Every new and reworked TFT Set 5.5 champion: Spells and updated stats

Teamfight Ways’ Set 5.5 replace, Reckoning: Daybreak of Heroes, incorporates a complete of 12 new champions and 4 up to date items. 

Launching on July 21 by way of Patch 11.15, Set 5.5 shakes up the TFT meta with new traits and champions. Of the 12 new champs, 4 stand out as S-tier items primarily based on PBE testing. A number of champs had been additionally reworked for the set, comparable to Garen shedding his God-King trait in trade for Victorious. Modifications to new and rework champions could happen earlier than the TFT Set 5.5 launch and thru bi-weekly steadiness modifications.

From swinging and dashing champions to gunslingers, right here’s each new and reworked TFT champion in Set 5.5. 


TFT Set 5.5 Akshan
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Akshan is a five-cost champion with the Sentinel and Ranger traits. The gunslinger pairs properly with Aphelios for Ranger synergy and may hit backline items along with his Heroic Swing capability. AD gadgets are perfect for Akshan, comparable to Deathblade, together with pace gadgets like Guinsoo’s Rageblade. 

  • Heroic Swing passive: Akshan’s assaults cut back the goal’s armor by 50 p.c for 5 seconds
  • Heroic Swing energetic: Akshan launches his grappling hook and swings untargetably towards the farthest enemy, gaining assault pace for 4 seconds. Akshan will proceed to assault the closest enemy at double his assault pace whereas swinging. 

Akshan’s assault pace bonus for Heroic Swing is 70/85/400 p.c. His well being is 850/1,530/2,754 and mana is 60/120.


TFT Set 5.5 Gwen
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Gwen is the opposite new five-cost TFT champion in Set 5.5. Synergizing with AP gadgets like Archangel’s Workers and Hextech Gunblade, Gwen disrupts and damages by way of her spell Skip ‘N Slash. 

  • Skip ‘N Slash: Gwen dashes round her targe and performs three fast snips in a cone in entrance of her, every dealing magic injury performs a p.c of the goal’s most well being. Snips additionally steal one armor and magic resistance from their goal. Each different forged, Gwen will carry out double the quantity of snips. 
  • Injury: 100/150/1777
  • Most well being injury: 4/7/50 p.c
  • Snip Shred: 2/2/11

Gwen is a five-cost champion with the Mystic and Inanimate traits. Her well being is 950/1,710/3,078 and mana is 0/20.

  • Inanimate trait: Inanimate is a single champion trait that in the beginning of fight summons Harrowing Mist within the one Hex surrounding Gwen for eight seconds, granting all allies inside 50 p.c injury discount whereas they continue to be throughout the mist.


TFT Set 5.5 Lucian
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Lucian returns to TFT as a Ranger and Sentinel. The four-cost unit makes use of his spell, The Culling, to tear aside an opponent’s board state. AD and assault pace gadgets comparable to Bloodthirster, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Deathblade work finest on Lucian. 

  • The Culling: Lucian faces the farthest enemy and fires 16 pictures in that path for 4 seconds, dashing every now and then to maintain hitting enemies. Every shot hits for 50 p.c of his assault injury whereas dealing magic injury. Lucian fires further pictures primarily based on his assault pace.
  • Injury: 50/90/400

Lucian has a well being of 700/1,260/2,268 and a mana of 0/50. His assault vary is 4 Hexes. 


TFT Fiddlesticks Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Fiddlesticks is a four-cost Set 5.5 champion with three traits: Abomination, Revenant, and Mystic. In a position to synergize with most late-game traits, Fiddlesticks has the potential to grow to be an S-tier TFT unit with its Crowstorm spell. 

  • Crowstorm: After a short channel, Fiddlesticks teleports behind his goal and summons a homicide of crows for 4 seconds, dealing magic injury per second to all enemies inside. Enemies that die throughout the flock prolong their period by one second and heal Fiddlesticks well being.
  • Injury: 175/225/600
  • Therapeutic: 25/25/25 p.c
  • Length: 5/5/5

Fiddlesticks synergizes properly with the merchandise Morellonomicon. His well being is 800/1,440/2,592 and mana is 50/125. 


TFT Galio Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Galio is a four-cost tank that works finest with defensive gadgets at the side of Defend of Durand. Galio additionally has a complete of three traits: Draconic, Sentinel, and Knight.

  • Defend of Durand: Galio expenses the world round him for two.5 seconds, taunting all enemies inside whereas gaining injury discount. Upon releasing the cost, Galio offers magic injury to all enemies inside three hexes and heals for 50 p.c of the injury blocked.
  • Injury: 250/325/1200
  • Injury discount: 60/70/90 p.c

Galio’s well being is 1,000/1,800/3,240 and has a mana of 120/180. Warmog’s Armor and Sunfire Cape are two ideally suited gadgets to equip on Galio. 

Miss Fortune

TFT Miss Fortune Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Raining destruction upon an opponent’s workforce, Miss Fortune is a three-cost TFT Set 5.5 champion who synergizes with Forgotten and Cannoneer traits. 

  • Make it Rain: Miss Fortune rains 4 waves of bullets down round her goal, dealing whole magic injury to enemies within the space and decreasing their incoming therapeutic by 50 p.c for eight seconds
  • Injury: 300/400/550

Miss Fortune’s well being is 700/1,260/2,268. Best gadgets for her embrace Guinsoo’s Rageblade for assault pace and Runaan’s Hurricane. Miss Fortune’s vary is 4 Hexes and mana is 0/70.


Rakan TFT Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Rakan returns to TFT as a three-cost unit with the Sentinel and Renewer traits. Extra of a synergy bot at launch, utility gadgets like Zeke’s Herald and Chalice of Energy work finest with Rakan and his Battle Dance spell. 

  • Battle Dance: Rakan launches a feather towards his goal, dealing magic injury to the primary enemy hit. Rakan then heals all close by allies primarily based on their lacking well being, with an elevated radius if the feather killed an enemy.
  • Injury: 300/500/900
  • Therapeutic: 35/50/80 p.c

Rakan’s well being is 800/1,440/2,592 and mana is 40/80. The assault vary for Rakan is 2 Hexes. 


TFT Set 5.5 Irelia
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Irelia is a two-cost unit with a complete of three trait synergies: Skirmisher, Sentinel, and Legionnaire. The TFT merchandise Final Whisper could grow to be an Irelia staple whereas Sunfire Cape and Dragon’s Claw work properly with Defiant Dance as properly. 

  • Defiant Dance: Irelia surrounds herself with blades for 4 seconds and good points injury discount, growing by 10 p.c every time she assaults, as much as 90 p.c.  When the impact ends she strikes her goal as magic injury.
  • Injury: 250/300/550
  • Injury discount: 30/40/50 p.c

Irelia has 750/1,350/2,430 well being and 40/80 mana with an assault vary of 1 Hex. 


Pyke TFT Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Pyke returns to Set 5.5 as a two-cost Murderer, together with the Sentinel trait. Best gadgets for him embrace Guardian Angel, Frozen Coronary heart, and Morellonomicon.

  • Phantom Undertow: Pyke leaves a phantom at his location, then dashes behind the farthest enemy. After one second, his phantom returns to Pyke, dealing magic injury and beautiful all enemies it passes by. 
  • Injury: 100/175/225
  • Stun period: 1.5/2/3

Pyke has 650/1,170/2,106 well being and mana 60/120.


TFT Set 5.5 Tristana
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Tristana kilos enemies with Rocket Bounce as a two-cost unit in TFT Set 5.5. AD gadgets comparable to Bloodthirster and Deathblade work finest with the Yordle. 

  • Rocket Bounce: Tristana leaps behind the farthest enemy, retargeting to them and gaining assault pace for 4 seconds. If there may be an enemy adjoining to her, she as a substitute leaps as distant from all enemies as she will.
  • Assault pace bonus: 160/180/200 p.c

Tristana has the traits Hellion and Cannoneer. Her heath is 550/990/1,782 and mana is 50/125. The assault vary for Tristana is 5 Hexes.


TFT Set 5.5 Olaf
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Olaf is a one-cost unit with the spell Berserker Rage. Synergizing with the traits Sentinel and Skirmisher, Olaf works finest with AD gadgets. 

  • Berserker Rage: Olaf good points assault pace for every one p.c of lacking well being, and his assaults heal him. 
  • Assault pace bonus: 1/2/3 p.c
  • Therapeutic: 20/30/70

Olaf has 650/1,170/2,106 for well being and 0 mana. His assault vary is one Hex. 


TFT Set 5.5 Senna
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Senna is a one-cost TFT Set 5.5 champion with potential. Runaan’s Hurricane and mana restorers like Spear of Shojin are strong merchandise decisions for Senna. Her traits are Sentinel and Cannoneer. 

  • Final Embrace: Senna launches black mist towards the farthest enemy. The primary enemy hit alongside the trail is shocked for 1.5/2/3 seconds, and all close by enemies are dealt magic injury.
  • Injury: 200/275/400

Senna’s well being is 500/900/1,620 and mana is 40/80. Her assault vary is 4 Hexes. 


Ashe TFT Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Ashe is an up to date Set 5.5 three-cost unit. Her traits are Draconic and Ranger, outfitted with gadgets like Spear of Shojin and Runaan’s Hurricane. 

  • Enchanted Arrow: Ashe fires an arrow on the farthest enemy, dealing magic injury to the primary enemy hit and beautiful them. If the arrow travels not less than 5 Hexes, the stun period is doubled. Enemies inside one Hex obtain 50 p.c of those results. Ashe’s mana was adjusted to 50/100 previous to the TFT Set 5.5 launch.
  • Injury: 300/450/650
  • Stun period: 1.5/2/2.5

Ashe’s assault vary is 5 Hexes. Her well being is 550/990/1,782 and mana is 50/100.


Diana TFT Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Diana is an upgraded Set 5.5 four-cost with the traits Nightbringer and Murderer. Her spell is Moonfall and her ideally suited gadgets are Frozen Coronary heart, Guardian Angel, and Infinity Edge. 

  • Moonfall: Diana calls forth moonlight, drawing in all close by enemies, dealing magic injury, and beautiful them for just a few seconds.
  • Injury: 300/450/2000
  • Stun period: 2/2.5/4 seconds

Diana has 750/1,350/2,430 well being and her mana is 70/140. 


Kayle Set 5.5 TFT
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Kayle is a five-cost TFT champion upgraded for Set 5.5. Her traits are nonetheless Redeemed and Legionnaire. Guinsoo’s Rageblade will increase Kayle’s pace whereas Quicksilver can defend her from AoE. 

  • Divine Ascent: Kayle ascends each just a few seconds. Every bonus stacks with the one earlier than, till she is totally ascended. The primary spherical of assaults offers a proportion of Kayle’s assault injury as bonus true injury. Second-round assaults explode across the goal dealing her assault injury and bonus true injury to adjoining enemies. Her third spherical of assaults grants Kayle immunity to wreck for one second with each 15 assaults. And the fourth spherical of assaults causes swords to rain down across the goal, dealing magic injury.
  • Seconds per ascension: 5/5/1
  • First ascension p.c of assault injury: 80/90/1,000 p.c
  • Fourth ascension space injury: 80/125/4,000

Kayle’s well being is 650/1,170/2,106 and her assault vary is 4 Hexes.


Garen TFT Set 5.5
Picture by way of Riot Video games

Garen is the ultimate Set 5 upgraded TFT champion for the midset replace. He not has the God-King trait and remains to be a five-cost unit. Warmog’s Armor remains to be a strong merchandise on Garen, together with different defensive gadgets.

  • God-Lion’s Justice: Garen calls down a sword that strikes a big space round his goal, dealing a proportion of every goal’s max well being in magic injury and decreasing their magic resistance by 50 p.c for eight seconds. Garen good points a protect equal to a proportion of his most well being for 5 seconds.
  • Spell injury: 25/35/200 p.c
  • Spell protect p.c: 40/55/200 p.c

Traits for Garen are Dawnbringer, Knight, and Victorious. His well being is 1,050/1,890/3,402 and mana is 100/170.

  • Victorious: When Victorious champions rating a kill, their subsequent assault is empowered to deal 40 p.c of the goal’s lacking well being as bonus magic injury.

Replace Aug. 18 7:30pm CT: Article was final up to date with TFT 11.16 and 11.16 B-patch steadiness modifications.

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