Every new character appearing in Season 3

DotA 2 is already a popular video game and it has been successful Netflix series has expanded the franchise to television. Season 3 of DOTA: Dragonborn is available now, tying some threads from last season while leaving a few more open for the next. That means some new characters have appeared, and with the alternate reality twist, some are new even to themselves.

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These characters may be new to fans of the show, but DOTA players or those familiar with the game’s lore may already be familiar with them. Some of them appeared briefly in earlier seasons as dreams, memories, or flashbacks, but didn’t contribute much more.


7 Emperor Sal

Except for flashback in the Season 2 episode “The Burial of the Dead,” the viewer only hears about Mirana’s father and never meets him in the present. However, in the alternate reality of Season 3, Mirana’s uncle Shabarra never usurped the throne, and Zal plays a bigger role in the story.

Either way, his portrayal is tragic. In the original reality, his throne was usurped by his brother and his daughter fled into exile. In the new reality created by the conjurer, he falls into senility, mistaking Mirana, now the Empress, for her mother. He is carefully guarded in his quarters and his condition is kept secret.

6 Adult Filomena

The viewer sees Filomena as a child in the Invoker’s memories several times during the first two seasons. Eventually, it turns out that his motive all along was to create an alternate reality where instead of getting sick and dying of some mysterious illness, she lived to adulthood. The two don’t always get along, and the Invoker carelessly overlooks the fact that she is very similar to him, including the fact that she possesses many of the same magical powers.

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Mirana isn’t the only one who makes a sacrifice at the end of the season to restore the world to normal. It’s not entirely clear what happens to this character at the very end of the credits, but there is an image of the summoner’s tower being recreated and Filomena’s skin healing. It’s possible that Filomena has found a way to survive after all and may return.

5 Legate Tihomir

A member of the Helio Empire and related to the Royal Family, Legatus Tihomer is a character unique to the Netflix series. She has nothing to do with the game that isn’t really about political intrigue or real-time strategy, the two things she excels at.

She is heavily implied to be at odds with Mirana’s rule, and while she appears to be helpful, it is evident that she has two faces and multiple ulterior motives. She appears to be allied with Shabarra, Emperor Zal’s brother, who usurped the throne and drove Mirana into the wild.

4 Zet, the Bow Warden

This creature is never named when it appears, but DOTA 2 players have seen it before. Zet, the Arc Warden, gives new meaning to the term overpowered. This primordial being is as old as the universe itself, and according to his very extensive lore, he was one of the earliest and most powerful creatures in the universe.

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Weakened at one point and split into three different parts, the summoner seems to have tried to take advantage of this vulnerable moment and harness Zet’s power to create his perfect universe. However, his plan failed in a big way when the Arc Warden was too powerful to contain. His destructive rage, even at a fraction of its potential power, was almost enough to kill the summoner and put an end to his plans.

3 cooking

Cochi also appeared early in the series, but only as an inanimate stuffed animal kept in loving memory of Filomena. In season three, he’s a real character, and in a sad twist, he seems to fill the emotional void left by her distant father.

This little bunny is speechless, which is not surprising for a stuffed animal, and appears to be under a spell, but the nature of this spell is never explained. The lop-eared pet accompanies Filomena everywhere and helps her with her studies and experiments, carrying papers and pens or fetching books. When Filomena speaks with the Althing, the Dark Moon Council, Cochi is with her.

2 The Oracle

Another character mentioned much earlier but not appearing until Season 3, the Oracle, is responsible for the prophecy that led Fymryn to steal the lotus flowers. He plays an important role in the third episode “This Stanger’s Life”, but otherwise does not reappear.

Fans of the video game will recognize the Oracle as one of the playable heroes in the game. According to lore, his name is Nerif, but he is only referred to as “The Oracle” in the Netflix series.

1 Brenen Ri

An entirely new character not appearing in the lore, Brenen Ri is referred to by several different titles, including Excellency and Her Highness. She is an important figure in the Order of the Dark Moon, leader of a council called the Althing, second only to the moon goddess herself.

She is introduced when Folimena presents her ideas about the mysterious red meteorites falling from the sky, only to be interrupted by her father. It appears that worshipers need her permission to visit or speak with Mene, the moon goddess, making her a proxy in elven society.

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