn is nice too.

Seven tameable wild horses

Skyrim Anniversary Horse Location Guide
  • Link Creation: Wild Horse
  • Wild Horse Types: Black Horse, Chestnut, Spotted Brown, Light White, Red Horse, Spotted Grey, Spotted White
  • Special Traits: Must be tamed

There are seven other Wild Horses includes Wild Horse Creation dotted the landscape of Skyrim. They can be found throughout many provinces, although each has its own specific location. Horse Maps can be purchased from Stablemasters in nearby cities.

Taming a horse is simple – catch it, hop on its back and hope you don’t stray too much. Eventually, the horse will submit and become your new main mount. These Wild Horses are no different from the usual Skyrim horses except aesthetically, although taming them costs no gold to the player.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S

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